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Serenade Of The Seas 4/5/19 to 4/15/19 Recap Blog

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Hi Everyone And Welcome To My Blog From Serenade Of The Seas 4/5/19 To 4/15/19.   I Hope You Will Enjoy Reading It. 

-The Backstory-

Well The Kinda Short Backstory Is That I Really Wanted A Radiance Class Glass Block And Well I Really Only Had One Choice Since I Was Just On Brilliance A Few Months Ago So  That Was Out Of The Ballpark. And Jewel Was Also Out Due To The Drive To Miami. So One Of The Only Ship Left Was Serenade Of The Seas. Well I YOLO Booked It!! 

-The Ports Of Call And Itinerary -

 Day One- Fort Lauderdale/Day Two- At Sea/Day Three- At Sea/Day Four- St. Thomas/Day Five- St. Croix/Day Six- St. Johns/Day Seven- St Kitts/Day Eight- St. Martin/Day Nine- At Sea/Day Ten- At Sea.

Ok With All That Said Lets Start The Blog😂

Departure / Arrival
Port of Call
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2 hours ago, monctonguy said:

Looking forward to seeing all of this!

So will I...looking forward to see what the smaller/older ships have to offer. The emphasis have been on the latest & greatest megaships like Oasis, Quantum, & Freedom Class ships. I'm interested to see blogs on the Voyager to smaller class ships like the Radiance class. I want to start sailing these class of ship in the future, in the mist of sailing the latest & greatest.

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Ok Here Is Day Two And Three. These Two Days We Are At Sea And Making Our Way To The Lovely Port Of St. Thomas. 

I Got Up And Ate And Then Went To The Helipad.


Now Look How Blue The Water Is!


Later That Day I Went To The C&A Event. Great Event. Great People. And Food.


I Think On This Sailing There Were 200 Diamond Member And 100 D+ Members. After That I Went To The Rock Wall.


After That I Went To Dinner. It Was Very Good Today😍


After That I Had To Work. Here Is The Mix I Did. Hope You Enjoy.


 -Day Three At Sea-

Got Up Late Due To "Work".  I Went To See DJ Raffa Play.


This Is The Mixer He Is Using For This Set.


Tomorrow will be a beautiful day in St. Thomas


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5 hours ago, WannaCruise said:

Looking forward to hearing about your cruise.  We are debating about trying Brilliance...which you said you were recently on...and s probably similar to Serenade.  Great itinerary too!

9 hours ago, Sweety said:

Following. I love being on this ship. We did a B2B.

Glad To Have Both Of You Along For The Trip!



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22 hours ago, Zambia-Zaire said:

So will I...looking forward to see what the smaller/older ships have to offer. The emphasis have been on the latest & greatest megaships like Oasis, Quantum, & Freedom Class ships. I'm interested to see blogs on the Voyager to smaller class ships like the Radiance class. I want to start sailing these class of ship in the future, in the mist of sailing the latest & greatest.

Don't get me wrong. The biggest and newest ships have all the bells and whistles and are great. Sometimes I feel that all the cruise companies are building ships so large that they lose the  of being a ship and are headed towards just being floating hotels. Some barely resemble ships any longer. Just my opinion.

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-Day Five St.Croix. Hi Everyone And Today I Got A Tour Of This Pretty Island. This Is My First Time To This Port Which Is Pretty Rare. After A Great Meal In The Windjammer I Went To The Helipad To Take Some Great Shots Of The Island.  


After That I Went To Tour The Island.


Here Is The Photo Of The Tree.


After That We When Past Some One Who Is Famous Home.


Then We Went To A Look Out Over The Bay.


Here A The Island Chickens.


The Island Also Has Nice Fort.



After That We Started To Head To A Wind Mill Or Some Thing That Looks Like That.


After That We When Bact To The Ship.


Tonight Towel Animal.


Random Photos Of The Day.






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On 4/22/2019 at 10:22 AM, Jaymac Radio said:

Ok Sorry Everyone This Blog Is On Pause Until I Get Home From My Next Cruise.   

Well I Am Still On My Cruise But I Will Do This Day Because There Is No Photos Need To Be Added.

-Day Six- St Johns

Well Today I Was A Sleep In Most Of The Day And That  The Day!

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Ok Everyone I Back! So Here It Is.

-Day Seven St. Kitts-

So Today My Plan Is To Go Walk Around The Port Area Then Head Back To The Ship To Set Up My Mixer And Gear For My Job In My Room So I Do Not Have To Do It Tomorrow Evening! 

 Here Is A Look At The Port Area From The  Ship


So I Got Off And There Were A Tug Dock Next To Us!!


I Went To The Port Area And I Walked Around All The Stores Then Went Back To The Ship.


An After That I Went Back To The Room And Saw Tonight Towel Animal!


So That Is It For Today! Tomorrow We Will Be In St. Martin And Boy It Will Be One Big Day!

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Ok Everyone I Am Going To Skip Day Eight And Move Right Ahead To Day Nine. So Lets Go !!

I Got Up And Went To The Outside Deck On Deck Five And Was Looking At The Water And Safety Things.


A Life Boat Prop


A Closer Look.


We Were Met With One Of The Best Surprises In The World!!


Can Anyone Guess The Ship?

When I Got Back To The Room After The Dinner I Was Pleasantly Surprised With Royal Caribbeans 50th Birthday Cake!


With That That Was My Day!!



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