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Anthem of the Seas - March 9-17, 2018

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Pre-cruise report: Sailing:  March 9-17, 2018, Anthem of the Seas, 8 Night Bahamas cruise   Sailing with:   Hubby and daughters, ages 11 and 9, who I will refer to as D1 and D2 from this

Back from rock climbing. Hubby and kids got there at 1:30pm for a 2:00pm start. They were first in line. By 2pm when I got there the line was very long. I did not get a pic in the frenzy but the line

Don't forget about that time on the helipad...

Posted Images

13 hours ago, Sabrinaklai said:

This is partially why we have never been interested in an Alaskan cruise. Sail away in jackets and gloves seems wrong. We are a flip flops, tanks and shorts kind of a family.

My thoughts exactly, who want to walk around in jeans and coats on a cruise ship, but when I read @DocLC Norway cruise comments I think I might like to cruise there, but not Alaska, I know weird.

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37 minutes ago, tiny260 said:

My thoughts exactly, who want to walk around in jeans and coats on a cruise ship, but when I read @DocLC Norway cruise comments I think I might like to cruise there, but not Alaska, I know weird.

And I don't tend to repeat itineraries as I want new experiences. Even so, we're spending two weeks in Norway by cruise this summer going as far north as the Arctic Circle/North Cape. We've also repeated Alaska for what that's worth. However, it is definitely a different style of cruising when you're traveling with winter gear. 

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Quick update before muster drill...

Arrived at 10:20am. On board by 10:30am. Fastest check in ever! Ate, walked around, it's cold, sanitized 😉 and totally unpacked. Off to muster drill. The alarm is going. Will follow up after sailaway. 

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Lyft Plus to Cape Liberty - $36

The sight of this never grows old. Love pulling up to the ship!


Zero wait time at the terminal. Arrived at 10:20am, proceeded through security, checked in at suites area. Did not even have time to look around or take a pic. I don't even know what the suites waiting area looks like lol.  Right after we checked in, we were directed to the suites entrance. And made our way board.

After wandering for a bit while we waited for WJ to open we made our way there around 10:50am to find that they were already open for lunch. And it was pretty full already. We manage to get a nice table by the window to view the NY skyline.  I also found this for @Sweety:


Word of advice...not sure if it was just for this sailing or the norm but by the time we finished lunch at 12pm the line into the WJ looked like this:


They were actually holding people back from entering. The line was at least 50-60 people deep. I have never seen this happen before on any ship!  So eat early or elsewhere if possible.

Drink package prices on board:


It's 4pm. Sailaway was scheduled for 3pm. We are just moving away now. Good bye NJ! Hopefully onwards to some warmer weather!



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24 minutes ago, JLMoran said:

Have a great trip! Hopefully you found a spot in the Solarium to enjoy sailaway in your tanks, shorts, and flip flops!

We watched from our balcony and then up on deck 15 to watch her go under the Verrazano bridge. It was freezing!

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Sorry for the late post tonight. It has been one busy night! Went to Coastal Kitchen for dinner tonight. I already knew what I was going to order before I got there. The menu is the same as CK on Harmony in August. CK did not fail to disappoint, everything was delicious. Service was wonderful. Hubby and I do agree that the views and atmosphere of CK on Oasis class ships is much more preferable than Anthem. The lack of the high ceilings and two storey windows makes CK on Anthem more like another specialty restaurant. 

Night 1 Menu:




Food pics:

Pork Belly: A+ Love this 😍


Tomato Soup: B- Rich flavour, but I thought it tasted like warm BBQ sauce. Also a bit salty for my liking. 


French Onion Soup: B Hubby always gets this but he says it is salty.


Bread basket:


Grilled Chicken Breast: D1 gives it a "B" but this might be unreliable. She says it tastes like a Chinese restaurant but she did like it.


Filet Mignon: A for Awesome!


Branzino: B Just ok. Slightly dry.


Kids Burger: No rating here. D2 is very picky. It looked good and fresh to me 😊




Creme Brûlée & Cheesecake: A Yum!


Apple pie: A+ Delicious 


After dinner we headed to the Welcome Aboard show. Clo O'Connor is our CD. I like her. She is full of energy. Quite funny. This is her first sailing on Anthem after taking over for Dennis Charles today. Checking out now. Pretty tired. Will post cabin photos tomorrow 😊 


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Day 2 - At Sea

Good morning all! Happy Saturday! Last night everyone slept quite well. No real motion. Woke up to grey skies but relatively calm seas...



Air temp is 37 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Off to the WJ for breakfast! Love not having to find/cook food for my kids! 


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