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Aft facing staterooms

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This post contains some pics of 9392 including the views left, right and down towards other balconies:


The entire balcony isn't in full view but you can be clearly seen while standing at the railing.

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We had a corner aft starboard on Mariner last year. Deck 7. Balcony was good size. Cabin was smaller. It was different. We enjoyed it. 

Just booked a Junior Suite aft port on Radiance for Alaska. Balcony is HUGE and slightly wraps around. It is under the outdoor seating of Windjammer but I’m hoping not many people eat outside in Alaska lol. I found a YouTube video of the cabin and I’m super excited. Plus several here said I scored a great cabin. 

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We had the port side aft balcony on Radiance for Alaska this last summer.  Did not hear noise from Windjammer and not totally visible to the deck above.  It was great to have unobstructed views of everything behind us. When the dolphins were chasing the ship in the inside passage we had a full view of the openness behind us.  I will kill for the aft stateroom from now on😀

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