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STAR Light STAR Bright, First STAR...Class Cruise on Anthem 11/14-21


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10 hours ago, CravingaCruise said:

Day 2

Our coffee arrived exactly at 7:30am as previously requested.  I'm pretty sure she was out in the hall waiting until the exact time.  Unfortunately, the coffee was soooo strong, that I couldn't really drink it.  Tim was fine with it (he was in the Army - they drink mud).  Kenzie and I resorted to backup coffee and asked Yen for Starbucks, which was delivered shortly after.  That is now going to be our new morning routine.  We also decided to hang in our jammies and order breakfast in.  It was great - a little less hot than desirable, but still great.  Yen even came in with a tablecloth to make sure it was set up the way we wanted.  While there, we gave her gift number one, which was a Bath & BodyWorks lotion.  

We cancelled most of our day just because we just wanted to hang out and do a lot of nothing.  We decided to take part in Harry Potter trivia and had lunch from Johnny Rockets delivered to us in the Music Hall just before the game began.  Tim loved that.  Unfortunately, our level of HP knowledge isn't that great (we were hoping Kenzie would come through for us), and we only got 9 out of 20.  One couple near us got all 20 correct.  They are true HP fans.

The only thing we didn't cancel today was the North Star, but it was unfortunately cancelled for us due to high winds.  We opted for the Solarium hot tub/pool instead...fantastic choice!  Ronaldo kept our drinks coming the entire time and it was awesome!  Peaceful, relaxing, and such a beautiful setting.  

Tonight was formal (dress your best) night #1, and we opted for dressy casual.  Our dinner was planned for Jamie's Italian, and it was a bit underwhelming.  We got a couple of appetizers and split them again.  The garlicky prawns were super spicy, and while Tim loved them, I had a hard time eating them.  Kenzie ate 1/2 of one and stopped.  The Fried squid was good, and the garlic bread was great.  Tim and I had the braised short rib (mine was pretty good, but Tim's was tough and dry).  Kenzie got a pasta dish with a bolognese sauce.  It was lacking seasoning.  We had plenty of room left for dessert so Kenzie tried the Tiramisu and I tried the lemon cheesecake.  The Tiramisu wasn't great - not sure how they mess that up, but we didn't like it at all.  The lemon cheesecake was superb !!  

Got back to our room and found towel animal number 2 waiting for us.  We had let Yen know in advance how much I enjoy them and not to take any away.  I love the zoo at the end of the week.  They are definitely honoring that.  Raj and Agnel are fabulous and our room was turned down and ready when we got back from dinner.  We visited with him for a few minutes and then we settled in for the night (after cancelling our final item of the day).  

Day 2 was a huge success in our book - total rest and relaxation!

We took pics of the room today after Raj and Agnel did their thing this morning.  Hoping to have caught everything anyone could want to see.  I'm adding captions to them and will upload soon.

The amazing master bed is calling my name!  Goodnight!



Anthem has Starbucks now? When we were on in 2019 it was the Seattle's Beat or some brand like that.


Also I had that experience with the HP trivia. I'd just read the books but spaced on the movie stuff and my partner was just like I know nothing so I'm no help. Ooops lol. I think I enjoy the trivia that I dont know sometimes more than the stuff I do know.

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10 hours ago, CravingaCruise said:

Thanks!  I'm glad you're enjoying it.  Happy to provide the cruise compass!  It's exactly what I would be looking for as well.  The last cruise wasn't quite as helpful since it was a 6 night cruise.

When we sat down in the Schooner Bar, we were super full and tired from the day.  The pianist wasn't interactive at all (nobody really knew when he arrived, and when he was done, he just got up and left), but we all love piano music and it was nice. It was what we needed at that moment.  I'm looking forward to the more interactive performers. 

Exactly...really helps with the compass.  We are on the holiday cruise so probably will differ a bit, but it gives me an idea.

That's too bad that the Schooner Bar pianist wasn't interactive.  That's what makes the time there fun and energy in the room.  Good you could still enjoy the music though and just unwind from the day.

Looking forward to hearing more about your cruise.

