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  1. I can’t answer the why you would use them, but I would imagine the more important figure in this case would be false negatives.
  2. Right, but it’s still a win for Desantis. I don’t think he probably cares to go to the mattresses on this one, he just wants to be able to say he fought the fight. It’s a win for both sides.
  3. That’s my guess. It’s Thanksgiving. I’m booked on it, so I hope that’s what it is. I imagine they are at or above the capacity they want.
  4. I am sure Royal will do the same without the 95% number, although I suspect they may have some threshold in mind. I wonder if that will be the same for children of adults that are fully vaccinated (12-17).
  5. Freedom 7/26 is back, but it appears like only interior guarantees and nothing for 4 passengers in a single stateroom. They are filling up.
  6. I am looking to cruises for my family vacation, so without my kids there is no cruise. We all have options and conditions that need to be met for us to be happy with the situation. It's different for everyone.
  7. i guess they sold all the staterooms. I have been doing mock bookings the last few days and noticed most everything had gotten to a point where they were guarantee rooms. I was curious since I know they were going through the process of matching the existing bookings to the new ships, so I bet they got a point where they thought they would go over the capacity figure they were shooting for, whatever that is. it's possible they might come back online once they sort out all the transfers from prior ship bookings.
  8. I’d venture to guess that there isn’t much they can change once they leave port. It seems some think they might lower a lifeboat and let anyone out that doesn’t meet their other than FL protocols.
  9. It does seem strange. Is there any chance they struck some kind of compromise that would allow Celebrity to operate outside the ban given they have other options that don’t require it (RCI). Seems far fetched they would do that (Desantis), but he does need to get out the corner he is in.
  10. Well that's good to hear. Why aren't they fully approved at this point and not just approved for emergency use? That would help with some concerns people have if it's that cut and dry.
  11. I had my second shot last Wednesday. I don't know about long term side effects, but it definitely had short term side effects....
  12. There are definitely ways to determine, but keep in mind your original reference was to testing, so surely they would have a way of testing only those that haven't shown proof of vaccination. Masking in areas would be more difficult, but the original reference was testing.
  13. $55/night is very high relative to what I have seen on different cruises. You should be able to get it cheaper at some point, hopefully. I have been able to get it on several different cruises at $22.99/night for the faster version. I hope you get lucky with a sale like that in the near future.
  14. We don't know this to be true, please cite a source if you have one. The issue wasn't asking if someone is vaccinated, it was requiring vaccination for service. So, as others have suggested, an easy work around is simply to offer the option for people to voluntarily provide the information with different protocols for those that offer it up. Is there really going to be someone that got the vaccination that wouldn't offer that information to Royal? There could be, but I imagine most who have been vaccinated would offer it freely.
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