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My advice for someone using a Royal Genie on a Royal Caribbean cruise

31 Mar 2022

If you're staying in Royal Caribbean's top tier suites, you're going to want to know how to maximize the experience, including what your Royal Genie offers.

Royal Caribbean's top suite experience is known as Star Class, and it includes a crew member who is a blend of personal concierge and magic maker.  Known as a Genie, this crew member works with just three cabins or so to manage every need onboard.

Having tried two different Royal Genies so far, my takeaway has been there is a learning curve to being able to fully utilize what Royal Caribbean packs into the experience. In fact, what's listed on paper as your benefits is really just a starting point. Depending on your genie and how vocal you are, the experience can vary significantly from person to person.

The cost of booking one of the cruise cabins that includes a Royal Genie is not cheap, with prices usually starting in the five figures. So with that kind of investment, getting your money's worth is something you probably want to investigate.

Here's my best advice for someone trying a Star Class suite for the first time, and get everything out of it you can.

It makes even basic activities easier

Top 25 free things you can do on Royal Caribbean's Oasis Class cruise ships | Royal Caribbean Blog

It's easy to start planning all the big ticket things your Star Class suite includes, but don't overlook the basics either.

Having a Royal Genie is all about making your life onboard easier, especially when it comes to lines.

Genies have the ability to cut the line for almost everything, including onboard activities.

Your genie can get you to the front of the line for laser tag, water slides, and pretty much any other onboard activity. This is especially helpful with kids, who often want to do all the fun things onboard.

Every Genie is different

If you read the description of the Royal Genie service from Royal Caribbean, it sounds like the Genie experience is going to be the same for anyone you get, but it's far from that.

Each Genie has their own style and approach to offering their services, and that means your experience can vary between different Genie's.

Star Class, by its very definition, is designed to be a personalized experience.  While the overall "rules" are fairly consistent, the specific amenities do tend to vary by ship and even among Genies on the same ship.  

I hesitate to ever say one Genie is better or worse than another. Instead, they are simply different, so if you've had a Genie in the past, your next Genie will likely do things slightly differently.

What this means is some Genie's are better about pre-cruise communication than others, while other Genies prefer to spend more time socializing with their guests than others. 

Each Genie will help you with planning your days and nights with things like specialty dining reservations, entertainment seating, booking onshore excursions, and personal escorts onto and off of the ship, as needed. They're basically a walking and talking Guest Services that you can message anytime.

When you meet your Genie onboard, it's always a good idea to share what you're looking for during the sailing.  Just keep in mind how each Genie goes about their duties will vary.

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Ask for everything

One of the early mantras I learned from others that book Star Class often is to rely heavily on the Genie to provide everything.

As someone that is used to planning a lot before the cruise and not wanting to be a bother, this was a bit of an adjustment, but the real value of having a Genie is having them take care of your every need.

What this means is any food or drink you want should go through the Genie, rather than you getting it yourself. If you want to see a show, or reserve a seat somewhere, ask the Genie.

I even asked my Genie to reserve seats at the Mason Jar bar because it was busy.  He investigated and got us reserved seats.  

Of course I can do many of these things on my own, but paying for the Star Class experience gets you this service.  So to best take advantage of what you're paying for is to not feel like a bother to the Genie by making requests.

Specialty dining galore

What is Star Class? | Royal Caribbean Blog

Another major benefit of booking Star Class is all the specialty dining is included with your cruise fare.

Just like the unlimited dining package, you can dine at any specialty restaurant and pay nothing extra for the experience.  

Unlike the dining packages, your Genie can reserve tables for you before the cruise.  He or she can also deliver any food from a specialty restaurant to your stateroom as long as the restaurant is open.

We usually feed our kids dinner before we drop them off at Adventure Ocean, so when we are in Star Class, my kids order steak from Chops Grille and pizza from Giovanni's Kitchen because it's included.

While Coastal Kitchen (the complimentary restaurant for suite guests) is included in your cruise fare as well, it seems to me the included specialty dining is far more lucrative to take advantage of for your dining plans.

Check-in is super easy

An underrated benefit of being Star Class is you'll never have such an easy check-in procedure at the cruise terminal.

Regardless of your check-in time with the Royal Caribbean app, your Genie will ask you what time you want to arrive.

When you get to the terminal, a designated porter just for Suite Guests will take your luggage and bring it directly onboard the ship immediately.

You then get to enter the cruise terminal and complete the check in process ahead of others. Your Genie meets you in the cruise terminal and takes you immediately up to your suite.

They say patience is a virtue, but it's not necessary with the Star Class.

Gratuities are crazy (depending who you ask)


How much to tip your Genie at the end of the cruise is a gray area, to say the least.

There's all sorts of ideas on what is appropriate and the amounts are all over the place.

