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LIVE from Oasis of the Seas 9/16-9/23

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I am still new to this board but have read and learned so much over the past few months. Thank you all.

Right now I am laying in bed on the 2nd day of an Eastern Caribbean itinerary. I have sailed Voyager and Freedom class before and was excited but worried about the size of this class. My verdict is in, Oasis class gets two thumbs up. Here are my observations from the first two days:

- it's all about the width. The extra space creates venues that are not just larger but not pass throughs to other parts of the ship. Boleros and the Schooner bar are two examples much more self contained and pleasing. 

- Where are those crowds? The ship seems less crowded than the other two classes I have sailed. Using advice from you all, embarkation lunch at the solarium, Park Cafe for snacks, first night at a specialty restaurant and even  using the Coke machine in the arcade all were great suggestions!

- Entertainment... I liked Cats. The talent was top notch. Oasis of Dreams was terrific unique. Spent an enjoyable hour in the Schooner bar listening to the piano player. 

- Having the solarium in front of the forward elevators makes the whole area more peaceful. Again less through traffic compared to other classes.

- Had a couples massage right at sail away from Port Canaveral. Got to say it was a great way to leave the stress at the Port.

The one thing I can confirm crowding were the pools for a few hours.  They seemed more like hot tubs with so many people in them.

Tomorrow is the first sea day so I am looking forward to exploring more and trying out some other RCBlog tips. Feel free to share more! 😀 

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My wife and just completed a breakfast stroll through this ship to sample many of the possibilities. Here we go...

First stop at 7:30 was the Solarium Bistro. Wonderfully quiet and sat outside while having the basic buffet spread. Two thumbs up for the vibe and the view. A thumbs down for the coffee from the coffee drinker who said it was way to dark. 

Next up was the Park Cafe that was not crowded and very peaceful. The coffee was much better and noted the bagels and 3 types if cream cheese for tomorrow. We did grab a muffin and sat outside in the park watching people, workers tending to the plants and even a real bird who must have hicrhed a ride from Port. 

Now to Boardwalk at 8:30 and that must have been Johnny Rockets opening as there was a line of 20. I assume they would be seated fast and we may try it another day for the made to order food. 

Lastly was the Windjammer and there were still seats open but much louder and busier than the three other places combined. 

Now the hard choice, were to find the right setting to lay out. So many choices! I love this ship!!


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46 days.....


I enjoyed Oasis so much in Jan that I had to book another.  Last time we were in the aft section of the ship, 

but I loved the Solarium so I booked much closer to the bow so it would be a quicker walk.  Also, it may 

make it easier for dinner to elevate from up front and walk to the MDR.


I hope you have a wonderful time and I will be glued to this blog!


Agree with mbk - great to see my man rjac posting!   Praying for you and all of your ENC peeps.

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9 hours ago, Irieman said:

So many choices! I love this ship!!

That sums up OA class right there!  Glad to hear that you are having a great time.  Breakfast stroll makes me smile...brings me back to the good old early days of cruising when the metabolism was a bit quicker. 😄

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....and now the highlights from yesterday!!

After our breakfast stroll we made our way to the beach pool to relax. This is our first summer cruise and was glad for partly cloudy skies cause that sun was hot! After a couple hours of time we moved to the shade of the solarium and again was again impressed with the layout of the area on this class of ship.

We average one drink a day so we pay per drink and had a wonderful surprise. We decide to split a pina colada and our bartender asked if we wanted two straws. As we waited I gave my sweetie a kiss or two and bam, two drinks appeared. It was a nice gesture that will be remembered for years. 

Lunch was at the Park Cafe and featured the made to order salad.  Having the tongs not touched by thousands is a big plus.

Later in the afternoon I hit the track which I can confirm is the best I have seen at sea.  Being dedicated space on deck five makes its usable all day long and at 2.4 laps per mile limits the gerbil wheel feel of going around and around.

A typical solid dining room dinner was followed by a set at the piano bar, the headliner show and then some funk by the ship orchestra at dazzles. The headliner was Savannah Jack and kept the almost full Opal hopping for about an hour. I was a tad disappointed in the funk set at dazzles cause a lead singer was missed. 

