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Here is the list of the wonders during this cruise .

If RCL will give to choose which of the wonders to use the free excursions It will be good to choose the one that might cost more (combination of entrée fees and complexity to go there).

Chichen Itza - port Cozumel - to go there you need to take a boat and a bus , in regular cruise it cost between 100 to 150

Chirst The Redeemer - Rio De Janeiro ,  should cost 50 to 100 $  , I would not recommend to do it by yourself 

Iguazu falls , port Buenos Aires - this one going to be one of the expensive as Buenos Aires is vey far from the falls (actually Rio is closer , Sao Paulo even more), It will require flight (its 15 hours drive) so if RCL will give it for free , go for it.

Machu Picchu , port Lima (Callo) , Peru - Again one of the expensive one , it will require a flight from Lima airport (which is in the same City as the port) to Cusco , from there , or one hour buss to the train station or a direct train to Aqua Cliente (3 hours) then a bus to Machu Picchu (30 minutes). You should know there is a quota of number of people that can enter the city so its better to get this tour from RCL. 

Great Barrier Reef , Cairns , Australia - not sure but I guess there are many options here to take different tours.

Great wall of China , port Beijing , China - Private tours can be organized , its a few hours drive , it can cost between 50 to 150 $ and around 250 $ from Royal Caribbean.

The Taj Mahal , Cochin , India - This dose not make any sense at all , Chochin is in south India and the Taj is at the north , it will require a 3 hours flight to New Delhi and 2 to 3 hours drive to Agra , Mumbai port is closer (and you can take direct flights to Agra). its going to be expensive (but less then Machu Picchu).

Petra , I guess port of Aquba - It is two hours drive from Aquba , tours are between 70 to 200 $ .

Great Pyramid of Giza , port of Alexandria , this is around two hours bus drive . tour should cost around 150 $ (rough estimate) 

Temple of Artemis , Ephesus , Turkey - tours from RCL cost 80 $  (before sells).

The Colosseum , Rome , Italia - 1.5 hours drive from port , bus to Rome around 40 $ , entry to the Colosseum around 18 $ . Tour from RCL around 120$.


I guess I am missing here some wonders as there should be 17 and I found  only 11





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13 hours ago, Summer Bee Sweet said:

Thanks @Travelerfor the info! Cozumel is the only port on this list that I’ve visited before and we’ve never made the trip.

I’m really glad Manchu Picchu is covered. Had no idea it was that far away.




In that case its very good , has both Taj Mahal and Machu Picchu  are at least 2500 $ worth per person (if not more). I have done Machu Picchu from Lima , using local TA and most booking by myself , it was around 450 $  PP (including the flight and two days of not expensive hotel). 

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