In my experience, there is no right or wrong answer, as you have to consider all sorts of people book Star Class and there's no specific gratuity recommendation by Royal Caribbean.

The Genie will appreciate whatever gratuity you deem is appropriate at the conclusion of the sailing, but for anyone trying Star Class for the first time, you will quickly discover tipping is the wild west for Genies.

Depending on my experience onboard, I pick an amount and multiply it by the amount of people I'm travelling with and go from there.

Your cabin is your castle

Another mantra of the Star Class experience is to spend more time than ever in your cabin.

Because your Genie can deliver all the food and drinks you want to the cabin, plan on spending more time enjoying the lavish accommodations you have booked.

Star Class cabins are large, and offer a ton of living space coupled with beautiful views, so enjoy them as much as you can.

You can have not only food delivered, but cocktails too.  Heck, some Genies have arrange in-suite parties with bar cart, ice cream socials, and more.

Going back to one of the lessons I talked about earlier, ask for everything and whenever possible, have it delivered to your cabin.

Free laundry

First time cruisers: How do I wash my clothes on my Royal Caribbean cruise? | Royal Caribbean Blog

Another underrated perk is you can enjoy all the laundry you want for no cost.

Instead of coming home with a suitcase full of dirty laundry, send it out to be laundered.

My advice is send it out daily, rather than a huge bag at the end of the cruise. It's easier to manage because you have to fill out the laundry form each time.

Is Star Class worth the cost?

I bet even if you read every part of this article, the one question you still have is if Star Class is worth paying significantly more to get.

The Star Class experience is a splurge of epic proportions, so this is not a question of can you do enough to "break even". Just like first class on an airplane, or buying a Corvette, you're doing these things because you can and it's nice to reward yourself sometimes.

Each time I've stayed in Star Class I come to the same conclusion: it was a wonderful way to spend my cruise, and it spoiled us. I think that's exactly what Royal Caribbean wants guests to feel like after they try Star Class.

Obviously not everyone will be able to afford Star Class, and that's okay. You can have an amazing cruise experience without a Royal Genie and filet mignon delivered to your cabin. 

If you do elect to try Star Class, do as much as you can to maximize your cost by utilizing all the services and perks of Star Class. 

What is the most expensive suite on Royal Caribbean?

09 Feb 2022

A Royal Caribbean cruise ship is home to many impressive suites, but which one is the most expensive?

While there are spacious multi-room suites and even Aquatheater suites offering stellar views of the ship’s aft, the most expensive suite on a Royal Caribbean cruise ship is the Ultimate Family Suite.

Designed to be a hub of activity and fun for families, the Ultimate Family Suite first premiered on Symphony of the Seas in 2018. As of 2022, the suite is currently on three Royal Caribbean ships: Symphony of the Seas, Spectrum of the Seas, and Wonder of the Seas.

Each Ultimate Family Suite offers a kid-centric design, colorful decor, and unique features not found on any other stateroom or suite onboard. While each suite has a similar concept, though, they differ in layout and offerings.

To see what makes the Ultimate Family Suite the most expensive in Royal Caribbean’s fleet, let’s take a closer look at these one-of-a-kind cabins.

Symphony of the Seas Ultimate Family Suite

The Symphony of the Seas Ultimate Family Suite is the one most known to cruise fans in North America and Europe. This suite can accommodate up to eight guests and is 1,134 square feet with a 212 square foot balcony.

The first thing you notice when you walk into the Ultimate Family Suite is color. Neon orange, red, blue, and yellow cover the walls, furniture, and decor.

The Ultimate Family Suite is two stories. The downstairs area features a dining room area fitted with an air-hockey table, a living room with a couch, chairs, and large television, and a bathroom.

Kids will not be bored hanging out downstairs, either, as the suite features a game room corner with a TV, video game consoles, and lounge chairs. There is also a mini bar in the game room so your favorite beverages and snacks are never too far away.

Extra kid-friendly features are incorporated throughout the downstairs, too. Underneath the stairs are small nooks where kids can relax, read a book, or play with electronics. The dining room wall is also a chalkboard and the game room features a floor-to-ceiling LEGO wall.

There are comfy seating areas throughout the suite as well, with plenty of bean bags and a multicolor hanging chair.

In the upstairs area of the Ultimate Family Suite are two bedrooms, each with their own onsite bathroom. The master bedroom features a king-sized bed, television that drops down from the ceiling, a desk and vanity area, and full-sized closet. The master bathroom features an extra-large rainforest shower with two shower heads.

Since this is a suite, there are upgraded amenities available throughout the bedrooms and bathrooms including bedding and toiletry products.

Next door to the master bedroom is the kids bedroom, which can be accessed via a regular door or through a small porthole designed for kids to crawl through.

The kids bedroom can sleep four and has three murphy beds and a pull-out sofa bed. Like the rest of the suite, colorful decor dots the bedroom and bathroom.

