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  1. I hope some others used logic that was more general and less specific.
  2. Just to clarify on the MLB part of this, they didn't have bubbles. I am sure they had restrictions on activities the players could participate in, but they didn't institute a bubble. I can't see how bubbles in a cruise ship environment would work. The benefit of the bubble is that you are interacting with the same group of people and are isolated from others, but if you are still using the same common areas as other bubbles, then I am not sure you are going to prevent "community spread" outside of that bubble. It's probably better to isolate if there is an issue, but on a cruise ship I am
  3. I don't disagree with what you are saying, but that isn't what the post I responded to stated. You made the point that even though they had all the protocols there was still an outbreak, and you mentioned the number of people in the stadium. I was merely pointing out the protocols are pointless if they aren't followed. It's hard to say if the Phillies staff members got it from the Marlins, given there is no bubble it's hard to say. Chances are one them got it and then gave it to the other one. Could have been from the grocery store for all we know.
  4. And it turned out that the Marlin players went out to the bars and got infected. They played a game against the Phillies with tons of infected Marlins and not a single Phillies' player tested positive. Now, that being said, I am sure that whatever protocols the cruise lines have might not be followed by all, but the MLB players didn't follow their protocols. The stadium wasn't the vector of spread.
  5. No words. I don't want to get in trouble on the site, so I will try to temper this, but WE folks in Florida don't need the folks in New York to give us a lecture on what we should have done. I have been in my house 98% of the time since March, with numbers no where near what NY experienced. You may recall when things got bad in NY there were tons of flights of people leaving NY and coming here. You can have your Governor too.
  6. I guess I’ll jump in before the lock. No one KNOWS, so be leery of anyone that tells you they do.
  7. I requested a FCC for my 3/16 sailing on 3/13....still waiting.
  8. This is the first thing I thought as well. Lines like RCL have a much deeper staff to pull from when they aren’t starting up with all their ships at first. NCL I believe was adding 5 ships per month.
  9. This is confirmed, or what is known to date? This was in your write up: The amplification aspect of the work to be done is still being finalized, and Royal Caribbean will communicate an update when a plan is in place. Is that suggesting that there is potentially some portion of the amplification work will be done? That is how I took it since I'm booked in November and that is what I wanted to hear, or is that suggesting the amplification work that will be done at a future date?
  10. I got confirmation of my cancellation through Costco on 3/13, unfortunately about 4 hours before they announced the suspension. I cancelled my cruise planner purchases in the system a few hours prior to cancelling, so that money came back. Probably still wouldn’t have that if I hadn’t cancelled in the system. Still waiting for Cruise with Confidence FCC. Sailing was Mon 3/16 on the Navigator.
  11. They have been shut down for several days in my part of Florida. Around the same time Disney closed the resorts....
  12. Perhaps. However I think Royal was doing pretty well with their buzz related to amplification. I'm booked on Allure in November and was anticipating an amplified ship. I guess I can look at Oasis sailings.
  13. If they weren't planning to cruise on RCL by the end of 2021.
  14. I'm not sure that booking 8 months ahead is really going to get you as much of the booking early advantage. Generally that is over a year and sometimes 2 years in advance.
  15. I'm not asking you to panic, but there is also the opposite of panic, which would be using one mild case as the poster child for the virus. You don't know, I don't know. I wouldn't ask you to ever act on what I have to say about it, and no disrespect, but you telling me not to panic isn't going to effect whether I panic or not.
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