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  1. Bump! Same here. looking to do B2B med cruises on Celebrity for April 2024+ Is it fair to compare 2023 sailings in the same region just to plan ahead and get ideas?
  2. I am surprised there isn't a dedicated forum to this here really considering a segment
  3. Great point, we have a 4 nighter so maybe there is some wiggle room there. and everyone yes I asked about OBC but thats the least of my worries hahah
  4. thank you everyone this is very helpful. I did my research on previous posts, facebook groups but nothing like this forum, thank you. Sailed a few times and I am a Puerto Rico/FL native so been through this a few times!
  5. Anything else to look out for? OBC perhaps Indy next week and Fiona's flirting with it. Asking due to this tweet! -
  6. Supposed to be this week! I am sure we will hear something before end of month
  7. Love this! we also have the privilege/opportunity to sail during "off season" I was just looking at past sailings and those dec 4/5 cruises are usually great deals! hint hint
  8. Got it! Just haven't personally seen these figures in a few years of sailings, diff economics now and such. I got a weekday 4 night coming up and my plan was to extend by possibly booking a weekender but def a no go.
  9. Doing a 4 nighter during the week soon as well. I was thinking about extending and adding a weekender but def not worth it, can book an Oasis class for EOY at those rates
  10. Ah should've clarified this is September 2022 - Sailings : Sept 16, 23, 30 I understand supply and demand but jeez haha
  11. Genuinely curious. Can't wrap my head around this pricing for a 3 night weekend cruise. I know everything is technically opening up but wow!
  12. Any tips for next cruise or is it typically very straight forward?
  13. My first cruise and honestly the service was incredible, this was a few years back. What I did learn is that the service excels on these smaller ships due to less overall capacity. After Enchantment I did independence which we loved but felt the difference in service, not bad by any means but there was minor, noticeable difference. If its port intensive, would recommend. Also def felt the ship we were on deck 2 though haha
  14. I am planning on doing something like this for 2024, did you go through a travel agent? thank you!
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