One of the premiere features of the Ultimate Family Suite is the slide. Starting from the kids bedroom and ending in the living room downstairs, it’s sure to be popular with kids staying in the suite.

Complete with a hot tub, outdoor table that doubles as a ping pong table, and colorful step climbers, the balcony is another spacious area of the Ultimate Family Suite. The suite does not have a full ocean view, but instead overlooks the sports area and boardwalk neighborhood on Symphony of the Seas.

Spectrum of the Seas Ultimate Family Suite

There’s no doubt that the Ultimate Family Suite on Symphony of the Seas is impressive, but the suite on Spectrum of the Seas goes a step further.

At over double the size, the Ultimate Family Suite on Spectrum of the Seas is 2,766 square feet with a 212 square foot balcony. And while the suite on Spectrum has a similar concept to the suite on Symphony, there are quite a few differences.

The suite is still geared towards families, but there is noticeably less neon color throughout the suite. Instead, it has a more muted color palette.

There is also much more downstairs space on Spectrum’s Ultimate Family Suite. As the suite can accommodate up to eleven guests, there are two master bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms downstairs. The master bedrooms are more spacious than those on Symphony of the Seas and come with balcony access.

The balcony on Spectrum of the Seas does not feature the step climbers found on Symphony, but has a large jacuzzi and comfortable seating.

Just like on Symphony of the Seas, The Ultimate Family Suite features a kid-friendly living room with an air hockey table, couch and television area, dining room, and separated game room.

A unique aspect of the Ultimate Family Suite on Spectrum of the Seas are the steps leading upstairs. Designed like a piano, each step is a “key” that plays a note as you go up or down.

Upstairs you will find two bunk beds, a crib area for babies, and a third master bedroom.

The bathroom attached to the upstairs master bedroom is perhaps the most impressive in Royal Caribbean’s fleet. More like a spa than a bathroom, it features a standalone tub, spacious vanity, and a rainforest shower room.

The windows are made from a switchable glass to allow for privacy when in port or views of the ocean when sailing. To top it off, the bathroom jets off the side of the ship.

Just like on Symphony of the Seas, there is a porthole connecting the kids room to the master bedroom and a colorful slide heading back downstairs.

The Ultimate Family Suite on Spectrum of the Seas is on the side of the ship and features ocean views.

Wonder of the Seas Ultimate Family Suite

Royal Caribbean’s newest cruise ship also has an Ultimate Family Suite. As of February 2022, though, little is known about the suite on Wonder of the Seas.

Captain Kate of Celebrity Cruises posted a Tik Tok compilation from the construction of Wonder of the Seas. Near the end of the video there are two short clips of the Ultimate Family Suite. From first glance, it appears to have a similar design to the suite on Symphony of the Seas.

Royal Caribbean’s website states that the Ultimate Family Suite on Wonder of the Seas has two king beds, four twin sized bunk beds, and a double pull out sofa bed. The suite can accommodate up to nine guests.

The deck plan for the Ultimate Family Suite shows it to be on Deck 18. It lists the square footage at 1,134 for the room and 212 for the balcony. 

The location of the suite is different on Wonder of the Seas compared to Symphony of the Seas, too. Whereas on Symphony the suite overlooks the sport area, the Ultimate Family Suite on Wonder faces the forward and starboard sides of the ship.

Therefore, the view from the Ultimate Family Suite on Wonder of the Seas should be that of the ocean, pool deck, and the Central Park neighborhood below.

What does the Ultimate Family Suite cost?

While the price of the Ultimate Family Suite can vary significantly based on the time of year and ship you choose, it will always come with a hefty price tag.

As an example, I priced out a few separate sailings to see just how much the Ultimate Family Suite can cost:

  • 7-night Eastern Caribbean & Perfect Day cruise on Symphony of the Seas: $33,366
  • 7-night Western Mediterranean cruise on Symphony of the Seas: $25,492
  • 5-night Nagasaki and Fukuoka cruise on Spectrum of the Seas: $38,681
  • 9-night Thailand & Vietnam cruise on Spectrum of the Seas: $82,949

The cost of the Ultimate Family Suite does not appear to increase significantly with the number of guests. The 7-night Western Mediterranean cruise is listed as $25,492 for two guests and $28,570 for four guests.

Is the Ultimate Family Suite worth it?

Ultimately, deciding whether a suite is worth it or not depends on what you value in a vacation, your families’ specific needs, and, of course, your budget.

Some guests may opt to book a smaller suite or a balcony room and instead use the money they saved to book beverage and dining packages, spa treatments, and shore excursions.

Others may value the exclusivity of a suite and decide that the extra comfort, space, and amenities are worth the extra cost.

It’s important to note that the benefits of staying in the Ultimate Family Suite suite don’t just stop at the suite’s features and amenities, though.

