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Royal Caribbean has an ultra-luxury suite that can cost over $80,000 per week — here's what it looks like

16 Jan 2024
Matt Hochberg

Everything is bigger on Royal Caribbean's newest cruise ship, including a three-story suite that is bigger than many apartments.

Inside the Ultimate Family Townhouse

On Royal Caribbean's Icon of the Seas, the Ultimate Family Townhouse is the cruise line's most expensive and largest suite it has ever created. The ship has many new features that appeal directly to families, but this one cabin is aimed directly at a family willing to open their wallet for the very best room out there.

The 1,772-square-foot suite can cost over $80,000 on a seven-night cruise and it is already sold out for all of 2024.

Ultimate Family Townhouse

With the new cruise ship ready to set sail with passengers, we have our first look inside the centerpiece elevated cabin.

Slide in Ultimate Family Townhouse

Up to eight people can sleep in the Ultimate Family Townhouse.

The Ultimate Family Townhouse has an in-suite slide, movie-viewing room, karaoke machine and a "backyard" with a ping pong table, outdoor seating and a white picket fence leading directly to the Surfside area.

Ultimate Family Townhouse sign

It spans three decks and includes one of the most jaw-dropping balcony views on the entire ship.

Around the suite

Ultimate Family Townhouse

The Ultimate Family Townhouse is a follow-up to the The Ultimate Family Suites introduced on other Royal Caribbean ships. Those rooms were "only" two levels, so Royal Caribbean wanted to make it even bigger on Icon.

Located across decks 7, 8, and 9 of Icon of the Seas, the entrance is on deck 8.

Ultimate Family Townhouse

The townhouse has two balconies and a backyard.  The master bedroom balcony measures 90 feet, the primary balcony measures 410 square feet, and the backyard offers an additional 251 square feet of space.

Ultimate Family Townhouse stairs

Given the name, this suite is meant to evoke the most family-friendly cabin ever. It's colorful, has lots for children to enjoy, and offers more space for kids (and their parents) to spread out than ever before.

Ultimate Family Townhouse game table

The living area includes a spacious living room and a dining room, which has an interactive gaming table. 

Ultimate Family Townhouse cinema room
Ultimate Family Townhouse cinema room
Popcorn and coffee machine

There's a movie room that has a widescreen television, along with a popcorn machine and karaoke machine.

Ultimate Family Townhouse

You can also slide into the monster-themed daybed in the cinema room.

Ultimate Family Townhouse master bedroom
Ultimate Family Townhouse master bedroom
Ultimate Family Townhouse master bathroom

The master bedroom has a king-size bed and its own master bathroom with twin vanity and double shower.

Ultimate Family Townhouse kids bedroom
Captain America sheets
Disney princesses sheets
Ultimate Family Townhouse kids room
Ultimate Family Townhouse kids bathroom
Ultimate Family Townhouse kids bathroom sink
Ultimate Family Townhouse kids shower

The kids room has bunk beds and its own TV and games, and its own bathroom.

Ultimate Family Townhouse

One neat idea is there's a special entrance to the Surfside neighborhood from your suite. There's even a mailbox that you can use to pick up notes.

Ultimate Family Townhouse perks

The Ultimate Family Townhouse is a Star Class suite, which means it enjoys the very best benefits Royal Caribbean has to offer, including a Royal Genie, free drink package, free WiFi and more.

While the suite has lots of features to admire, the Royal Genie service is not to be overlooked. It provides a mix of butler and "magic maker" to guests staying in the room, and it makes a big difference onboard your ship.

Your Genie gives you VIP treatment every step of the way.  There isn't a set list of Royal Genie benefits, but they will make any dining or entertainment reservations you need and you won't need to wait in line for any of them either.


The Genie can get you to the front of line of pretty much anything on the ship.  They will get you reserved seating in shows, have the ability to have specialty restaurant food delivered to your cabin, enjoy unlimited Starbucks beverages, and even organize a party in your suite.

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Other benefits of staying in the Ultimate Family Townhouse are gratuities included with the price, priority embarkation and disembarkation, and access to the Suite neighborhood.

How much does the Ultimate Family Townhouse cost?

Stuffed animals

It should come as no surprise that the Ultimate Family Townhouse is expensive. Very expensive.

The price of any cruise ship cabin varies from sailing to sailing, but the cruise line said the average price for the Ultimate Family Townhouse was around $78,000 - $80,000 per week.

Despite the massive price tag, demand has not been soft for this room. All of the 2024 sailings are sold out, according to Royal Caribbean International President and CEO Michael Bayley.

Bottom line

Icon of the Seas sailing at dusk

Is the Ultimate Family Townhouse worth it? Most people will scoff at the price tag because it is the very epitome of an over-the-top splurge.

However, there are families out there that want an epic family vacation. They do well for themselves and want to enjoy the fruit of their labors with an all-out cruise that they won't ever forget, and that's the purpose of a suite like this.

In general, suites are rarely a value, and the people that stay in them usually prioritize the extra space, enhanced service, and added benefits they provide.

With the Ultimate Family Townhouse, it's all about staying in an incredible room despite the price tag. 

Matt started Royal Caribbean Blog in 2010 as a place to share his passion for all things Royal Caribbean with readers. He oversees all the writers at Royal Caribbean Blog, and writes a great deal of content on a daily basis.  He has become one of the foremost expert on a Royal Caribbean cruise.

Over the years, he has reached Pinnacle Club status with Royal Caribbean's customer loyalty program.

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