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booking a new cruise...... TA or not..

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I personally made the switch to using a travel agent prior to the pandemic and glad I did. In these times I'd suggest going back to a travel agent, too much change, too much uncertainty. I personally was assigned Kathy at MEI randomly via the affiliate link here and she's been great. I'm sure plenty will chime in with their favorite agent but the affiliate link worked fine for me and I liked not having to randomly email someone.

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8 minutes ago, Fairlynew said:

My MEI agent, Sharla, has been invaluable in helping to navigate all of the uncertainties in Covid.  Using her, or any travel agent, costs you nothing, but gives you enormous assistance.

But to be *that guy* you can get a bad travel agent, so do your homework first (clearly the MEI reputation via this site is quite high)

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I will give a shout out to MEI and know that you will be happy, they seem to have a good reputation.  Without mentioning my particular agent since you already have one, I will say I am more than please with her and the service she provides. 

I used to book myself regularly, but now I use her for all my cruises.  I will sometimes see a cruise and a cabin, I like and since some disappear pretty fast because I can be particular, Ii will book on line and then when the invoice comes I will send it to her to do the transfer, this just works for me.

Special shout out to MEI for sponsoring this blog, as it allows me to mention my agent, who I am ecstatic with in posts, unlike other forums.

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On 6/3/2021 at 9:07 AM, Matt said:

Easiest thing you can do is just fill out the yellow form on RoyalCaribbeanBlog.com and they can assign a new agent to you

Sometimes I feel like this should be a pinned post ?


I just made the switch to MEI after our latest cancellation and our (now) previous agency has dropped the ball.  Once we get this new cruise through the paperwork.  I still have one other cruise later in the year with the previous agency, that i may pull back from them and manage myself.  

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