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I love, love, love days like this...where you really don't do much of anything.  It makes the day go by quickly but I still love it.  I read SOOO many times, "I don't spend any time in my room so why pay a lot of money for a room" ?  I have discovered, over the years, the nicer your room the more time you want to spend in it !!  Funny how that works.  I found this to be the most true when we stayed in the Grand Panoramic Suite on Oasis.  That room was incredible...and I loved just hanging out there.  A 7 night cruise goes by fast already so if you don't take time to just enjoy it, you will miss a lot.  GREAT job on hanging out for this one !!

When we were on Anthem for our SC B2B, we had Jesus as our room attendant and he was a master at the towel animals.  His specialty were mini-towel-animals.  He claims (and I have to take his word for it) that he began the whole towel animal craze waaay back.  Too bad if Jesus isn't on Anthem now....he was really awesome.

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13 hours ago, WAAAYTOOO said:

Too bad if Jesus isn't on Anthem now....he was really awesome.

He could be on deck 8?  I can ask to see if anyone knows where he is.  It seems the pandemic shuffled people around a bit and some have been slow to come back.  

13 hours ago, WannaCruise said:

That's too bad that the Schooner Bar pianist wasn't interactive. 

It might have been only for that day.  The pianist in the Schooner Bar tonight as we left Chops was way more interactive and even attempted country music for someone who requested it.  We basically rolled out of Chops and landed in the seats right by the piano, so he and Tim bantered back and forth for a bit.  It definitely makes for a more enjoyable experience!


13 hours ago, WAAAYTOOO said:

I read SOOO many times, "I don't spend any time in my room so why pay a lot of money for a room" ? 

Right?  Even when we cruised in balcony or Junior Suites in the past, we spent time in our room enough that we felt it was important to have an enjoyable cabin.  We are introverts (even though Tim plays an extrovert when in public), so having a nice place to recharge is very enjoyable.  


6 hours ago, Yesiamthere said:

Enjoying reading your blog!  I was amazed the Genie got you two appointments at the spa that fast…..now, that’s great service. 

Thanks!  Yen is amazing !  We are learning that there is really no end to what she can make happen.  I really don't know if we can ever go back to sailing without a Genie !

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Day 3

We had a busy day of activities today, so we got up and showered before our coffee and fruit arrived (exactly at 7:30am).  

WhatsApp and the wifi were acting up for most of the day, so Yen made sure we had her extension for us to call her directly.  For the most part, she knew what we had planned, and would appear throughout the day to ensure things were running smoothly.  

Our day began at Coastal Kitchen, where Yen had arranged for Sid to be our server for the remainder of the cruise.  He's so funny!  Whenever Tim picked up the pepper to grind it onto his food, he would stop him and tell him that was what he was for. 😂😂 I had asked if they had quiche, and Jacob (CK Manager) got on the phone and called someone.  He said they didn't have it, but would have it for me the next day.  Wowzers!  That's service!

From CK, we wandered down to Two70 to check out the menu since we were thinking about that for lunch.  We checked out the venue - beautiful space at the aft of the ship.  Bingo was coming up, so we found a spot and decided to just wait it out.  As soon as the cards went on sale, I hopped in line and got us set up.  Five minutes later, the line was all the way down the hall past Vintages.  

Since we had a while before it began, Kenzie stayed behind and Tim and I went to find something to drink.  I wandered down to La Patisserie and got a couple of Starbucks drinks, and a box of a dozen macaroons (something Kenzie absolutely loves).  The gal even went into the back and pulled out some additional flavors for us besides what was in the case.  I'm pretty sure she is the kind of person who would have done that for anyone, but considering how everyone seems to react when they see our Star Class sea pass card, it could have been the reason.  I'm not gonna lie - I really like it !!

As we nibbled on the macaroons, we oohed and awed over them quite a bit and compared them to the shop inside the Eiffel Tower where we had the absolute best macaroons ever a few years back.  A gal from a nearby table came over and asked us what they were and where she could find them.  We offered her one and she declined at first.  Then she asked how much they were and we told them they were free to us since we were in a suite.  We asked again and she accepted the offer with a huge smile.  Tim noticed that there were four of them at the table, and took them the remainder of our box.  They were so excited over them !  It was so fun paying that forward !  Such a little thing, but it made them so happy!

