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  1. You're right re speculation and I am sitting on the fence and may just do what you suggest. I haven't checked the history to see if it has ever been extended since being introduced.
  2. Not sure if this has been raised before. Will this be extended beyond Oct 31 ?
  3. Oops pressed wrong key. Masks were required in some outside areas but most walked around without one.
  4. I have only been on Jewel. On my first in July were was no seating at bars except at the casino for some reason. Even the concierge lounge had no seating at the bar and some other seating areas too. However, on my second this month, seating at all bars were allowed and all the seating in the concierge lounge. The mask policy was a little confusing. No masks while seated except for the pool bar ! One customer was reminded about this while sitting there. Others were standing ordering drinks to take away with masks on. The outside areas were ma
  5. On last day of our cruise. No sign of any fires or smoke.
  6. After months of emails about the lack of Tia Maria & Martini Bianco I received a phone call our cabin when we had just boarded to let me me know they had the items on board. I really was surprised as I had no response to the emails. We are still on the cruise enjoying everything, despite the passenger count being more than treble our July trip. Royal have also made sure the drink items are available in the lounge, MDR & specialty restaurants. I am soooohappy !!!
  7. Sorry, my remarks were what used to happen.
  8. GS's under the solarium area are better than the main pool area on Jewel.
  9. It depends on the sail voyage. Drink packages from the USA exclude grat. and added when ordering drinks. From Europe packages incl grat. This often accounts for the difference in the package price between sailings
  10. For me, a first time RC cruiser, I loved our suite on Jewel, one of the smaller ones. The balcony was impressive, could lie on two loungers side by side, with my wife The concierge lounge was one of the most sociable areas in these Covid times. Free drinks/snacks early in the evening. Other lounges a bit too big. Seating at bars were not allowed except for the casino for some reason. If your big breakfast fans there was a special area in Chopps. Light fare in the lounge. Well worth it to us hence another booking in a month.
  11. Class ? Royal seemed to have latched on to the class system of other countries. Inside, ocean,balconies, suites, star class etc with various benefits. Covid has added to this as well
  12. You will have access. They had to limit access because of Covid restrictions. to exclude others previously entitled. Even in the concierge lounge there is no bar seating and some other areas cordoned off. Not much seating even for suite guests
  13. Not sure such emails are sent on all ships. When we traveled on Jewel in July , GS cabin, we didn’t receive anything from the concierge before boarding. Booked again Oct 2.
  14. I believe they have all been extinguished. Fire crews from Cyprus (to assist Greece) have returned. Feel sure air quality will be back to normal in October as well as being a little cooler. When are you sailing ? We are going Oct 2 and happy to update on our return.
  15. We were on a 1.30 slot but arrived earlier and were onboard by then. Rooms available at 2pm and luggage a little later.
  16. The increase may have included an internet device. You can cancel if the price drops before sailing and rebook.
  17. Are there still signs in airports. No tipping. The only way to hail a taxi is to show $bills before they would stop. Mind you I am going back a few years.
  18. My apologies for hi jacking the Genie thread and thank you for responding to my query.
  19. I have always had a problem about tipping. In Singapore your are fined for tipping, particularly for taxis, whereas in New Zealand they are insulted being offered a tip. That was the case a few years back. Where I currently live small change is left in restaurants but in the States 20% is normal. With cruising I have been on all inclusive fares, (food, drinks, service), tipping not required unless someone goes well out of their way. Royal has tipping which I always pay in advance but the envelopes left at the end makes me feel uncomfortable. In GS $17.50 pp daily has been applied already. For normal service do you guys still put something in the envelope ? I have only been on one Royal cruise (envelope empty) the second will be in October. I don’t want to be mean.
  20. Not wishing to add to your problem. Is it possible to cancel by calling Royal & then book again online using fcc etc ?
  21. Nov 3 is a ways off. Be positive something may happen before boarding.
  22. I am no expert but I had similar issues between using phone, iPad etc. Initially I had to log out first before I could access on another device. Also try to access your account from the main Royal menu eg manage my cruise rather than the app. You may have to create another account with your or any partner name and reservation number (the same number used for all names in the booking)
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