Guests staying in the Ultimate Family Suite are part of Star Class, the highest tier of Royal Caribbean’s Royal Suite class, which comes with exclusive benefits.

Star Class guests will receive full access to Coastal Kitchen, complimentary specialty restaurants, complimentary Deluxe Beverage Package, complimentary gratuities, complimentary VOOM internet, expedited boarding and departure, reserved seating at entertainment venues, and Suite Lounge and Suite Sun Deck access, among others.

Perhaps the best benefit of staying in Star Class, though, is the Royal Genie. Each Star Class Suite has its own Royal Genie. A Royal Genie acts as a personalized concierge onboard who can take care of special requests, arrange and manage reservations, and plan special events and celebrations.

The exact list of services a Royal Genie can provide vary based on your specific needs. For example, the genie may bring an ice cream bar to your suite for kids, deliver Starbucks to your room at the same time each morning, bring specialty dining to your suite, etc.

Prior to your cruise, you will receive a questionnaire so your Royal Genie can get to know you and your party better before you board the ship.

Is the Ultimate Family Suite more expensive than other staterooms and suites onboard? Yes, but the features, design, and concept of the Ultimate Family Suite is unlike any other cabin offered on a Royal Caribbean cruise ship. Staying in the Ultimate Family Suite is sure to be an unforgettable experience for both kids and adults alike.


A beginner's guide to sailing in Star Class

16 Nov 2021

For those that want the ultimate in luxury, Royal Caribbean offers Star Class. 

When booking a cruise, one of the first decisions to make is what kind of room to sail in.  There are so many options within Star Class you may not know where to begin.

Hopefully these tips will help you make the planning go more smoothly.  

What is Star Class?

What is Star Class? | Royal Caribbean Blog

Star Class is available on Oasis and Quantum class ships.  They are the largest of the suites.  Some of the perks for staying in a Star Class room include:

  • Priority boarding
  • Complimentary VOOM wifi
  • Complimentary specialty restaurants
  • Complimentary deluxe drink packages
  • Access to the suite lounge and Coastal Kitchen for all meals
  • Complimentary laundry services
  • Standard gratuities (additional gratuities, for the Genie for example, are at your discretion)

And the best part, you get the services of the Royal Genie!

Choosing your room

My husband and I are frequent cruisers but had never stayed in Star Class.  We decided it would be perfect for us to try out for our 15th anniversary. 

Choosing a room was probably the hardest part for us.  Upon starting our research, we quickly realized most of the suites were designed for larger parties.  For example, the two bedroom Aqua Theater Suite is a Star Class option, as well as the Ultimate Family Suites. 

We ended up picking the Owner's Panoramic Suite that is only available on Oasis of the Seas and Allure of the Seas.  It has one bedroom which was perfect for two people. 

As a bonus, it also has a hot tub on the balcony, which is something I’ve always wanted to try.

Pre-cruise communication

Photos: Oasis of the Seas arrives home to PortMiami | Royal Caribbean Blog

Approximately six weeks prior to sailing, you will receive your Star Class pre-cruise questionnaire.  The questions are a way to help your Genie get to know you better. 

It asks a lot about your cruising preferences and also has some fun questions. 

One that stuck out to me was, “if you could have dinner with any person living, or in history, which three would you choose?”  Our answers were Princess Diana, Walt Disney and Agatha Christie.  

Royal genie questionnaire - Royal Caribbean Discussion - Royal Caribbean Blog

Again, it’s a way for them to gauge your personality and personal interests. 

A month before sailing, we received our first e-mail from our Royal Genie.  He introduced himself to us and asked more specific questions regarding our cruise such as, were we travelling with anyone in a different cabin, what our preferred restaurants and dining times were and what shows we were interested in. 

As we sent messages back and forth, we were able to come up with a tentative schedule for our sailing.

Embarkation day

Quantum of the Seas Live Blog - Day 1 - Star Class cruise begins | Royal Caribbean Blog

When you arrive at the terminal, you will see an area specifically for Star Class check in.  Make sure you keep all of your luggage with you, and not drop it off with the porters as you normally would. 

Once the agent checks you in, you will receive a ship porter that will whisk away your luggage and deliver it to you room shortly after you board.

After checking in at the terminal, your Royal Genie will meet you to escort you on to the ship.  They will take you straight to your suite and give you a printout of the plan you made together.  Remember, it’s not written in stone so you can change your mind at any time.


We had pre-arranged for lunch from Sabor to be set up in our suite.  Beef empanadas, chicken and steak quesadillas, chips with guacamole and even our favorite specialty margaritas were waiting for us.

We also met up with our loft attendant, which is a fancy name for room steward, that showed us how to use all of the controls in the room and asked if we had any special requests. 

