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anti-cruise group is flooding CDC to extend no-sail order

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Mrs @Papamillz2 just replied to the CDC in favor of lifting the no sail order. Hopefully they’ll read all the comments and realize what they are taking away from us cruising enthusiasts. People like to do different things for vacations. Ours is cruising. Can’t wait to be back out on the open waters.

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4 hours ago, gatorskin76 said:

I hope some others used logic that was more general and less specific.

The cruise leaves in less than 50 days, and they haven't announced a single health or safety protocol outside of the muster drill. Maybe give people more than a blink of an eye to decide whether or not they feel their family will be safe during the first ever cruise during a pandemic in the US? Will the boat be locked down if there is an outbreak? Will there be day of testing and masks? These questions need to be answered ASAP, but nothing but crickets from RCL. 

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MSN mentions RCB...

They could have at least given @Matt proper credit. 

“He did not mention the group by name, but Royal Caribbean’s blog found one such post by a member of the group ‘Stand.Earth.’ “


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