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Anthem of the Seas Protocols announced for summer sailings from UK


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IMHO the worst thing is when ppl need to do a rapid test at the terminal. Have a lot of friends who were tested positive with rapidtest then negative later with PCRtest. In Denmark they talk about 40% of positive with rapid tests are false positive but once at the terminal there are no time to do a PCRtest if rapidtest is positive. Imagine to have your whole family denied boarding and then discover it was a false positive later ?

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1 hour ago, Matt said:

Those protocols are ONLY for Bahamas sailings. Royal Caribbean hasn't released protocols for cruises from US.

Yes true, however, considering the CDC has already said vaccinated people don’t have to wear masks at all inside or out anymore, I can’t see why RCL would make the mask rules for cruises leaving from the US any stricter than for cruises leaving from the Bahamas.

I could be totally wrong, but I think it would be crazy for RCL to make the mask protocol any different/stricter for vaccinated passengers leaving from the US as compared to the Bahamas.  Especially when they know it will make a lot of vaccinated American passengers furious to have to wear a mask inside all the time like on the UK cruises.


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