We didn't win at Bingo, but had fun.  The Elton John performer called the numbers and he shared some funny stories.  As soon as Bingo was over, Yen appeared at our table and we walked through the rest of the day.  We made a couple of alterations to future plans, but then she gave us good news that she was able to get Kenzie into the Coco Beach Club.  I don't remember if I had mentioned before that we had added her back onto the reservation after it was sold out.  Yen put her on a "priority waitlist" and kept checking for us.  Had we not been able to get her in, we would have just cancelled our reservation so we could spend the day together.  Now we can all go together!  That was awesome news!

Since it was lunchtime and we wanted to grab food before our activities, we went back to the Brass & Bock Pub because Tim wanted the Cheddar Ale soup.  We got a new server who was rather awkward and he just didn't seem to understand that we needed a minute to figure out what we wanted.  We had told him our drink requests and the soup right away, but then said we needed more time.  It took him a while to come back with the drinks (which were just water with lemon), and then took him another 20 minutes to come back and ask if we wanted anything else.  We told him no, and about 15 more minutes went by and still no soup...and I still didn't have my sea pass card back - which was really bothering me.  A manager popped over and asked how things were, so Tim shared.  He clearly went to the back and spoke with the server because he came back out with my sea pass card and apologized.  Another 15ish minutes went by and still no soup.  Tim went back and told the manager to cancel everything.  We then went to the Windjammer to grab something quick before Kenzie had to be at the Rock Climbing wall at 2pm.  Incidentally, when we sat down with food, a server came over and asked if we wanted any drinks.  We ordered waters (Tim gets sparkling, which is an extra fee for those without a drink package), so I gave him our Star Class cards and in a minute we had multiple people clamoring over us.  It's really crazy.

We got to the rock climbing wall and Yen magically appeared again.  She got Kenzie up to the front of the crowd there, and Kenzie got into the harness and special shoes (she had brought socks with her).  Kenzie did her thing and then it was on to the IFly.  Yen got her all set up for that and we chatted for a bit while Kenzie was watching the video.  She asked how lunch was, so I shared some of the details, and she was so apologetic...more on that later.  Yen had arranged for Kenzie to go first in her group because we wanted to go to the scavenger hunt at 3:00pm.  

We made it to the Music Hall in time and I made a quick stop in the little girls' room.  By the time I got to the Music Hall, Tim and Kenzie were running around like crazy people.  The hunt was to capture photos of items beginning with each letter and bonus points for multiple items starting with the same letter.  We had a time limit, and it went fast!  We went as far as the casino trying to find something beginning with Q, and we worked up a sweat in the process!  We got back with 1 minute to spare and I was panting!  The gal counted our items and we had 82!  We were declared the winners and our prize were RC zipper pulls and bragging rights.

After that, we were exhausted and made it back to our room for some R&R - which means that Tim took a nap and Kenzie and I watched Maid in Manhattan while in a comatose state.  It was needed!  After a day of nothing and then being away from our cabin for over half the day and running around like lunatics, we were hurting.

Yen was able to get us onto the North Star today - third time is a charm!  The sun had already gone down and we saw the city lights for miles.  It was so cool!  Then it was Chops for dinner.  

After hearing that Jamie's wasn't all that fabulous and then hearing about our Pub experience, I think Yen was on heightened alert for us to have good food experiences.  She escorted us into Chops and to our table (that I believe she picked out) and I'm pretty sure had a chat with the server previously (because he addressed us by name when he came over).  Yen also brought us a bottle of our favorite wine on board (which was from Jamie's) and we nursed that throughout dinner.  That was a nice treat.  The food was fabulous!  Everything was really outstanding.  We did the same thing we always do which is to get several appetizers to share at the table, and then our main courses.  At the end of the meal, someone dropped off a dessert that wasn't ordered (the warm chocolate cake), and since it was at the table, Tim knew they would have to throw it out, so he saved it from going to waste.  He said it was absolutely outstanding - and that is a lot coming from him.  He never eats dessert !!