One special request we had was to have the hot tub set up every evening after dinner.  We also advised her of our normal routine so she would know when the best time was to service the room.

The Royal Genie

Everything you need to know about Royal Caribbean's Royal Suite Class | Royal Caribbean Blog

During our research, the biggest mystery for us was the Royal Genie.  We did many searches online asking “what do they do?” 

We never truly felt we received a good answer to that and now I know why.  The Genie’s services are specific to you and your wishes. 

Of course you can expect them to make all of your dining reservations and get you the best seats in the house to every show, but they also surprise you in ways that make you feel special.

I’m not sure how every Genie does it, but for us, we were kept in constant communication with ours via WhatsApp. 

We downloaded it on our phone and could message him any time.  We hardly needed it though, he always seemed to know where we were and would check in with us at breakfast, dinner and even hanging out in the suite lounge, just to see if we were ok and needed anything.

We loved coming in to our room on our anniversary and finding it decorated with cards, balloons, banners, fresh flowers, a cake with our names on it and a beautiful Willow Tree figurine. 

A few days later, Halloween decorations were added to the room. I have no idea how he knew that was my favorite holiday, I guess it’s just part of the Genie magic.

On debarkation day, you will arrange a time to be escorted, with all of your luggage, off of the ship. 

Is Star Class worth it?

Aerial photos of Royal Caribbean's Harmony of the Seas | Royal Caribbean Blog

As with everything, that is based on each individual. 

We were lucky enough to get an amazing deal on our room since we booked it during the pandemic.  In fact, looking at pricing for next year, our room is selling for three times what we paid. 

For a lot of people that cruise in Star Class regularly, it’s more about the personal experience than the cost, especially if you’re sailing in a group.  It’s nice to have someone there to make all of your arrangements. 

We loved the experience and hope to do it again in the future.

What is the difference between suite concierge and a Royal Genie?

29 Mar 2021

If you are lucky enough to book a suite on Royal Caribbean, a variety of perks and amenities are waiting for you, but which will you get exactly?

Royal Caribbean's suite program has changed a bit over the years and if it is your first time staying in a suite, you might be wondering what extras you are entitled to.

At the heart of any suite experience is who will be there to assist, so here is a breakdown of the suite concierge and a Royal Genie.

What is concierge service on Royal Caribbean?

Except for Junior Suites, every suite on every ship is entitled to concierge service onboard.

Think of the concierge as an exclusive service available to suite guests that is an enhanced form of guest services without the lines.

The concierge onboard is located in the Concierge or Suite Lounge, and has regular office hours where you can stop by or call to get a variety of issues taken care of, including assistance with:

  • Billing discrepancies
  • Booking shore excursions
  • Dining reservations
  • Priority disembarkation

In addition, the Suite Lounge/Concierge Club offers hors d’oeuvres and cocktails each evening for suite guests.

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What is a Royal Genie?

Guest that book the most expensive and expansive suites on Oasis or Quantum Class cruise ships are able to take advantage of a more personalized service from their Royal Genie.

The Royal Genie is available to guests booked in Star Class rooms only, and their services are shared between just a few staterooms.

Each Genie can do everything the suite concierge can do, while also visiting with the family in their room, and around the ship.

Read moreWhat is Star Class?

How is the Royal Genie different from suite concierge?

The biggest difference is the Royal Genie can do everything the suite concierge can do, and much more.

Your Genie can set up in-suite parties, arrange for specialty restaurant meals to be delivered to your room, and even be your personal shopper onboard.

Moreover, the Genie spends time every day with your family.  They can walk around with you, instead of being at a desk.  This means you can be escorted into events, and past lines.

Before the cruise, your Royal Genie will email you and introduce him or herself and get to know you a bit better so that they are ready for your needs once you get onboard.

Of course, getting access to a Royal Genie means booking Star Class and that is not cheap at all. It is not unusual for Star Class rooms to cost more than $10,000.

Suite Concierge is available to all categories of full suites, beginning with Grand Suite staterooms. So the cost to get access to the concierge is significantly less.

5 giant suites you can book on a Royal Caribbean cruise ship

27 Aug 2020

Have you ever dreamed of being that person that gets to stay in the biggest and most extravagant room on a cruise ship? Someone is going to do it, so why not you?

Suites on Royal Caribbean cruise ships are a blend of luxury, service, and a lot of extra living space. These rooms are not cheap, but they do offer the best amenities and perks of any stateroom you will find onboard.

Whether you are already living the limousine riding & jet flying lifestyle, or just dreaming about it, here are the biggest cruise ship suites you can rent on Royal Caribbean.

Ultimate Family Suite

Royal Caribbean sought to redefine what a suite experience can be with the Ultimate Family Suite.

Combining deluxe amenities with family fun, the Ultimate Family Suite is a two-story suite that offers just about everything parents, kids, and curious friends could want in a room.

