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  1. Well there goes cruise #7. I think I am done at this point. I'll take my chips off the table at this point and stop thinking of a Royal Caribbean cruise as way for my family to vacation together. At least they gave me advance notice, I'll give them credit for that. Once things normalize and they have full ships, perhaps prices will normalize as well, if not, then oh well.... I don't think the cruise lines did themselves any favors in this whole process. I understand this was a very difficult situation for everyone, but we will see how it goes moving forward.
  2. I’m sure the folks at Pfizer wish this pandemic never happened, but man….
  3. Look, these posts aren’t in the spirit of the rule to not discuss this topic.
  4. your natural immunity point is spot on. it makes it hard to accept the whole premise when you ignore such a significant factor in the discussion.
  5. I doubt it will be optional, unless all vaccines become optional. They have had “eligible” individuals in the vaccine wording and doubt they would treat 5-11 different. They had a chance to do that with 12-15 year olds or 16-17 year olds, and didn’t. A 12 year old gets the same dose as an adult. An 11 year old would get one third the dose. An argument could be made that it’s more palatable to vaccinate an 11 year old than a 12 year old.
  6. It’s really ridiculous that they haven’t released them IMO. I have a Nov 21 sailing booked and I don’t know the protocols and can’t get a refund until they tell me what is 99.9% likely going to be the case. They can hide behind it’s out of their control, but if it’s not extended are they really going to drop vaccine requirements? So what are we really talking about some mask nuances. Silly.
  7. Pretty minimal impact, not sure how you draw that conclusion. Perhaps the Bahamas will just print extra money like the US.
  8. Cruise ships are pretty “regulated” with their protocols.
  9. Unchecked legislature = bad Legislating from the bench = bad Perhaps she made a good decision based on the facts, I don't have the patience to read it (thank you for the summary so I didn't have to), so I guess I'll step back and read the comments.
  10. If the goal is to reduce the likelihood, then might as well keep the masks too, right?
  11. Of course, but not sure this is that. Did she say it was unconstitutional, or just that she didn't like it?
  12. I don't have the time or patience to know enough about this to make a truly informed opinion, but what a mess. It's hard to get legislators to get things done, and when they do get something done it's undone by one person's decision....
  13. I originally was hesitant to expand on the complexity of the decision I was referring to because I didn't want to get into the "to vaccinate, or not to vaccinate" discussion on the board. I understand it's my job to make decisions for my children, didn't need it clarified. I didn't say it wasn't my job, but I will expand on the point I was trying to make. The vaccine decision for any parent, in my opinion, is a very complicated decision to make. As a parent, I view my responsibility from the lens of "do no harm" first and foremost. I am sure there are some that might say that I should put more weight on the well being of others, but I am not ashamed to admit that I will put my child's safety and well being over anyone else, including my own. I am vaccinated. I made that choice after weighing all of the factors. My 12 year old is not, and I have no current plans to have her vaccinated. The current calculus behind that is related to risk of the vaccine vs the risk of the virus. I personally believe there is enough uncertainty around the long term effects of the vaccine to not risk it with someone that is unlikely to have an adverse result in contracting the virus. That could change tomorrow with new information, and I am not telling anyone else what they should think about it, I understand there are other opinions and decisions made based on their calculus. I am not saying I would never have them get the vaccine, just that currently I don't think it makes sense to risk it. Given the fact that RCL is willing to take unvaccinated children 11 and younger, I personally believe they should have made it an 18 and up vaccine requirement. That is my opinion based on all I described about the complexity of the decision. That's my opinion, obviously they can do whatever they want and they will, and whether or not I can cruise with them or not will not impact my decision to vaccinate my child one bit.
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