I'm pretty sure that Yen was keeping tabs on us, because as soon as we walked out of Chops, she was there to see how it went.  She really is fabulous!  We weren't super upset over the experiences or anything, but they were less than desirable, and since she knows we're total foodies, I think she wants to make sure we're satisfied.

When we got back to our room tonight, another bottle of our wine was waiting for us.  😊

Sorry - I wrote a book again!  There's just so much to share!  We're really having the time of our lives!  Star Class is truly amazing and with the special touches, we sometimes feel like the only people on the ship.

Tomorrow is Perfect Day at Coco Cay at the Beach Club!  We're excited!!

I can't seem to upload the day 3 Cruise Compasses right now because of the internet.  I'll get those up tomorrow.



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15 hours ago, MattG said:

You're such a great writer! Thank you so much for sharing your experience. Looking forward to every day!


7 hours ago, Yesiamthere said:

Awesome….just awesome. One of the better written blogs.  I love how you all shared your macaroons too!!  Keep writing!!


29 minutes ago, 1978bucketlist said:

I like your books. I attempted a live blog on our last cruise. I failed miserably.

I really appreciate those that can write about their time on the ship.


Oh my gosh you guys !  Thank you so much ! That totally made my day !

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Day 4 - Perfect Day at Coco Cay  

It really was a perfect day today, except for how early it started!  Knowing we were going to be aiming to get off the ship as early as possible once we docked in Coco Cay, we got up early and went straight to Coastal Kitchen.  We learned this morning that we need to give ourselves 5 extra minutes when leaving the cabin because Raj and Agnel are always out in our hallway ready to greet us and ask about our plans.  We chat so often, they're becoming friends.  We're about to ask Raj to join us one evening for a soda and conversation, just because there is always so much to talk about.

Since we had a tighter time schedule, we arranged with Yen to have our Starbucks coffee delivered to Coastal Kitchen.  When we stepped off the elevator this morning, Jacob (CK Manager) was at the check-in desk, and he immediately got on the phone.  I didn't think much of it until we found out he was alerting Yen that we had arrived (for the coffee) and the chef to have him start the quiche he had promised the day before.  They are sooooo awesome!  Yen arrived with our coffee order and went over the morning schedule with us to get us off the ship.  Jacob came by and let me know that the quiche was taking a bit and I told him no problem. He made the chef come by a little while later to let us know about how much longer it would take because Jacob was uncomfortable with how long it was taking.  I know from experience that a freshly made quiche takes a bit, and we were a while from docking, so we sipped on our coffee, enjoyed the view, and didn't let the time bother us.

When the quiche was ready, we instantly had three or four people surrounding us to deliver breakfast.  It was really something.  The quiche was AMAZING!  It had to be the lightest quiche I've ever had - kind of bordering on a soufflé.  I was quite happy with it!  He made extras, so Tim and Kenzie each had one as well.  There was an extra, so I asked them to save it for tomorrow.  I'm certain it will heat up just fine.  Can someone say SPOILED??

As we were wrapping up our spectacular breakfast, we were just arriving at Perfect Day.  The captain said the waters were a bit rough, so he wasn't guaranteeing that we would be able to dock, but he was going to try.  The other ship that was supposed to be on the island today was unable to dock because of the level of tide, the high winds, and the rough seas.  I was sad for them because I know how much it is favored by so many.  However, it was nice to not have as many folks on the island at the same time.

Yen met us in our cabin at about 9:20am and we got to experience the magic genie card in the elevator.  Someone else had gotten on at the same time as us and they were so confused.  We didn't say anything but chuckled over it after they got off.  We got off the elevator and there was a huge line forming at the gangway.  Yen took us to the other side (two doors to get off), and left us at the front of the line while she checked things out.  

When they said go, we checked ourselves off the ship and yen met us at the end of the plank with a tram to take us to the Beach Club.  The folks from the Royal Loft were just behind us and they were on the same tram heading to a Beach Club Cabana.  So many others were trying to get on our tram and the genies had to keep explaining that it was a reserved tram.