There's an in-suite slide, air hockey table, table tennis, giant balcony and even your own Royal Genie to help make your cruise super simple onboard.

Royal Caribbean sought to create a suite that was unlike anything else, and as soon as you step foot into the UFS, you will get that sense of uniqueness.

The Ultimate Family Suite is available on Symphony of the Seas & Spectrum of the Seas.

Royal Loft Suite

If you are looking for posh accommodations with the most living space you can find, the Royal Loft Suite is right for you.

Available on Oasis and Quantum Class ships, the Royal Loft Suite is the premiere suite option. This multi-story suite can sleep up to six, and features a two-decks-high panoramic window view.

On the main level there is the open living/dining room with dry bar and sofa. Next door is the media room, another bedroom and of course a large private balcony with dining area. There is even a private whirlpool tub on your balcony.

The master bedroom on the second level has a King-size bed with Duxiana mattress and a private bathroom with soaking tub, shower, two sinks and a bidet.

Included with the room is your own Royal Genie, who acts as your personal assistant to take care of restaurant and show reservations, in-room dining requests, and any other needs – from laundry, pressing and shoe shining, to luggage handling and unpacking. 

Two bedroom Aqua Theater Suite

If you want to combine an epic suite with equally impressive views, then the 2 bedroom AquaTheater Suite is the right choice for you.

The AquaTheater suite features a balcony that is almost as large as the suite itself, wrapping around the back of the ship to offer unparalleled views of the ocean, and AquaTheater shows below.

There are two bedrooms inside the suite, along with a spacious living area that features a dining room, marble entry and an entertainment center.

Just like the other Royal Suite Class cabins, this includes the top tier of Royal Caribbean's perks, including a Royal Genie.

Ultimate Panoramic Suite

Royal Caribbean decided to come up with a new kind of suite that lacks a balcony, but still includes some incredible views.

The Ultimate Panoramic Suite is only available on Oasis of the Seas, and includes a a 200-degree view through its floor-to-ceiling windows. Royal Caribbean says this is the same vantage point as the Captain’s view from the bridge.

This new room type also offers a walk-in closet, and upgraded bathroom with panoramic views of its own.

Just like the other suites already mentioned, this is a Star Class suite, which means you get access to the Royal Genie, as well as many other Star Class perks.

Royal Suite

If you are not sailing on an Oasis or Quantum Class ship, there are still lavish suites available throughout the fleet, and the best catch-all option for someone who wants simply the best is the Royal Suite.

These large rooms offer multiple bedrooms, an expansive balcony, and wonderful perks and benefits.

The balcony in a Royal Suite is also very impressive, and the Freedom Class ships include a dining area, wet bar and hot tub.

More suites on a cruise information

Here are a few other really helpful posts about staying in a suite on Royal Caribbean.

How to maximize the value of a cruise ship suite

09 Jul 2020

Booking a suite on a cruise ship means enjoying some of the most lavish and expansive cabins available onboard.

All of that luxury comes at an expensive price, but just because you are paying more does not mean you cannot get a lot of value back from the room.

While suites are definitely a splurge, there are some easy ways to maximize the value you get from staying in a suite on a cruise ship.

Look for an email before your cruise

About a week before your cruise sets sail, the suite concierge should send you an email to welcome you onboard and give you an overview of what to expect once you board the ship.

This email is not only a great way to know your suite concierge's name, hours and where to find him/her, but it also gives a good overview of the amenities available to suite guests onboard.

This email is also your first opportunity to book certain suite-only offerings, such as cabanas or reservations at special events.

In addition, you can email the concierge with any special requests.

Use the suites-only check-in

When you get to the cruise terminal on the first day of your cruise, look for a special check-in area just for suite guests.

Even if you have elevated status in Crown and Anchor Society, the suite entrance has shorter lines and a special waiting area that ensures you will be among the first guests to board the ship.

If you happen to overlook the suites check-in area, one of the cruise terminal employees should redirect you back to the suites line, but save yourself time and keep an eye out for it.

Spend time in the Suite Lounge

The focal point of the suite experience is the Suite Lounge (also known as the Concierge Lounge on some ships).

This special area allows suite guests not only a restricted access space just for suite guests, but it also provides complimentary snacks and hors d'oeuvres throughout the day.

In the evening, there is complimentary alcoholic beverages served, which adds a great deal of value to being in a suite. The exact hours will vary, but it is usually for 3-4 hours per evening, and it is unlimited drinks while in the lounge.

Many suite guests also enjoy the lounge as an opportunity to meet other guests and talk about cruising, their experiences that day, and otherwise chit-chatting. Frequent suite guests look forward to the social aspect of being in the suite lounge and enjoying meeting others.

Take advantage of the concierge

The suite concierge is more than just a glorified guest services option.  The concierge is there to save you time and make your cruise experience easier.

