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  1. There is a pic of the Oasis Class in the Panama Canal. It looks like a very tight fit
  2. Stunning photos as always Twangster especially with the night shots of the stars!
  3. As Matt said if the current rules are still in place with the CSO any ship that does not sail under the 95% route of the CSO will be required to conduct test sailings. Hopefully the CDC will drop the test sailing requirement and just make it so it is up to the cruise lines to decide if they want to do test cruises for all their ships or just do the simulated sailings for only a few of their vessels.
  4. That is awesome to see Royal doing this as other lines such as CCL has not been able to offer on-Site COVID-19 Testing Option for vaccinated guests.
  5. I think that is most likely the case that Wonder will use the Space Coast as her 2022 winter home port as the date that she gets to Port Canaveral is on a Sunday which is the day which Royal uses for turnaround day for the Oasis Class at the port.
  6. My video from the day of the Mardi Gras & Odyssey. The RCI coverage starts at 2:06 in the video.
  7. Great photos @ConstantCruiser! It sure was awesome to see her finally in the USA.
  8. Awesome video from a Travel/Cruise Vlogger of Indy's arrival into the port. https://youtu.be/L1TUM9lLsgw
  9. Here is the latest update from @Matt on Project Icon. With the blocks for the ship slowly arriving at the shipyard in Finland we should see major work start to take place later this summer and maybe an official update/name of the ship when the keel-laying takes place. https://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/2021/05/25/blocks-arrive-shipyard-royal-caribbeans-first-icon-class-cruise-ship
  10. Great Pics Twangster! It is awesome to have RCG ships back in PC even thought that may just be for a few days as usually for the past month its been just DCL ships off the coast.
  11. I Found this great video on youtube from one of the crew onboard the Quantum OTS so I thought I would share.
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