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Another Genie Gratuity Question…..

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2 hours ago, Allancy said:

Are there still signs in airports. No tipping. The only way to hail a taxi is to show $bills before they would stop. Mind you I am going back a few years.

I personally have never seen a no tipping sign here. Tipping itself is getting slightly more common with ride hailing and food delivery apps becoming the norm. Whenever its raining (which is quite often) we tend to tip them just for the slight inconvenience it causes them, but of course it's not expected. And yeah, with ride hailing apps, flagging a taxi down is now a thing of the past lol

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On 8/26/2021 at 10:54 AM, Lovetocruise2002 said:


I'm with @WAAAYTOOO on this one.  Highly doubt a Genie would kick someone out of an excursion that they previously booked, and I would feel awful if they did that.  Anyway, there have been a few stories (not often) from other SC cruisers that Genies have been able to secure them spot on sold out excursions.  Genie magic?  Do they hold back some spots for Star?  Who knows, but I have heard a few stories of this happening.

Not a cruising situation but last month at a huge casino I attempted to pay for 2 rooms for myself and some friends that flew in from out of town.  I was straight up told that they had rooms but I couldn't have one.   Another one of my friends that has gambled ALOT of money there was comped 2 suites.......He with the checkbook usually gets their way, my checkbook wasn't big enough.  ?  

Point is its common for rooms or spots to be held back for people that spend more money.  Wouldn't surprise me at all if RCCL did the exact same thing. 

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