It is a good idea to meet the concierge at some point on the first day of the cruise. Some guests stop by the suite lounge in the afternoon of the first day, and a lot more will visit the lounge on the first evening when the complimentary beverages are available.

The concierge can handle everything the front desk of the ship can do, such as billing issues, re-issuing SeaPass cards and more.  

The true value of the concierge is they are your go-to problem solver. Need to make a dining reservation? Not sure what to do in a port? Having an issue with your stateroom? The concierge knows exactly how to rectify these issues quickly.

In short, get to know the concierge early and do not hesitate to reach out them with questions or concerns.

Enjoy reserved seating at shows

Suite guests are able to take advantage of reserved seating at the major shows during your cruise.

You can speak to the concierge about the exact location, but performances in the Royal Theater, Two70, Studio B and AquaTheater have a special area for suite guests to go and enjoy the show.

These seats are on a first-come, first-taken basis, so be sure to get to the show on time.  In addition, if no suite guests claim the seats by a certain time, they can be opened up to other guests.

You should be aware that while these reserved seats exist, they may not be exactly where you want to sit. It is a good idea to investigate where the seats are, and determine if you are better off finding your own seats elsewhere.

Go to the private beach in Labadee

At Royal Caribbean's private destination, Labadee, there is a special beach area just for suite guests known as Barefoot Beach Club.

This beach is reserved only for suite guests, and provides an exclusive area just for suite guests, complete with a lunch buffet area just for them.

In addition to the complimentary beach for suite guests, there are cabanas available to rent. These cabanas can be reserved via the suite concierge.

If you want a cabana, be sure to act fast as they sell out quickly. Your best bet is to reply to your suite concierge's email before the cruise to reserve one.

Complimentary tours

On most sailings, suite guests will be invited by the concierge to enjoy a complimentary backstage tour.

These tours will vary, but can be tours of the ship's bridge, galley or theater.

Invitations will be sent in a card, so keep an eye out for it.  If you do not see it, there is no harm in politely asking the concierge if there are any tours available for suite guests.

Escorted disembarkation

Perhaps my favorite perk of being in a suite is the escorted disembarkation process, which means no waiting in a line to get off the ship.

On the final morning of your cruise, the suite concierge will have select times where he/she will walk you off the ship and bypass nearly all the lines.

This has the potential to save a lot of time, as lines to disembark the ship can easily back up quite a bit.

Royal Suite Class

If you happen to be in a suite on an Oasis or Quantum Class ship, then the suite benefits get taken to a different level with the Royal Suite Class.

The Royal Suite Class represents the very best suite benefits across the fleet, and if you want to get the most out of your suite experience, you would be best served to try one on an Oasis or Quantum Class ship. Guests staying in the Royal Suite Class are entitled to certain benefits not available on other classes of ships.

Most notably, Sky Class guests get complimentary WiFi for every person in their room (even kids), and Star Class guests have access to a Royal Genie.

The Royal Genie is part concierge, part butler, and part wish maker. If you book a Star Class room, plan nothing in advance and let your Royal Genie take care of all the details. They can hook you up with pretty much everything you would need onboard the ship.

10 Surprising things you didn't know the Royal Caribbean concierge can do for you

20 Apr 2020

Staying in a suite while on a Royal Caribbean cruise is a real treat, and the Concierge staff is always looking to enhance your stay as much as possible.

Cruising in a suite is more than just being in an extra large and opulent room.  It is about being treated like royalty, with enhanced service.

Here is a list of ten things you might not have known that the suite concierge can do for you!

Skip the Guest Services line

The suite concierge is your express line to getting things sorted out, and a faster alternative than Guest Services.

Whether you need a copy of your bill, SeaPass cards reissued, billing discrepancies addressed, or pretty much everything Guest Services can do, the concierge can handle it for you.

Book specialty dining

If you are in the mood for steak, hibachi, or lasagna, you could try calling the restaurants directly, or simply let the concierge handle it for you.

The concierge can not only save you a step, but they can often take care of things quicker. Moreover, I have witnessed on multiple occasions the concierge "sweet talking" a restaurant manager into squeezing in one more reservation.

Of course, the concierge can also take care of your My Time Dining reservations.

Reserve a cabana

If your Royal Caribbean cruise visits Labadee, the concierge is your primary means of reserving a cabana.

About a week before your cruise, the concierge will email you a welcome letter with a list of services and expectations. Among them is the opportunity to book a cabana at Barefoot Beach, the exclusive beach area for suite guests in Labadee.

My advice is to email back a cabana request as soon as possible. Cabanas are limited, and they sell out quickly.

Escort you off the ship in any port

Lines? Yea right!

The concierge is there to escort you off the ship at any port you visit. This helps reduce the wait time during busy disembarkation, and is extremely helpful in ports where you tender.

