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On 2/22/2018 at 10:40 AM, monctonguy said:

Just get their earlier...then you avoid that kinda mess! Doesn't matter what your CA status is!


I have never been in a place like that in 11 cruises so far with Royal....10am arrival makes a big difference I guess!


But I would do anything to be on that ship now and in Nassau...

We pulled in to Cape Liberty at 9:35am and it was a zoo. People still waiting for rides after disembarking and a long line dropping off luggage and parking. I guess the secret is out. Check in and security were a breeze though thanks to online checkin.

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aand yes it does get better as you advance up the C+A ladder last month in port everglades on the indy my party was gold and the line was huge and time consuming I was platinum there was just 2 people ahead of me I fell asleep waiting over 1 hour for them to finish signing in I am emerald on this cruise on the brilliance oct 1 I should be diamond in January 2019 cant wait I just love the robes they let you use onboard so warm and plush I will take pics the next cruise of the different lines CRUISE ON FRIENDS 

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