We got to the Beach Club, checked in at the entrance, and were able to get one of the beds by the pool to lounge in throughout the day.  The bed was awesome, but it really was in the wrong location at the club.  It was super common for people to stand in the shallow end of the pool right in front of our bed - some to watch for people arriving at the club, but many times for people to just stand and take in the view - not realizing that someone behind them was trying to enjoy the view too.  That was such a tiny annoyance though, and I was very easily reminded of how blessed we are, which quickly brought a smile to my face again.  

We met two lovely couples while hanging at the pool, and we talked for hours.  We all combined our reservation so we could continue the conversation at lunch, then sat there for the rest of the day at the lunch table until it was time for us to go back to the ship.  Sergii, our server at the restaurant, was extremely attentive to our needs the entire time we were there.  He kept our drinks going the entire time - maybe too well, and made sure there was no hunger happening at our table.  We made sure to share our appreciation with him in the end.

The bartender (I forgot his name, but will provide it later as everyone is asleep now and I can't ask them), had been taking care of our group while we were waiting for our table to be set up.  We did a round (or two) of drinks, and then he lined up cups and we did shots of something he called white tea - which was very good.  After we were at the table for about three hours, he came over and offered us another round of shots - we did the white tea again, and then told us before we left that we had to do the farewell shot - so we did!  It was green, and I have no idea what was in it, but it too was very good.  

We all exchanged numbers and cabin numbers and have planned to get together in a couple of days.  We shared a tram back to the ship and took a few group photos to remember our day together.  

We got back to our room, showered, and headed out to dinner at Izumi.  Yen magically appeared to see how our day was on the island.  We chatted about our evening plans for a bit, and then she was on her way and the Izumi manager fawned over us.  He shared that Yen contacted him a couple of times throughout our dinner to ensure we were happy.  She's so good to us!  When we were finished, we headed back to our room and when we got to the elevator, Yen was there again!  I'm pretty sure now that she has a tracker on us. 😂😂

Tonight was movie night in our room, and she had popcorn and milkshakes sent up as requested.  The popcorn was just like I make it at home, and they even shredded fresh parmesan cheese over it.  Yum !!

It was most definitely a perfect day!

Here are the day 3 Cruise Compasses as promised.  Sorry - I just realized there are some glare spots.  I'll redo those pics and upload again when I upload day 4 and 5 tomorrow.






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25 minutes ago, Dlove707 said:

@CravingaCruise your blogs are so good I wish you could cruse weekly just so I can keep reading lol.

Awww!  Thank you so much!  I wish I could do that too!  I'd happily do that if it would pay the bills.  ❤️❤️

1 hour ago, leesam82 said:

Sound like you guys are having an awesome time. I am book for anthem on the 21st right after you guys get off. Can you tell me the passenger capacity? ALso how was the water temperature at Cococay? I know my kids will want to go swimming in the ocean. 

Yen said we have 2600(ish) passengers on board.  I believe the capacity limit for Anthem is 4900(ish), so doing the math, we are at 53% capacity.  It is nice not having a 100% full ship.  You will LOVE this ship!  The crew and the ship are fabulous.  The temperature at CocoCay was 77 degrees yesterday, and slightly overcast.  The sun popped out occasionally, which was a treat.  Tim and Kenzie walked onto the beach and got in the water at the beginning of the day and they both said the ocean was warmer than the pool.  The lifeguard told us that early in the morning the sharks and stingrays swim close to shore.  I hung back and made sure the bed wouldn't float away. 😂😂 The water in the Beach Club pool was slightly cooler than we prefer, but we were all so busy chatting that nothing seemed to bother us.    

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Here are the photos we took of our cabin.  We opted for still photos (and panoramic photos) as we felt that worked better than a video.  I added captions on many of the photos to assist.  We didn't take photos inside drawers or in wardrobes because we had already unpacked.  However, we're happy to take those once we pack up again and add them.  

These photos will also be uploaded to the Facebook thread "Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship Cabins" for future reference.

Let me know if you need any additional photos other than mentioned above.  Enjoy!













































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Mid-Cruise Random Thoughts

As I was uploading all of the room photos, I thought about random tips and thoughts that I would pass along...

