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  1. You may also try logging out of your app and then logging back in. Worked for me when I had that same problem.
  2. It seems like we’ve been to “hell” for the past two years!
  3. Welcome! Go ahead and splurge! You only have one birthday a year…make the most of it! Besides, you’re on a cruise!
  4. We were really looking forward to stopping in Bonaire as it has been quite a few years since our last time there. Replaced with Grand Cayman so, no problem. We’ll find something to do. Hey, we’re still on a cruise!
  5. We were lowly Gold with 21 points from three 7-night cruises in a balcony cabin. With the Covid cancellations and opting for FCC’s, we took one cruise in December and have a B2B in May. All upgrading to Junior Suites (thank you FCC’s) and the extra points. This will make us Diamond. Pretty nice jump from Gold to Diamond in a short amount of time. I look at it as maximizing points…not chasing points!
  6. Does anyone have a recommendation for a beach day in Aruba? Maybe a resort day pass? We’ve been to Aruba twice and have toured the island, so just looking for a chill day.
  7. With check in starting a few days ago, now the excitement builds even more! We haven’t ever been on a B2B so it will be a learning experience for us on turnaround day. Looking forward to two weeks of total relaxation.
  8. Fourth vote for @Sharla She helped me save a good amount of $$$ today on my upcoming cruise.
  9. Watching Matt’s videos of the first sailing on Adventure has really got us sooo excited for this cruise. Booked flights a few days ago. Don’t want to wish my life away, but can not wait for December!
  10. The May 14-22 Southern Caribbean to the ABC islands. I believe you started a roll call for it. Correct? Are you on this one, too?
  11. We’re on this cruise as well. Second leg of our first ever B2B.
  12. Guess I’m one of the lucky ones. Got my Moderna #2 eleven days ago and didn’t have any problems at all. Same after #1. My wife on the other hand had aches, pain and fatigue after #2. She stayed in bed the whole day after.
  13. I can vouch for @Sharla with MEI. Since our first Covid canceled cruise in May ‘20, I was not happy with our travel agent at the time in the way it was handled. After getting our FCC’s, I switched agencies after reading so many good recommendations about MEI here on the blog. Sharla has gone above and beyond booking numerous cruises and subsequent cancellations for us in the hopes of one day the cruising world (and the world in general) is back to normal. I also check for price drops frequently and if I see one, I just drop Sharla an email and she checks into it. Communication is the key to having a good travel agent and I couldn’t be happier with everything Sharla has done for us.
  14. I saw that, too. I took the comment as “company talk” like this is all we can say for now although they know May 1 is in all probability not happening.
  15. Mrs @Papamillz2 just replied to the CDC in favor of lifting the no sail order. Hopefully they’ll read all the comments and realize what they are taking away from us cruising enthusiasts. People like to do different things for vacations. Ours is cruising. Can’t wait to be back out on the open waters.
  16. It is an error unless Royal is giving free drink packages to everyone. I have the same showing in my cruise planner as well and didn’t purchase it. We can dream until Royal corrects it, right?
  17. Since booking our cruise two months ago, we have had four small price drops all in the mid $40 range. Every little bit helps and now we’ve saved $179! Sharla at MEI is tremendous!
  18. This is what we just did. Already had a 9 night cruise booked on Explorer and yesterday saw a cheap price on a 4 night cruise on Navigator. Added that and now have S2S for 13 nights.
  19. I decided to give MEI a try after ready all the good recommendations on this site. Filled out the form on the blog’s home page and Sharla contacted me in less than an hour. She answered every question we had. Extremely happy with her work and knowledge.
  20. I didn’t get a chance to listen this morning. Was there any mention on whether RCL stock will continue paying dividends and offering shareholders OBC? I can see some perks being eliminated until cruising gets back to normal.
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