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  1. 153 days to go and there still isn't anything available in the Cruise Planner except specialty dining. I have a bad feeling this cruise will be cancelled by RCL.
  2. Hi - We are really looking forward to this cruise! We were planning to be in FL anyway during this time (due to "Jersey Week" - schools closed) and decided why not do this quick cruise! Currently there aren't any options in the Cruise Planner available except for Specialty Dining. Anybody know when more options will become available? Only 184 days to go!!
  3. Thanks - I am thinking of booking a cruise in 4th quarter 2022 with a refundable deposit using the FCC's and then moving to a cruise in 2023 - from what I can tell, the worst case is that I will incur a $100 change fee per person. I appreciate any thoughts you may have on this plan. thanks!
  4. It has to be used by Dec 22 (RCCL agent said it was my "sail by date").
  5. Hi! I have Future Cruise Credits that have a sail by date of Dec 2022. We recently completed a cruise and will not be able fit another one in this year. So we are facing a situation where our FCC's will expire. Is anyone else in this situation? Can anyone offer any suggestions? Thanks for the help!!
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