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Officer Rank Structure

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I just got back from a Q&A with Captain Marek on Radiance, and someone asked him about his epaulets.  He proceeded to talk briefly about rank and the epaulets/insignia, and it made me want to know more details so that I can more easily know someone's position if I'm talking to them or see them walk by.

Does anyone have detailed info about their rank structure or a link to a good source?  A diagram with epaulets would be great.

Here's a quick summary of what Captain Marek said.  It basically proceeds up by half stripes from 1 stripe to 4.5 stripes, where a "half stripe" is when the lowest stripe (furthest from the neck) is thicker than the others.  At the top (closest to the neck) is a small icon, so to speak, indicating the department.  Deck crew has a diamond, electricians a lightning bolt, and a few others I don't remember.  The Captain is the only person with 4.5 stripes and the rest of the executive committee (chief engineer, hotel director, etc) would each have 4 stripes, and it proceeds downward from there.

Sorry if this topic already exists.  I tried to search both here and Google, though VOOM is a little spotty off the southern coast of Alaska :). I did see a diagram of the ranks on Norwegian (I think) pop up on CruiseCritic via Google, but I don't know if RCL is the same.

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Yes, in the last few hours that I've been paying attention / finding more, engineering have a propeller.  I think HVAC have a snowflake.  Interestingly, hotel operations don't have an icon at all.  Instead their bars are on a white background (i.e. white between the bars).

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25 minutes ago, hsweat22 said:

how interesting @CGTLH!!  I had no idea the crew had access to all of these areas.  I have seen entertainment staff around the ship at times but thought it may have been limited to just them and some higher officers.

Keep in mind not all crew are officers/hold stripes. So restrictions are still in play for a majority of the crew unless it for a special function.

Entertainment staff is a bit different. Not sure how to best explain the reasoning.

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I saw a 2.5 stripe deck officer last night where the epaulet was two big bars with a smaller one between, so the thick bottom stripe "half stripe" may just be the Captain.

Also here's the picture someone posted from Norwegian Gem.  Again, not sure if RCL is the same, but it's probably similar.


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