Outlets in cabin:  

  • Downstairs: 2 US outlets, 1 Euro outlet 2 USB outlets
  • Upstairs:  3 US outlets, 1 Euro outlet, 2 USB outlets
  • Bathrooms:  Each bathroom has a low voltage outlet for a razor, but not set up for anything larger
  • There are no outlets available for use next to the sofa downstairs.  However, Raj was happy to provide an extension cord that ran across the room for any electronics.

Suite Level Bath Amenities:

  • Malin & Goetz
    • Shampoo:  Peppermint
    • Conditioner:  Cilantro
    • Body Wash:  Rum
    • Hand Soap: Rum Bar Soap
    • Body Lotion:  Vitamin B5 Body Moisturizer

Toilet Paper:

  • It sucks!  Thin-thin-thin-thin-thin...and pretty rough
  • I know it is designed to breakdown in their septic system, and I looked online to see if I could bring my Charmin from home (spoiler alert - we can't), and I definitely miss it !!

Aft Balcony:

  • We have the most beautiful view from the aft of the ship, but the smokestack drops black soot on the deck and furniture.  Raj suggested using the blue pool towels to sit out on the furniture.  However, we were wearing white the first day and didn't get that memo quickly enough.  The great thing is that Star Class gets complimentary laundry service and they took the marks right out of our clothes.

Magnetic Walls:

  • The walls in this suite are not magnetic!  There are only a few locations in the suite that are magnetic, and you need super power magnets to hold anything other than a piece of paper.

Temperature downstairs and upstairs:

  • The lowest temperature setting is 68.0 degrees, and when you change it, you move it .1 degree at a time.  Don't click too fast or it won't change.  Beating it won't help.
  • If the person(s) downstairs like it warmer and those upstairs want it cooler, that could pose a problem because heat rises and cold air falls.
  • There is a definite difference in temperature between the two floors.  Since my body doesn't know how to cool off anymore, I was melting.  Raj brought in a box fan for upstairs which fixed the issue.  He's our hero!

TV Upstairs:

  • At first, I thought it was really cool to have a television in the ceiling that would come down at the push of a button.  After Raj and Agnel turned down our suite the first night, to include pulling down the television, we watched for a little bit when we went to bed.  Kenzie was sound asleep downstairs, and when we hit the button to raise it back up, it clicked very loudly when it began moving and then clicked very loudly again when it seated into the ceiling.  It was quite alarming.  I realized right away that one couldn't watch television after the other had fallen asleep because it would risk alarming the other with that noise.


  • This suite has a doorbell, which is awesome since it's so large and a light knock would definitely be missed.
  • However, if you're sitting at the dining table, take note that the doorbell is in the corner on the ceiling, and is quite loud.  Whenever I'm at the table and the doorbell rings, it scares the pants off of me !!

Mind you that none of the above are complaints on any level.  We just wanted to pass along some helpful things to note when staying in this cabin in the future.  It is such a fabulous space that I'm certain you will fall in love with immediately !!

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1 hour ago, CravingaCruise said:

Temperature downstairs and upstairs:

  • The lowest temperature setting is 68.0 degrees, and when you change it, you move it .1 degree at a time.  Don't click too fast or it won't change.  Beating it won't help.
  • If the person(s) downstairs like it warmer and those upstairs want it cooler, that could pose a problem because heat rises and cold air falls.
  • There is a definite difference in temperature between the two floors.  Since my body doesn't know how to cool off anymore, I was melting.  Raj brought in a box fan for upstairs which fixed the issue.  He's our hero!

I am sorry to hear about these temperature issues. We sailed Anthem over Christmas 2019 and were in 10320 and had serious HVAC issues with our suite.  After the first 4 days of temperatures fluctuating between low 60s and low 80s we asked to meet with the chief engineer. My husband finally reached his limit and moved into the suite lounge and wasn’t returning until the problem was fixed. Within hours we had a team of people troubleshooting the source of the problem….it was determined that the thermostat had been rewired to send heat up to the second floor even when on AC setting. 🤦‍♀️ Wreaking havoc with temperatures on both levels. This didn’t surprise us because we could see the heat indicator on even when on the AC setting but our concerns were initially overlooked. If you haven’t make sure you check the thermostats just in case your system was wired this way.  

