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Alaska cruise questions

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11 hours ago, rtread said:

We are planning an Alaska cruise for 2020, probably a 7 day cruise but possibly longer.

We need suggestions from those that have been on a RCCL Alaska cruise:

1.Best month of the year?

2. Best departure port? (We live in Texas so will be a long flight no matter which one. Vancouver appeals to me right now simply because we've never been there)

3. Best RCCL ship for Alaska cruise.

4. We will want a balcony (probably 2D) stateroom. How far ahead of time should we book?

What do you recommend?

We have been on 3 Alaska cruises (two were land/cruise), but not on RCI. 2 of the cruises were in May and we think that is the best time to do this cruise. Much more wild life. Lots of whales getting fat before they head to Hawaii, because they do not eat on the way. Two started from Alaska and ended in Vancouver. One was Seattle round trip. If you can do a land/cruise, that would be the way to go, because you get to spend some time in Denali and you get to ride the Alaskan Railroad. If you are going to start in Alaska, be sure to check out Alyeska Resort and Hotel. Best hotel we have ever stayed at and it is actually affordable at that time of year.

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1 hour ago, SpeedNoodles said:

In her defense, she has to.  It's in our "twin contract".

It was a little spooky! See, I wasn’t going to say anything about that psychic twin link thingy, but..... 😬.  


@Solariumsnoozer  - I would be happy to help, it was the best trip of our lives 😁

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