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  1. There is a current sale in the cruise planner for select sailings go take a look and see what works best! have fun!
  2. I saved on the full day passes to perfect day and an anniversary decor with the recent cruise planner sale but skipped on the drink package it was quite high for a weekend escape!
  3. You are actually located in a good area however its a bit of a drive from there to port Canaveral. Caribe Royale is actually located on the principal road that takes you to Walt Disney World and Disney Springs, its also close to international drive with a ton of shops and dining options, dining within walking distance I definitely do not recommend if you look at google maps in the area you will find a few options in the area everything from buffets to casual dining options. iDrive is your best bet. You have Walmart super center, Publix Shopping, and a lot of convenience stores, its usually a congested area so keep that in mind. I have not stayed there but it is a huge resort for the area you definitely won't miss it.
  4. Thank you! seems a bit high, should I expect any offers prior to sailing date? I will book pre-boarding for sure regardless
  5. Hi! can anyone please provide current cruise planner pricing for drinking and dining package for Mariner of the seas Jan 10-13 2020? (or any rough estimates) I don't have my reservation just yet so I am trying to plan a bit ahead! Thank you very much in advance!
  6. No kidding but this exactly my trip for tomorrow as you broke it down! weird! lol
  7. No problem! when you make the purchase whether online or onboard, there is a $50 service fee included in the total cost, which basically covers the cost of gratuity for drinks which is 15%....w/o the package if you buy a drink onboard there is a 15% gratuity automatically included every time, the $50 service fee covers it for all drinks/beers/wines you get with the premium package throughout the duration of your cruise. ***Also wanted to add that shots are included with the premium package but there is a 10 min wait time before you can order a drink/beer/wine or another shot.
  8. Hey guys! Hope everyone is doing well! I wanted to go ahead and share my experience with the premium package, I notice it is a question brought up by many and before my most recent trip I also had a few concerns! I hope to clarify a few things for everyone. This is of course my opinion on the topic. In my opinion the package is worth it.... 1. if you don't plan on spending too much time with excursions 2. it is your second time cruising! 3. You have OBC 4. You enjoy drinking and can see yourself having a minimum of 5 spirits a day 5. Enjoy trying new drinks, beers, wines. 6. Short duration cruises (3-5 nights) To be fair we had $125 in OBC, it was our second time, so me and the gf decided to put it towards our packages, since we didn't really plan on doing excursions this time around and last time we experienced Nassau, we did so off the beaten path and planned on doing the same which didn't take too much time of our day so we were back on the ship sooner than expected, our itinerary also helped, first two days at sea, nassau, and then Cococay. I thought it would be great to experience our vacation without worrying of overspending on drinks and if we decided to get one of the other packages available and still spend on drinks we probably would've overspent and regretted not getting the package which included non-alcholic cocktails, frozen drinks and the souvenir cup, on top of beer, wine, and spirits, it just made sense to approach it this way! I am usually up early so I enjoyed drinks for lunch, by the pool deck and anywhere we made a stop really, I also enjoy dancing so I took advantage at night during the club hours and pool deck parties. I suggest to get drinks before attending any of the entertainment (comedy, gameshows, broadway, etc) Its kind of annoying to be signing while the show is going on and disturbing others all together, they also usually take quite a while. One thing to note, some drinks are premixed, therefore they taste as if there is no alcohol in them, if you mention this, they can either get you another drink or some bartenders were cool enough to add an extra shot, but company policy does not allow them to, if I am not mistaken. Its definitely something to keep in mind, I wish I knew which ones were premixed, I want to say the rum runner was definitely one, the blended ones usually aren't hence you see them making it in the moment. Also the $50 fee covers the gratuity for the package! Hope this helps guys! any questions post them here, hope that was enough info! lol
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