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  1. 20 hours ago, princevaliantus said:

    There is a Spanish cliche that goes, "Te peinas o te hace rulos.  No puedes hacer los dos a la misma vez."  In English, "You either comb your hair or do curlers. You can't do both at the same time."

    My wife speaks Spanish as her 1st language, and I tell ya.....the sayings that I learn are always entertaining, never ending, and spot on....lol 

  2. 22 minutes ago, KevinJ said:

    Since my January cruise is probably going to get cancelled, I was looking at an October cruise out of Cape Liberty on Oasis. My wife's first reaction was, no way hurricanes! I'm really not concerned, any thoughts on how I can mitigate her fears?

    Statistics? How many cruises go, unchanged and safely, during Hurricane season vs. how many get changed and/or canceled. 

  3. Im in similar situation. Sailing March 07 out of Canaveral. Im going to make Royal cancel on me. If they cancel, they give me 125% FCC or my money back. Im in  a pretty good situation, I think. There is still a chance, based on what becomes known about what the cruise will look like once they announce everything, that we cancel ourselves...but we have until 48 hours before it sails to make that call. I prefer to wait and see how it shakes out. 

    That being said, I dont think it will sail, as is. I think that cruises scheduled for the first half of 2021 will nearly ALL be altered in some way (length and itinerary, ship). Once they start sailing again, ROYAL has said it will be select ships, on shorter itineraries. That puts my week long sailing on Harmony in jeopardy, early in the year. So, again, they will either cancel on me....or give me options. 

  4. 20 minutes ago, twangster said:

    USA Today will print anything for the right price.  

    They would print that portable toilets are cleaner that operating rooms if the industry paid them to.  

    It's one of the reasons why I refuse to read their trash.

    Wow.....guess I shouldve put a trigger warning on there? 

    Calm Down Chill Out GIF

    Just thought it was fascinating and people might be interested to know that its being looked at and talked about....as it relates to flying to cruises. 

  5. 33 minutes ago, beccaball said:

    I'm surprised at the amount of negative nancy's....or Realistic RIchards..... lol

    My cruise is March 21, 2021..... I'm fully expecting to be on Oasis.....


    I'm not one to usually be pessimistic. I've always tried to be an optimist.... but do you all truly think that full fleet won't be operating by spring? I understand not in November and December....but I'm still 6 months from my cruise..... I figured they would have worked out all the kinks by then.


    But again,.... maybe Im just optimistic???

    HONESTLY, not trying to be negative....just trying to be realistic, keep myself grounded, and following the bread crumbs to get some sort of an idea of what could possibly happen. If youre looking at where we are now, when cruising may start, and what they have told us will happen when it does...it leads ME to think theyre going to scrap or alter the existing schedule for a while. Theyve said it will be a slow process, not all ships will sail, and those that do will be on "short" sailings. Who defines what short is? 10 day sailings, I think are definitely out. Is 7 short? not when compared to 3,4, and 5 day sailings. I think that is what they would start with.  I would think, in order to maximize the amount of people cruising, since they are reducing capacity, they will use the larger ships for short (3,4,5 day) sailings involving the private islands....then over time (months) they will begin stretching itineraries and bringing more ships into the fold.  

    I suspect, those of us booked on the ships that are sailing, will receive some sort of option when all this shakes out. Something to the effect of "your itinerary has changed, so we would like to offer you the CHOICE to stay on the sailing, or receive FCC".  I dont think theyd want to completely scrap the guest list and rebook all the way.  They already have a head start.  

  6. 6 minutes ago, Va4fam said:


    Just don't see things returning to normal for a long time.


    This....  I see a lot of people talking about their November cruises, December cruises...etc....and I feel like im Negative Nick over here thinking no way anything on the old schedule remains. I feel like the changes will extend deep into 2021 schedule wise.  

  7. Wondering: Its known that once cruising resumes, it will be a trimmed list of ships going, on shorter itineraries. Right? I have heard this said over, and over. So, this has me thinking....Im booked for a 7 day on Harmony the 2nd week of March.  WILL IT CRUISE? Im beginning to lean toward no.  Especially now that we know the CDC doesnt think we should sail till Feb at the earliest?  White House has set a rolling evaluation starting Nov. 1st? Obviously nobody knows what this looks like, exactly.  But am I off to think that "at first" probably doesnt mean just the first month or so? Goodness, all of us with cruises in the next 6 months to a year have to be wondering....is my sailing safe?

    Ralph Wiggum Reaction GIF

  8. Im fortunate enough to be in half a days driving distance to most ports in Florida. I have only ever flown for one cruise...driven for all others. I most definitely prefer driving. I like the control (albeit somewhat imagined) I have over the situation. I plan to drive in March. BUT.....I would absolutely fly (of course the day before, @Matt ), if someone paid for my tickets! Ha! 

  9. On 9/4/2020 at 7:26 PM, Floski said:

    Steve - we're cruising on Nov 29.  Mark it down, brother.

    And we're cruising on Feb 28.  

    So you guys are definitely good to go!    Don't listen to the negative nit-wits, man!


    I wouldn't (intentionally) lie to a fellow South Carolinian!


    Plus, we got football starting next weekend!!!!   Go Heels!!

    Im starting to feel a little better after todays Richard Fain video, and @Matt's recent posts....things ARE looking up. I wont REALLY feel better until there is an announced plan, though.....and Go Heels. I wasnt Tarheel born, but I was Tarheel raised, and ive been to too many basketball, football, and baseball games in Chapel Hill to count. 

  10. Not gonna lie, with everything going on in the world...social media....and the seemingly no end in sight bad news in the cruising world....my outlook on cruising, and especially my March Harmony sailing has been nothing more than MEH. I feel like its increasingly doubtful we will sail, and if we do, the itinerary will be nothing like the cruise booked (which may or may not be fine.) I need some good cruise news, some good signs, some glimmer of hope....What do yall have for me? 


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