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  1. -Update- It is now added to the Dimond drink menu on Mariner of the Seas, Grandeur of the Seas, and Ovation of the Seas. Here is a photo of the new menu from Facebook. Now according to people on Facebook and Cruise Citric Jewel OTS, Anthem OTS, and Vision OTS will start next week!
  2. I forgot to add the photos I took from the helipad of the stars.
  3. Ok everyone it is now time for dinner in the MDR. Here is the menu for tonight. The Crispy Calamari. The Roasted Beef Tenderloin. With "Steak Fries". In the MDR today was the night they sang for us. And finally the best part of the meal at the MDR. Desert! After dinner it was time for our sailaway from port. Well that wraps it up for day number three. Tomorrow is our last day and a sea day!
  4. I Was Looking Around On CC And I Read This. Hope This Is True And It Happens!! https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2727678-diamond-drink-list-enhancement-🍹/
  5. So after laser tag I headed to the head to the helipad to see all the ships at night but at last I was a little bit to late. As the only ship left was the Bahamas paradise Grand Classica. But right after I made it to the helipad. She blew her horn and was headed back to West Palm Beach. And then right after watching the ship leave it was time to head to the diamond club. but on my way up to there I snapped a photo of skypad at night.
  6. Ok Then I Will Set The Record On This Platform For The Earliest Following. So I Am Following This Thread @twangster!
  7. Laser Tag Ok so here is a mini review about the laser tag on the Mariner OTS. So this was my second time ever doing laser tag on a RCI ship. The first time I did it was back in 2018 on Mariner when she first got it right after dry dock. Now back then the line was very short. And when I say very short. I mean no line at all. But today there was about a twenty minute line to get in. So right after you walk into Studio B. You are greeted by your first look's of the Laser Tag area. Right after that they do make you sit down and wait on the team that is playing now to finish before you are let down to get your vest on and view the safety film. In this film they do a good job of telling you the rules and giving you the backstory about the game. And the right before they let you out to play the commuter will automatically pick your team. The two teams are the aliens and the robots. And then right after that it is time to play! The game last about five minutes. But the whole experience takes just over fifteen minutes to do. Overall it is a great fun thing to do onboard the ship. And a matter of fact I did it a second time after that!
  8. The Best Tip I Can Give To Anyone Is To Ask The Sports Staff For Help On Stay On The Wave. The Other Tip Is To Just Relax.
  9. The Snack Shack Is A Must Do. They Have A Lot Of Great Food For Free!
  10. After the arrival of the Carnival Elation. There was a yacht behind it. But after the Yacht it was time for the Celebrity Equinox arrival into Nassau. After watching that great arrival Of the Celebrity Equinox. It was then time for lunch in the windjammer. and then after that lunch It was time to go back to the flowrider. This wave Session was not at all packed and I was able to get 15+ rides in.
  11. Well good moring from Nassau. Today I was planning to get up and see our arrival into port but I slept in a little bit too late. But I was able to catch the arrival of the Carnival Liberty. At 8:00am Sharp she was docked beside us. At 8:45am The Grand Classica was arriving into her dock space in Nassau. After her arrival It was time to hit the wave. The lines were pretty short for stand up today. but the lines for bogie board was super long. So instead of riding I was able to see the Carnival Elation pull into port. She pasted the lighthouse at 10:15am. Also today they were having a crew lifeboat drill. They used the horn twice during the drill and it happen once when I was on the wave. One sad thing about the Elation was the rust on her. She had more rust spots on her than the Grand Classica. And I believe The Grand Classica is older.
  12. Before heading back to the ship. I was able to spot one of Coco Cay full time residents. After that it was time to get back on Mariner OTS! Well guys after a few great runs on the wave I said it was time to go to Dimond club. After a few drinks it was time to head to the MDR for dinner. here is our table number. I forgot to take a photo about it in the first night. Here Is Tonight's Menu. I forgot to take a photo of my food. But I took one of the Tomato Soup. After that awesome meal it was time to head back to the wave for the adult Flowrider Session from 9:45pm To 10:15pm. Well that wraps up day number two. Tomorrow we are in Nassau. Also Forgot to add but the solarium pool has been closed since the first day.
  13. The Zip Line Ok here is a little back story to why I booked the zip line at coco cay. So about a month ago I was looking at the cruise planner and I was at the home page of the cruise planner and they had the zip line on "Sale" for $69.95 which after asking some folks. I found out that was a great price for it. When I did navigator in October the zip line was at $79.95 for it then. so I am glad I got it for the price of $69.95. So here are some photos token from the gopro. We will start at the first line. This line goes right over the wave pool and the main restrooms located at the Thrill Water Park. The second line took you over the Adventure pool at the Thrill Water Park. And the third and last one took you right over Splash Away Bay and the Harbor Lagoon. Over all this was a great zipline tour if you are just starting out on ziplines and you want to see the island. But I do prefer the one at Labbdee over the one at Coco Cay.
  14. Well good Moring from perfect day at coco cay. Today we are the only ship here! Next door at NCL private island Great Stirrup Cay. From 9:00 to 11:00 I hit the wave. Lines were super short and staff were great! After that it was time for lunch at the snack shack. Today I got the shack burger. The Shack Crispy Chicken sandwich. Watermelon, Fries. And The Brownie. Before going to our zip line tour I got a nice seat at the harbor beach.
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