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Best price on deluxe drink package

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I have seen it about $50 on my e-mails.  Others say $47, Matt and others are the experts.  Some folks say to book it if it seems reasonable and then cancel and re-book later if the price goes down.  I haven't tried that.  Of course, see Matt's video on whether it makes economic sense to purchase the package.

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17 minutes ago, Donnaf516 said:

What's the lowest it usually goes to?  

From what I understand there is no set rule. It can vary based on ship, itinerary, Cruise Planner sale, etc.

The cheapest price we saw leading up to our cruise last month (Allure) was $45/$46 (30% off sale... $65 was the "onboard" pricing... must be a rounding thing!). You generally see the typical 20% off pre-cruise price, BOGO 50% (effectively 25% off), and 30% off sales. Not sure if Black Friday has an ever better sale (I somehow missed that one).

I agree with @ChessE4, purchase it when you are comfortable with the price... you can always cancel and re-purchase at the lower price down the road.

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I originally purchased mine on Black Friday and got 25% off.  Then on Memorial Day weekend it went to 30% off so I cancelled my original package and purchased this one.  I am less than 3 months out now, so I do not think it will go any lower unless they have a July 4th sale and it goes to 40% off.  I doubt that, but it would be nice, it adds up on 12 night cruise.

Keep checking once or twice a week in your cruise planner.  I think it also depends on your particular cruise if the package is selling or not.  I have seen the price change from week to week with out a sale being announced.

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On 6/14/2019 at 12:46 PM, JohnK6404 said:

From what I understand there is no set rule. It can vary based on ship, itinerary, Cruise Planner sale, etc


Definitely.  I have 5 cruises booked between Aug and Mar 2021 and each price is different.  Our Adventure seems to be the cheapest varying from $62-65 CAD depending if a "sale"  that day (which I guess is $46-48 USD) and Anthem Mar 2020 is most expensive about $10 more.  (Mar 2021 not released yet).

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12 minutes ago, Weezie57 said:

Originally purchased the drink package for myself at $52 while my wife got the drink package with Voom for $62 for an Oct 4 sailing on Enchantment of the Seas.  Today the drink package was down to $49 and the drink package with Voom was down to $57.

I just cancelled my original purchase and repurchased. Saved $150.

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