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On 11/18/2021 at 1:27 PM, Jax said:

I am sorry to hear about these temperature issues. We sailed Anthem over Christmas 2019 and were in 10320 and had serious HVAC issues with our suite.  After the first 4 days of temperatures fluctuating between low 60s and low 80s we asked to meet with the chief engineer. My husband finally reached his limit and moved into the suite lounge and wasn’t returning until the problem was fixed. Within hours we had a team of people troubleshooting the source of the problem….it was determined that the thermostat had been rewired to send heat up to the second floor even when on AC setting. 🤦‍♀️ Wreaking havoc with temperatures on both levels. This didn’t surprise us because we could see the heat indicator on even when on the AC setting but our concerns were initially overlooked. If you haven’t make sure you check the thermostats just in case your system was wired this way.  

Oh wow!  That's horrible! I think they may have that fixed now.  Our suite is just a bit warmer upstairs than it is downstairs, which isn't anything out of the ordinary considering that it's a loft.  I just have moments of extreme warmth (Mother Nature's revenge), which makes me uncomfortable in any setting, but especially when I'm sleeping, getting dressed, or relaxing with a good book.  😳

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Day 5 (a day late)

We got up and made our way to Coastal Kitchen for breakfast at 7:45, and Yen appeared with our coffee order as previously arranged.  I had previously arranged to have the extra leftover quiche, but instead of a leftover, they made me a fresh one...well, several, actually.  The chef wouldn't allow it to be reheated for me, so he made a new batch and had them delivered to the table.  Jacob and Sid have become some of our favorite people onboard the ship, and whenever we go elsewhere without them, we miss them.

Tim and Kenzie planned to go into Nassau in search of a key chain for her collection.  Yen met us in the cabin shortly before 10am so she could escort them off the ship, and I was going to go with them but hung behind and worked on uploading all the photos for the blog.  I was originally going to take my computer to a nice corner on the ship somewhere, but I love this suite so much, that I just stayed put.  

Tim and Kenzie wandered about for a bit and found a keychain for Kenzie, a souvenir for Raj, and a souvenir for Jeremy.  Kenzie said they were walking around and walked by some street dancers who were jamming to some music.  She realized a couple of minutes later that Tim was no longer with her, and she wandered back to find Tim dancing with the locals.  😂😂

After they came back, we hung out for a bit and then it was off to lunch at Coastal Kitchen.  The other day when we had gone to the Windjammer, Tim was impressed with their salad bar area and was craving a salad.  He wandered to the Windjammer while Kenzie and I went to Coastal Kitchen.  Jacob asked if we had left Tim in Nassau, and we told him he wanted to build a salad in the Windjammer.  Jacob said he would make anything he wanted and ran off to find Tim at the Windjammer.  He's so funny!  He came back a moment later and confirmed what Tim was wearing (with a mask on and a sea of people, he wanted to ensure he was kidnapping the right person), then he ran off and came back a minute later with Tim in tow.  😂😂  Tim said it didn't take much to convince him to come back.  After all the pampering we've experienced this trip, the people jammer just didn't cut it.  

After lunch, we walked the three miles (okay, not really, but feels like it) to the back of the ship to visit the suite lounge.  It is a beautiful space and it's kind of sad because it was totally empty.  There were canapés, fruits, tapas, etc., and nobody was there to enjoy them.  I'm guessing it doesn't get a lot of traffic because it's so far out of the way and there's no bar in there.  If they put a bar in there, I'm sure it would have more visitors.

We left shortly after and wandered down to the Esplanade, stopped and got more macaroons (because they're definitely a favorite), and then came back to the room for a nap because walking around the ship is exhausting!  