Pre-book specialty restaurants if you have a dining package

I mentioned earlier that the suite concierge can reserve specialty dining, but one of my favorite "hacks" is to have the concierge reserve specialty dining if you have purchased a dining package.

Ordinarily, the dining package requires you to wait to make reservations once you get onboard the ship.  If you are in a suite, you can email the concierge after they contact you and start placing reservations early.

Not only is this a step-up, but it will save you time once you get onboard from having to deal with making reservations.

Make show reservations

The first class entertainment on Royal Caribbean is always a must-see for my family, and the concierge can hook you up with seating to ensure you can see it all.

Depending on the ship, there is usually reserved seating for suite guests in the theater, so speak to the concierge about getting in on specific show times.

Genie service

It is hard to talk about suite service without mentioning the ultimate suite concierge service: The Royal Genies.

Available to the top suites on Oasis and Quantum Class ships, Royal Genies are a blend of suite concierge, butler service, and fairy dust.

I could write an entire article just about what the Royal Genies can provide, but if you happen to book one of the suites that has access to them, you should know there is little they cannot deliver.

Genies can arrange to have specialty restaurant food delivered to your stateroom, set up a private party on your suite balcony, and even take you on shopping tours onboard.

Escort you off the ship on the last day

Perhaps my favorite service the concierge can provide is a quick exit off the ship once the cruise is over.

I am never in any hurry for my vacation to end, but waiting in lines to disembark is the pits.  Suite guests have the opportunity to be escorted off the ship and bypass much, if not all, of the line. 

For families, I love this option because kids are anything but patient when it comes to lines, and since we all wake up early on that last morning, this service is incredibly helpful.

Allow you to check-in for flights home & print documents

If you do not have a Royal Caribbean Voom internet package, the concierge can assist in checking in for flights home, as well as print important documents.

This is a helpful service, especially if you have a third-party shore excursion and need to print tickets, or if you want to have a paper boarding pass for your flight home.

Offer behind-the-scenes tours

On select sailings, the suite concierge will offer suite guests a complimentary behind-the-scenes tour.

Usually, guests have the choice of a tour of the bridge, galley, or theater.  

Not only are these tours informational and fun, they are complimentary!

Video: Is a suite on Royal Caribbean worth it?

17 Mar 2020

Perhaps no stateroom category is as enticing to book as a suite, but is all that space and service worth the bigger price tag?

Suites are all about splurging, and I have a look at what you get in a suite, and what to consider if this sounds like a great option for your family.

And if you love this video, there’s plenty more for you to enjoy over on our Royal Caribbean Blog YouTube Channel!

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So check out the video and then let us know: Do you think a suite is worth the extra cost?

First look at the Ultimate Panoramic Suite on Oasis of the Seas

30 Oct 2019

Debuting on Oasis of the Seas, Royal Caribbean is giving us a look at a brand new type of suite stateroom -- the Ultimate Panoramic Suite.

One of the changes coming to Oasis of the Seas as part of her Royal Amplification is the addition of the Ultimate Panoramic Suite, which offers 914 square feet of space and sweeping 200 degree views from wall to wall and floor to ceiling glass windows.

This new room type also offers a walk-in closet, and upgraded bathroom with panoramic views of its own.

The Ultimate Panoramic Suite can accommodate up to 4 guests.  They will be on either side of the ship on deck 14 forward. The room numbers are 14128 and 14528.

Since this room is a Star Class suite in the Royal Suite Class, guests can expect a number of benefits including:

  • Royal Genie
  • Exclusive Complimentary Dining
  • Complimentary Ultimate Beverage Package
  • All Day Access to Suites-Only Coastal Kitchen
  • Still and Sparkling Water Replenished Daily
  • Complimentary Coca-Cola Beverages and Water
  • Nespresso Coffee Maker
  • Access to Exclusive Activities such as the Bridge, Galley and Back Stage Tours
  • Spa Bathrobes for Use Onboard
  • Complimentary In-Suite Movies
  • Luxury Bathroom Amenities by L’Occitane
  • Duxiana Mattress and Frette Linens

Spotted: Fast Track priority boarding

31 Jul 2019

Guests sailing on Symphony of the Seas this week noticed a new option to allow select guests faster boarding back onboard their Royal Caribbean ship.

Known as Fast Track, the program is available in the ports of call the ship visits and allows for expedited boarding for guests who are in any of these groups:

  • Star and Sky Class Guests
  • Pinnacle Members in Crown and Anchor Society
  • The Key guests
  • Assistance Needs
  • Families with infant strollers

RoyalCaribbeanBlog reader Lovetocruise2002 spotted this on the current Symphony of the Seas sailing.

Fast Track was advertised in the Concierge Lounge on Symphony of the Seas, as well as on the front page of the Cruise Compass.

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