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Spectrum of the Seas - 22DEC19 - Hong Kong B2B


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Final Photos

We’re home now and I see I have some photos languishing in my blog file. Here are some odds and ends!

Art — there’s a ton of art on this ship. I had grand plans to get in each elevator to check out the unique art in each one, but it didn’t happen. The styles are fun and different, too. Here’s a tiny example:





MDR (since I somehow failed to post any photos of it):







Bean & Leaf:


The Esplanade:




Next Cruise:


Shore Excursion desk:


La Patisserie:


Photos area:


There were several unique shops as well. Like the Overseas Pharmacy (huge!):


And the JClinic (DNA test, anyone??):



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Final Thoughts

Now that we've been back a few days, I have just a couple of random thoughts to add, in no particular order:

 - We have always enjoyed the smaller ships and have been afraid the bigger ships would be too crowded. We were wrong! Spectrum is well designed and absorbed the crowds easily. Of course, if you want to get to the sale tables in the middle of the esplanade, it will be crowded, but that happens on any ship. Going forward we won't shy away from the larger ships!

 - I was surprised how much better the same recipe was when it was prepared in the Gold dining area. Makes me think there might be something to the whole #TeamCK thing 😉 

 - I loved the Asian flavor of the ship! Granted, I've lived in the region for nearly 6 years, but please please don't let the fear of the "culturally enriching" cruise stop you from exploring the area. And all signs point to Royal investing more and more in the region

 - I found it odd there was no drink of the day

 - There were lots of people from lots of different countries on both our sailings, particularly large family groups. Talking with some of the crew, it seems that people are using this ship for family reunion trips more than in other areas. One Indian extended family of 35, some of them hadn't seen each other in 10 or more years. It was fun to see 

 - This was our first back-to-back. LOVED it, all except the drill 😛 It's a small price to pay, though, and at least we got a terrific lunch out of the deal!

I think that's it. Please let me know if you have questions -- I'm happy to answer!

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Kristi, thanks for this great live blog and all the pictures.

It is getting me more and more excited for my upcoming March Spectrum "Best of Japan" cruise.

I have a Jr. Suite booked, but put in a Royal Up bid for a Grand Suite and another full suite.

Two questions about your Grand Suite...

Did that include Zoom wifi?  Does the full (Grand) suite include the reserved seating to all the major shows?  (No reservation needed?)


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17 minutes ago, Ken23 said:

Did that include Zoom wifi?  Does the full (Grand) suite include the reserved seating to all the major shows?  (No reservation needed?)

Wifi is not included with any of the Golden Suites on Spectrum. Yes, there is a reserved seating section for the shows. You just have to get there more than 10 minutes prior -- at 10 minutes they release the seats for anyone to use.


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