We got to do the North Star again tonight right at 5:30 when we were about to depart Nassau.  It was so cool seeing Nassau from so high up!  It seemed like we could see forever. Yen, of course met us at the North Star to ensure we got on as it gets pretty intense at the end of the reservation window.  Tonight was no exception.  We walked up a few minutes prior to our reservation time and there were about sixish people standing there expecting to get on.  Tim has a face mask with the Philly Eagles on it, and one of the men waiting was wearing a Giants mask.  That started the tension off.  Yen was up with the person confirming the reservations and the reservation guy pointed at us to show we were next.  The woman with the Giants mask guy sprung out of her chair and insisted they were next.  The reservation person shared that we had a reservation for 5:30pm.  We were whisked away a moment later, and Yen said they had to 'handle' it with the others who were waiting.  Our ride ended up being the last of the night.  Sorry...not sorry.  It was so nice having Yen there to make sure we didn't get bumped like what had happened the first two attempts.

Dinner was at Wonderland tonight.  We were originally thinking of doing it two nights in a row so we could experience the entire menu, but decided to just bite the bullet and do it all at once.  Yen escorted us to dinner again and she confirmed the rest of the night while there.  Our server was a bit abrasive at the beginning of the night.  Not sure what was happening, but he argued with us over wanting to experience the entire menu, then basically told us they only had two options for red wine to choose from (neither were to our liking).  Kenzie had ordered one of their specialty drinks and it took over 20 minutes for it to show up, and the straw she asked for took an additional 10 minutes, after a reminder from Tim.  Tim had asked for lemon and lime for his water, and it never showed up (Tim didn't bother reminding on that one), and our giant menus in frames sat on our tables in front of us for at least 20 minutes after we had ordered.  Incidentally, the menus are extremely hard to read after watering them down to reveal the wording, and only one of the three menus were current.  Tim and I had old menus.  After the wine experience, I think someone figured out we weren't super happy (I'm still convinced that Yen has a tracker and possibly a microphone on us somewhere), because our server came back a while later and his attitude had completely changed.  We're convinced that either the manager (who seemed to pay very close attention to the restaurant) saw the looks on our faces as we were discussing not leaving any additional tip for our server, or Yen had placed a call about that time and checked in on things.  The rest of the meal went fine, but the bitter taste in our mouths from the beginning stuck with us.  

About the food at Wonderland...it was very interesting.  We're glad we did it and experienced it, but even for us foodies, it wasn't our thing.  We really appreciate the creativity that went into the dishes.  It is truly imaginative!  The one item that really turned us off was the Buffalo Chicken Eggs.  This dish is 'smoked' in a way that was extremely unappealing.  It smelled and tasted like cigarettes and we couldn't get the taste out of our mouths fast enough.  Our friends who also ate there got the smoked specialty drink, and it was smoked in the same way - their impression was the same as ours over the eggs. Final review of Wonderland is that it was meh.  If you have to pay for it, save your money.  The only thing we truly liked was The World dessert...which we found out is being served at the end of the Chef's Table meal (that's on our last night).

The new friends we made at CocoCay joined us tonight at the Music Hall for the Friendly Feud.  Yen had 'discretely' reserved seats for us - which means we had front row seats in the middle of a packed two-story venue and all eyes were on us as we all took our seats.  We tried to ignore the dirty looks...our friends embraced it.  All of us thought the game would be played differently than how it actually played out, but it was super fun anyway.  We were expecting to have multiple groups playing against each other, but it was more like the traditional game from TV.  Here's the description - you tell me:  "Team up with your friends onboard the ship and compete as a unit to answer a series of questions, with the most popular answers garnering the most points."  It was still fun, and our group stuck together to go to Karaoke to end the night.  The Karaoke was great, and we decided to do it again tomorrow because Kenzie wants to sing and didn't get in line to sign up early enough.

We got back late and I had a few drinks, hence the reason this is a day late.  🙂

Here is the Day 6 Cruise Compass for you...






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Loving your review.  Never tried it but Wonderland seems "interesting" but certainly different.  Would be interesting to hear the discussions when they were coming up with the dishes.  Atmosphere seems neat though...even if the food is not (and that chocolate dessert....gotta be worth it just for that)

Wondering if We Will Rock You and Spectra is returning on your cruise?  

P.S. - Looks like you reposted day 5 above

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