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  1. One Last View Of Nassau. Our Progress Before I Head To Bed. Well Tomorrow We Will Be In Coco Cay A Little Later Than Planed😊 Well That Is It For Day Three. I Hope You Enjoyed It.
  2. I Heard From Someone On My Last Cruise On Harmony That The Reason Is That Carnival Paid For The Dock And Most Of The Surrounding Plaza Around The Pier. So Carnival Does Not Like Other Cruise Lines Taking One Of The Main Ports To Use.
  3. So Sad. At Least He Was Around To See The Company He Started Turn 50 Years Old.
  4. She Is Officially Out And Drydock And Heading To Freeport Bahamas At 21kn. Her ETA To Freeport Is 11-18-2019.
  5. She Will Be Setting Sail From Cadiz For Florida Tonight. Saturday 9th.
  6. After Dinner I Headed To Back To The Helipad To Take Some Photos Of The Stars!!! Here Is One With A 5 Second Shutter And A 30 Second Shutter.
  7. After The Flowrider I Headed To The Dimond Lounge For Happy Hours. Before Dinner I Went Back To The Helipad To Try Out The Night Mode On My New Phone. Well Here Is The Menu For Tonight.
  8. After The Helipad I Was Walking To The Flowrider And Saw That They Were Starting To Put Up The Halloween Decorations. The Line For The Flowrider Was Long Today. But It Could Have Been Longer. Well We Were In The Middle Of Our Flowrider Sessions. The Disney Wonder Started To Sailaway Form Nassau.
  9. Flowrider Was Super Great Today. The Lines Were Long But The Riders Were Great😊 Also At 11:00 They Were Testing The Life Boats. For Lunch I Went To The Windjammer And Grabbed A Burger. After That I Headed To The Helipad To Take Some Photos.
  10. How Is That Possible? The Pier Can Only Hold Two Ships.
  11. -Day Three- Good Moring From The Port Of Nassau Bahamas. Today We Are Dock Next To Mariner Of The Seas Again!! And The Disney Wonder. Well It Is Time Now For The 9:00 To 11:00 Mixed Wave Session.
  12. Well It Is Now Time To Head To The Pool Deck For Dancing Under The Stars. The DJ For This Event. Well That Is It For Day Number Two. I Hope You Enjoyed It.
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