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  1. Sitting here at work and realizing that I way over prepared for today! I can't put the lunches in the oven for another hour and I have nothing to do! Sounds like a good problem to have! My wife has already delivered the dog to her vacation location! She has also had her traditional leaving for vacation panic over what he have forgotten so if things go as usual we will figure our what we have forgotten in about 2 hours which is good because it's currently 4 hours before we leave!
  2. Been a about a week since I've posted as it has been a mad dash to get things ready but, we are there! Tonight is like Christmas Eve. Tomorrow at about 1:30 EST our journey to meet up with Harmony of the Seas will have officially begun! I just finished packing the car. Just waiting on 1 more bag and once my wife is done getting dressed in the morning it can go in!! I'm going to try and post some on our road trip with pictures and Saturday if everything works out right I will be live on Facebook with video of the ships that are leaving Port Everglades on Saturday! Possibly some on embarkation d
  3. 11 Days to go! Had a successful evening making wine selections. The anticipation is killing me!
  4. 12 Days to go! We have now reached the point where each day we say things like "2 weeks from today at this time we will be pool side sipping a drink with an umbrella in it!" I don't know which is worse, being 365 days away from vacation or 12 days. Probably 365 days but now that we are sooo close it's hard not just to drop everything and leave now! I'm now 90% packed! At work starting last Friday I started doing what I call vacation drill. Every day I go in with the mentality of getting everything done so I can get out the door quickly a week from this Friday! Tonight is wine purchase night af
  5. Exactly 2 weeks from today at this exact time we will be on the road heading south!!! I can hardly contain myself! Especially since out weather forecast for the next week calls for a decent amount of snow and a big dip in the temperature! I'm trying to not let that change my mood so today I have been thinking about what I enjoy most about vacations, especially cursing. The first thing that comes to mind (only because I have not had lunch yet) is the food! I have been dreaming about the roast beef sandwich at the Central Park Cafe since we got off of Allure of the Seas 2 years ago I
  6. Our kids school is on what's called a balanced calendar. They Get 2 weeks off for fall, Christmas, and spring breaks which makes planning family vacations amazing. Some would say that the downside is the kids only get 8 weeks for summer break but, I argue that when they had a longer summer break, 8 weeks was about the point that most parents start saying, "school need to hurry up and get here, I'm ready for them to be back!" We love it. I work for a school that is on the same schedule as my kids so it works out great!
  7. 18 Days out! It is really hard to wait! I have to admit I’m here physically but, for the last couple of weeks I have mentally been onboard! I created a “cruise” playlist that is full of Bob Marley, Jimmy Buffett, Zack Brown Band that I have been listening to at work along with binge listening to the Royal Caribbean Blog Podcast. Yesterday I printed all our documents and luggage tags. I may or may not have pulled out all our suitcases and started packing a couple days ago! I really need to get out of this cold dreary weather here in central Indiana. The whole family had the stomach bug last we
  8. I will for sure post lots of pics! I won't have the wifi package so it will likely be upon our return home but I'll get them up quick as I have the week we return off of work also!!
  9. 24 days until Embarkation Day! 22 days until we hit the road! We'd love to fly but economically for us it is a bit cheaper to drive. We enjoy a good road trip. Part of our love of a good road trip is some family road trip traditions we have either created for our family or taken from our experiences as kids being on trips with our parents. As a kid anytime we went on a long trip my parents did a couple really fun things. The first of which was rolls of quarters. At the beginning of the journey they would give my sister and I each a roll of quarters. Any time we cause trouble (usually arguing w
  10. Today marks 25 day until we set sail! Traveling with my wife and daughters (10 & 14), my mom & dad, my wife's mom & dad, and my bother & sister in laws with their son (21). We are driving in from Indianapolis. We are leaving here on Friday March 15th. We plan to be in Ft Lauderdale early enough to watch the ships leaving port on Saturday from the beach. We did this on our last cruise and it was a lot of fun. The rest of our family are flying in later Saturday night. Some highlights of our plans; We have booked the Guacamole class at Sabor for day 2. We have my father
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