All in all relaxing sea day with good food and still overwhelmed with so many entertainment options at night. 

My mission today is to have a blast taking the "5 star tour" and pricing out the vodka and soda! 





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Was curious and looked up your itinerary:

16.9.2018 Port Canaveral, Florida 06:00-16:30
17.9.2018 Nassau 08:00-15:00
18.9.2018 Cruising n/a
19.9.2018 St Thomas, US Virgin Islands 10:30-19:00
20.9.2018 Philipsburg 08:00-17:00
21.9.2018 Cruising n/a
22.9.2018 Cruising n/a
23.9.2018 Port Canaveral, Florida 06:00-16:30

Seems like the perfect blend of port and sea days, I hope you and your SO have a fantastic time in St. Thomas today!

(Btw, have you dined at Johnny Rockets for breakfast yet?)


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Hello all, will post a review of the day in just a bit but wanted to answer some questions that have been posted...

1. There is live Central Park music! I haven't gone back through but so far I remember Jazz on the park on the second night and tonight was string melodies with delite duo.

2. The vodka and soda water price was $9.38 checked at a bar POS.  Not sure if that included the 18 percent gratuity but the wierd number suggests that.

3. For those about to go on Oasis, the ship will not disappoint!  

Recap to follow. 



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Another happy Oasis day in the books! Here is my happiness list worth noting...

A nicely timed stop at St Thomas from 10:30 to 6:30 allowed for a relaxed morning while watching the arrival and late enough to have significant time in port. Nassau was a 2:30 all aboard that just felt like we left to early. 

Breakfast was at the Park Cafe and we took some snacks for our day ahead. Then up to see the ship sail into the harbor. We walked around a bit and then started our "five star" tour if the island. Honestly some of the tour was lacking but the full two hours at Megan beach was worth all five stars.

The shopping on the Main Street was nothing to write about so I looked to see what was around.  We saw that the second oldest synagogue in the western hemisphere was a 5 minute walk so we header there. The suprise was we were just in time for Yom Kippur services and were welcomed in. The building itself is amazing with white sand floors. 

Back on the ship and to the main dinning room with our usual table. I wasn't sure what to have for dessert so I said surprise me.  Well, when dessert rolled around I had a large mashup of I ice cream and cookies. A fun surprise. 

We were tired so we didn't do much of the normal entertainment. Sometimes it's the unusual that is most enjoyable. We went down to the track took a seat the back of the ship where there are about a dozen wooden recliners. From there we watched St Thomas vanish in the night ski with the sound of the water churning by the props. While we were there the water show began and we were able to see the behind the scenes hustle and bustle stage crew and performers moving from stage left and right. 

Some quick thoughts- elevator banks can get busy but it's mostly the set at the back - I have seen more organized kids events which have made me smile such as the pirate parade and games on the board walk. - The captains update on channel 14 is a first for me on my 4 cruises and very much appreciated. Way more useful than the public address announcements during the day. 

Another port tomorrow with more beach time. Love the carribean sand and water!!






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Yes, Jeffrey is the cruise director. I know people have different preferences in cruise directors but I like him. Two years ago on Liberty we were soaking up the sun and lost track of time. We were literally the last ones off and there was Jeffrey greeting us in the terminal. He said no worries and that is truly the way to finish off every second the cruise. 😀

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8 minutes ago, Irieman said:

Yes, Jeffrey is the cruise director. I know people have different preferences in cruise directors but I like him. Two years ago on Liberty we were soaking up the sun and lost track of time. We were literally the last ones off and there was Jeffrey greeting us in the terminal. He said no worries and that is truly the way to finish off eveey second the cruise. 😀

That's awesome! He was our cruise director on both Navigator and Liberty and we really liked him too. He's a really good host at all of the shows, especially the Love and Marriage game show, the Quest, and the morning show. Watching the morning show as we wake up and get ready for the day is one of our favorite cruise past times. Can't beat that feeling of excitement and anticipation for the day to come! Glad to hear he's still out there because I know he had retired at one point and came back.

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