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Grandeur Home Ported in Barbados

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16 hours ago, WAAAYTOOO said:

Here is another post from @ourusualbeach from CC regarding hotels and air routes that will be coordinated with Royal


Think there's also a number of flights between PR and Barbados.  If it becomes difficult to find the direct, fly to PR for an overnight stay and and take jump flight to Barbados the next morning. (Works for a number of islands)

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YIPPEE !!!  We are booked.  Feb 20 14 nights.  2 BR Grand Suite on the aft.  While we were booking our room the other 2 BR GS got snatched up, too.  They are going fast.  Super great price, IMO.  They

@coneyraven 14 days is a problem.  However, I am ready to quit my job to sail on Lady G again (especially with that itinerary).  The Centrum is one our favourite places at sea to go dancing.  (We have

I saw those itins with no sea days.  There is no way I would book a cruise with no sea days.  That would wear my a$$ out !  I have to have some "down" time between port calls. I am booking the 14

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I am debating doing a lift and shift of my May 16th 6-nighter on Independence to this Dec sailing on Grandeur.  

I have no faith the May cruises will go at this point but can't decide if I should wait for them to whack it, or just go ahead and move it now.

this Grandeur sailing is cheaper and its 7 nights, so I'd bag 28 cruise points as a solo traveler.  although probably need a hotel going down there and more expensive airfare too.  some neat destinations though and I've never sailed on Grandeur, either!

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Sadly, we will not be able to partake. A shame because I really do want to return to Dominica. We were scheduled to go with Serenade in 2018, but unfortunately hits from 3 hurricanes in succession shut that idea down.

In 1978, I was the guy on TV hauling down the Union Flag after Princess Margaret read the order of independence. So we deliberately booked a return on the year of the 40th anniversary


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