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Compare the KEY benefits to suites benefits

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I know its not first discussion about the Key and  I guess its not the last one .  To help deciding  if the key program making  sense or not (at least for me) I created a table with all the benefits

Genny...Genie.....Lulu....Oh, you guys have too much time on your hands. Don't you folks have a job? 

Any you said nothing about @Traveler stirring the pot with adding Genny to your room, Who is she and that's going to cost more in the long run. 😂  

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6 hours ago, KLA said:


It doesn't look like that's a perk - but the debarkation day breakfast is a lot better than I remembered seeing. I DREAD and avoid debarkation day Windjammer. 

I go to the main dining room. Much better than the Windjammer.

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1 hour ago, mworkman said:

Well, the Top Definition entry and definition #3 sounds a lot like @Lovetocruise2002 to me, based on what she's like here! (pasting screen shots of those definitions here in case they get replaced by some of the less flattering ones in the future!)



Can't speak to the "most beautiful woman" part, given she's as secretive as @twangster and only posts her Lulu collection instead of selfies, but the rest seems to fit. 😊😉 



EDIT -- Almost forgot:


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I'm on Mariner now. I got a letter last night about priority tendering, but when the time actually came to get on a tender there was no way to actually achieve this without being a bitch and just walking ahead of 100 people who were already in line. That being said, it was a quick and easy process to tender to Coco Cay, and I didn't find it to be any sort of problem. I got a great seat in which to get.....dock photos for you guys!!!!

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7 hours ago, WAAAYTOOO said:

"They" need to fix this !  A benefit that you cannot use is no benefit at all.  Sorry you had to deal with this.  You should not have had to be the enforcer.

Usually while tendering RCL open more than one location to board the boats , they just need to better organize it with separate place for the key/suites.
I found it to be a bigger issue while the ship arrives to the port late or for short period and everyone tries to gout at the same time.   

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On 2/5/2019 at 10:26 AM, tiny260 said:

I thought there was also a rule that if one gets it both have to get it. I'm probably way off on this, just thought I remembered reading this.

That if one person who is over 21 and purchases the dilute drink package the other people in the same cabin who are over 21 also have to get the dilute drink package whether they want to or not. I think that the only expection to this would be if the therapy adult in the cabin does not drink for medical reasons or is pregnant. 

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2 hours ago, Christie said:

I thought it included reserved seats for shows?  Also when purchasing, it says specifically that you do not need to reserve the shows?

They just changed the policy back a week or two ago, and just finally updated the cruise planner, to the way it was first rolled out (need a reservation) when @twangster first experienced it back in December... The Key still gives you prime seating in a reserved section, but we still need to make reservations. At least we don't have to rush to arrive 30-45 minutes or more prior to showtime to get a decent seat. 

I guess they want to sell more of these and fear they will run into seating capacity issues if a majority of the "Key" holders decide to show up for the same performance.

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