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  1. Good morning! Back to reality today, but I thought I would recap our trip for everyone. At least I can keep thinking about vacation instead of this mound of work on my desk. Embarkation Day- We left our hotel in North Miami Beach about 10:15 to head over to the cruise terminal. Again, we took an Uber XL and had a great experience (although it cost more than my estimates, but I think it had to do with surge pricing. Anyway, we made it to the cruise port right around 10:45- our suggested arrival time was 11. I was shocked by how many people were still trying to leave the ship an
  2. We made it into Fort Lauderdale last night and took an Uber XL to the hotel. Our suite is huge and much more than we needed for the one night stay. However, the views of the water and the walk we were able to take on the beach this morning made it worth it. Getting ready to leave for the port in about an hour. There is quite a bit of sea grass here, but the water is still beautiful. Everyone is so excited!
  3. Thanks everyone! I look forward to sharing my thoughts. One more day of work tomorrow and one more day of school for the kiddos. My boss has graciously* offered to pay for my internet on the ship so I am available in case there is an emergency so I will try to update as I can. *maybe a little selfishly too
  4. Good afternoon, I have been lurking and sometimes posting (when I feel I could be helpful) here for quite a while as we have prepared for our first Royal Caribbean cruise. In the past, we have cruised multiple times on Carnival and once on Holland America. This trip will be during our children's (ok, mostly teenagers now- I am a little bit in denial of them growing up) Spring Break. I will be cruising along with my husband, our 15 and 16 year old daughters and our 12 year old son. We have two spacious oceanview panoramic cabins on deck 12 (one room apart from each other). We booked before
  5. Good morning! I have three teenagers- 13, 15 and 16. They love getting the virgin daiquiris and all of the other “mocktails” and smoothies. They don’t drink a lot of soda at home, so I decided to go ahead and let them do the refreshment package. Gatorades (maybe not that brand, but that type of drink) and speciality coffees (not at Starbucks) are also included. To me, it was worth it just to let them “indulge” a little on the ship and knowing how much I would be spending on their drinks ahead of time. Watch the cruise planner because we have seen the price vary about $7 per day from the lowe
  6. I sent a message to Royal Caribbean’s Facebook account and they said that milkshakes are included with the beverage package on Navigator. I’m not sure that matters because I am not going to spend my cruise arguing on the ship over a milkshake if they tell us no.
  7. I took the advice of another thread and messaged Royal Caribbean on Facebook to ask them directly. She took down my reservation number and then noted it on there, but then messaged me back to say that they will surprise her with room decorations and a cake- even asked if she like vanilla or chocolate! That was beyond my expectations!
  8. I've also done the Maya Chan resort and really enjoyed it. Our next trip to Costa Maya, we are doing a trip with Mahahual Ecotours. I've found them very responsive to my emails and questions, but have no review myself of them until July of this year. https://www.tripadvisor.com/Attraction_Review-g499450-d7798910-Reviews-Mahahual_Ecotours-Mahahual_Costa_Maya_Yucatan_Peninsula.html
  9. Folks sailing on Navigator now say there is a charge, but I just messaged on facebook and they said there was not. So, their policy seems to be about as clear as mud.
  10. We are taking a private charter that includes snorkeling while in Nassau on our next cruise with Island Time Charters. They have wonderful reviews on TripAdvisor and seem to get you away from the masses a little bit. In the past, we’ve done a beach day at the British Colonial Hilton. It was perfect when my girls were younger and just wanted to play in the water. They give you a food and beverage credit for lunch and it was pretty economical. I personally really enjoy Nassau and have been to Atlantis on a land based vacation. The crowds and prices there are not ideal, but it is very beautiful.
  11. We will be sailing in 30 days on our first Royal Caribbean cruise. We have previously sailed on Carnival and Holland America. My daughter turns 15 while we are on the ship. Is there anything offered to help with birthday celebrations? I would love to hear if anyone else has experience with this.
  12. @TravelerAre you planning a China cruise? We just got back from Japan in October and was actually in one of the ports the Chinese cruises tend to go to- Fukuoka. It was amazing and we’ve been discussing how amazing an Asian cruise would be since we’ve been back.
  13. During the most recent podcast, there was a mention of a new Jamie’s Italian menu. Does anyone have that? Taking my family to a specialty dinner for my daughter’s birthday and was trying to get her all the options. She is sometimes picky.
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