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  1. Glad you enjoyed Serenade! I spent 5 weeks on here, debarked the day you arrived. I’m a new Pinnacle and really enjoyed the breakfast at Chops. Agree, the MDR was great. Loved the vegan dishes, thought they were the best of any I’ve had on other ships. The braised lamb shank was my only disappointment, ordered one sailing 1 & 2, both were under seasoned and cooked too high of a temperature. Moved on to something else. I really enjoy Radiance class ships. Love all the ships but especially enjoy how you can navigate forward to aft easily. I could go days without needing to take an elevator. Christian is a doll and Jamie is a hoot. He might be one of my favorite CD.
  2. I thought Oasis had 2 aqua shows, Aqua80 and Aqua Nation. During the C&A event in January the aqua cast performed a small part of the show.
  3. Probably not, I’ve only seen Halloween festivities on the 31st. You wake up on the 31st and poof, there’s decorations. Wake up Nov 1 and poof they are gone. same with St Patrick’s and Easter
  4. Both ships have production shows that included musical numbers from older, well known shows. If you poke around on Royal’s site you can find the show names and a brief description
  5. If it’s somewhere I’ve explored already, I have no issues with staying on board. Have Kindle will read (by the pool)
  6. Usually my toothbrush, but now I have one dedicated to travel. Now I’d say my cosmetics bag. @Paid4c4 that’s a great idea and I will start doing that on any trips where I fly.
  7. What are the port stops? I’d hate not being able to enjoy CocoCay
  8. We debarked Mariner on the 29th. Had originally planned on leaving around 9ish, nothing on my to-do list until 4:30 The ship advised everyone depart by 8:30. Suite concierge suggested to carry our luggage. He met groups to walk us off before 7, we were in a group about 7:15. Port employees said we were debarking much faster than normal days. Traffic entering and leaving the port wasn’t bad but lots and lots of vehicles on the shoulders.
  9. We got a deal in January on Oasis. Booked room was a junior suite with a lift and shift from Empress. RoyalUped to a Crown Loft for a smidge under $600 total
  10. Thanks for the info. I sail on the 21, will be on the lookout 14th and 15th
  11. Back in 2017 I went to the Loyalty Ambassador on a ship and asked about a cruise on Majesty from 1992. I had no documentation with me, just the dates and port info. They gave me credit for the cruise and my crown and anchor number starts with 100, not 3-something like my husband. It may have helped that I have an uncommon name and listed the others in our group. This was also the cruise where I showed my Sams card as a photo ID to board the ship
  12. @JDHucks thanks for the dates! I’m debarking on 8-29 and I’ve never seen a daytime launch. Our condo is 1.5 hours north of PC and I’ve seen a night launch and could even witness the separation phase. @twangsteras always thanks for the photos and detailed information
  13. @SwarI’m also on Serenade October 15 solo. Sailing Brilliance Dec 1 too with a group for my 50th. We are doing the Cozumel Bar Hop @WackyCactus I always find myself to be more sociable when I have an interior. If my cabin is too nice I tend to stay in the room more and socially isolate on the balcony with a good book
  14. Yikes! I haven’t had that experience yet. For some reason I tend to discover cruise friends who aren’t interested in my gender
  15. My favorite is the Courtyard Dania Beach. It has absolutely nothing close by but has cheap parking and SAS will transport me too and from.
  16. Also sailing Mariner on 8/21. I hope you love her as much as I do. The solarium is very different, no roof! Haven’t been on Anthem but have done Odyssey. Tried to enjoy the solarium one afternoon in Roatan and it was waaaaay too cold in there for me
  17. I booked 6 on Grandeur in May. Probably helped that there were just about 700 passengers
  18. You can order it as a single. You can also order 6 wings vs 12 All tips on how to budget stomach space when you have the UDP and PM is a afternoon snack before dinner at 150 CP
  19. The most terrible, horrible, overcrowded cruise experience hasn’t returned. The mass exodus from muster drills on Vision, Radiance, Voyager & Freedom class ships.I would always hang outside for a good 30 minutes and let the crowds disperse
  20. On Oasis a friend and I both had the UDP. I wanted PM, he wanted JR. It was that period in between lunch and dinner, so slow. We sat at PM and the JR employee came over to take his order. We both had burgers and onion rings and both left happy.
  21. Nothing for Brilliance on a full ship charter yet. The ship may have a large group and sold out. I’ve been on board with some large groups and they didn’t negatively effect our cruise https://www.cruisetimetables.com/full-cruise-ship-charters.html
  22. I thought Central Park balcony is the lowest classification of balcony on Oasis class; middle boardwalk and highest ocean view
  23. Chatted with a friend who works at a Canadian airport hotel. The amount of money they spent last month giving guests replacement toothbrushes, deodorant, etc went up 900%. Makes me happy I can drive to all my cruises
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