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  1. Right?! It would be great if I could find some method of auto checking pricing as every other day they claim they are having a “sale” 😂🤣 and it is beyond tiresome to click through all that I must to check pricing yet another time (and finding it the same or higher). I can wish! 🧚‍♀️🧚‍♀️🧚‍♀️
  2. Grandeur - May 30 - June 8, 2019 Adventure - November 23-December 1, 2019
  3. Thanks! And I know what you mean by the pools! I grew up in area with a lot of pools (and near beaches too but I liked sea water much less because it made me feel sticky and it tasted awful every time that it got into your mouth). When my parents took us with them on a cruise the first time when I was about 9, my brother and I were so happy at first that the ship had a pool... that is, until we got in. 😟 What the %@*&$!*?!? It wasn’t a pool at all, but instead it was a big, square, deep, and dark hole full of salt water 🙀😡 I may never recover! 😷 Funny Fact - my first Disney Cruise they ship had a casino and allowed smoking.
  4. That’s just what I was gonna look up this weekend. We usually update about every 2 years ( I definitely want to think about the money that’s been over the last decade 😅) and just went to the iPhone XR. The camera supposed to be amazing. But then I have been in way too many nerve racking situations with my phones - like last summer in Alaska when I did my best to have a death grip on my phone while trying to get a photo of a large whale breaching as 60 people moved to my side of the boat! I knew I had to figure out something before the end of May! Great idea @twangster !! Now I just have to get the nerve and find the steadiness to take a drill to my new phone case 😉
  5. I’ve seen those ships when several singles are sharing a cabin. It always reminds me of college back back in the olden days before cell phones when there was a pay phone in the hall and people used the one on your door to let you know who had called 😂🤣😹
  6. Oh gosh, there are so many “musts” I have now (so many that I keep a permanent list of them and it definitely includes some of those shown above {like the wrinkle spray and a mesh bag for dirty clothes to hang inside the closet}).. But here are the ones that I have added to the list in the last year:: 1. small sissors (small, blunt ones such as the type for nails or the small ones used for needlework and tip cover that comes with them). I am always shocked at the number of things that I need to cut when I’m on a cruise! 2. Moisturizing eye drops (I have spent my life near water, including the Atlantic and the Gulf of Mexico, but the water in the Caribbean seems 50x saltier and my eyes really hurt after a dip!). So, I now always carry this if I am headed to the beach or snorkeling and it really makes my day much nicer. 3. 1-2 disposable food prep containers - sometimes I want a small snack at night, but the room service menu is almost solidly very greasy foods and that is the polar opposite of what I want in the evening. So when I get a chance I sometimes squirrel away a roll and a small slice of cheese or a less sugary pastry into my lidded, thin food prep container that I can toss at the end of the cruise). Happy Sailing! 🧜🏼‍♀️🧜🏽‍♂️
  7. We are in panoramic suite on Adventure for Thanksgiving and hubster is more excited about it than usual! I am glad to hear that you enjoyed the location as it is hard to find good videos of the surrounding areas.
  8. Hi 😊 MLife really needs to correct that wording, it is ridiculously confusing. There was a discussion on this very topic recently within another thread - this link is not to the original post, but takes you to what I think will be the pertinent part of the thread. As you will see, you aren’t the only one confused (I surely was...):
  9. Glad Matt sent you in the right direction because it is tough to find - I ended up in a google search to find it (they clearly aren’t interested in anyone knowing about the option since we only knew about it because some friends of ours cruise almost monthly and rent a tux on every possible cruise).
  10. I am glad that we both have such *excellent* taste 😉 Let me know if you get to Atlanta, Georgia and we will show you around!
  11. True. But the Haven suites/villas are like they are on most of the ships with wonderful bathrooms (an odd thing to say about bathrooms, but watching Alaska float by as you shower is just fabulous!). Still, the conceirge staff isn’t nearly as good as in the other Havens IMHO, the ship layout is odd, and it creaks and sways endlessly (including all night long, every night). I am not sure I would do the epic again if you gave me the haven at no charge 😳 For now I think we will go with RCL through 2020 when we should be Diamond and we might branch to some of the associated lines then. At least that is the current plan! 🤔 As everything seems to note - *subject to change without notice 😬
  12. We love the Haven on the NCL ships (with only one exception - the Epic), especially the medium sized ones going to Alaska (the perks with the Haven can make it a once in a lifetime experience). We now sail more often with RCL, but the Haven can be amazing (royal class is similar, but it for us is almost embarrassingly like have a servant rather than simply first class service as with the Haven). But we love the sky class suite experience on the larger RCL ships 😊
  13. If it makes you feel any better, my husband served 30 years in the US military and we have never gotten a discount of a cruise for that service. To be clear, it is only active duty and retirees that receive a discount the few times it has been offered (rather than anyone who ever served). The few times I have even seen one come up it wasn’t ever as good as the current “sale” or even the 55+ rate. Once in a while living in GA helps in terms of a tiny discount since we are so close to many of the RCL ports. I do sincerely understand how you would feel, but I promise you that in real usefulness with most cruise lines there is none. That said, I love the people of Australia and of New Zealand - some of my favorite humans come from one or the other (and it doesn’t hurt that I have a husband with a big chunk of Maori running around in his DNA). 🙋🏼‍♀️💖. @GlowTheWeird and @WAAAYTOOO yup! They are not ever useful. @twangster “Since the discount often doesn't actually apply, it seems odd to proudly offer something that isn't really a thing.“ EXACTLY. Most of the time, the so-called Veteran’s discounts are not “discounts” at all set up only as a way to show the company is “doing something” for Veterans when the truth is that most of the time it is all show and no action (although there are exceptions, including the MGM and Harrah’s groups and Disney properties). Honestly, we would much rather someone do nothing for us than to produce a fake discount so they can look good (only the latter tick me off 😑).
  14. Great deal! I think I went overboard on the dress that I wore for my step son’s wedding, but then I intended to look as fabulous as I could manage since I was going to have to spend the entire evening with my husband’s ex wife and I wasn’t about to go in looking second best no matter what it cost 😉😂
  15. Those dresses can easily be $500, no sense wearing them only once!
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