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  1. I'm actually lucky that I DID get hooked (did I really just say that ???).  The first 2 cruises I took (Carnival and NCL) were really not much fun at all.  I was sort of "forced" onto my first Carnival cruise with a bunch of women that I didn't know.  Long story...but I had an ok time.  VERY short Bahama weekend cruise on the Elation.  Even THEN it was an OLD ship.  I think the whole trip cost me around $500, including airfare.  I shared an inside cabin with a woman I had never met.  She turned out to be a very nice lady.  I think we were the only 2 people on the entire ship that did not get seasick.  Lucky pairing.


    The NCL Sky was a few years later.  It was just ok.  I traveled with DD, SIL and some friends.  No significant other at that point.


    I dragged Dan (finally found a MAN !!) onto a short trip on Grandeur, then sailing out of Tampa.  He did NOT want to go.  His mother (a world class, world traveler) is not fond of cruising and she assured him that he would not be, either.


    She was wrong.


    TOGETHER, we found our destiny.


    I think the reason that we enjoy cruising SO much is a combination of what the PP's have said.  Freedom to do what you want, when you want.  Everything you want and need right at your fingertips )or footsteps, actually).  The kind of service that you will never find on land.  ...and you don't have to cook !  ...or clean up the kitchen !


    We have evolved over time.  Originally, we went for the ports.  We chose our cruises based on the itinerary...visiting ports we had not visited in the past.  Over time, we began to realize that we really didn't care WHERE we were going, but that the journey was the most important thing and that we just really liked being on the ship(s).


    So...why do we cruise ?  Because we can !

  2. Mine is all settled. Everything except for the $400 in airline change fees that RCI owes me from the 2 cancellations.


    In retrospect, I might have done better by cancelling my airfare and booking something brand new (I can always use a RT to Miami for something) but I was afraid that RCI would not reimburse me unless I could verify a change fee...So I changed the flights and it ended up costing me more than $1k.


    Other than that, we are happy with the rebooking on the Freedom. I think it will be a far superior cruise than the one on Empress would have been.


    I'm a little spoiled. We haven't been in a non-[real] suite in a while so I may miss the suites perks....but I'll manage.


    For all the stress and frustration, I think the outcome is about as good as one could expect. The airfare thing blows but the cruise itself is an upgrade...all except for the Owners Suite vs Jr Suite.


    I'm going to put it all behind me and look forward.

  3. Only if you plan on using them all at the same time.


    The number of plans you need equals the number of devices that you want to use at the same time. If you are willing to take turns (log on...use your device...then someone else logs on with the same or a different device, etc., etc.) then you only need 1 plan. If 2 of you want to be online at the same time, then you would need 2 plans. If all 4 devices must be online at the same time, then you need 4 plans.

  4. It's true that they advertise that they will only seat 10 to a table but on most ships, at least, there are usually just a few tables that will accommodate more than 10. 


    The trick is to prearrange as much as you can.  Make sure that they are expecting you and know how many you will have in your party.  Be on time.  If you are truly going to do this every night of the cruise it will make things much easier. 


    Being VERY familiar with cruising groups, I have found it almost impossible that everyone will commit to doing this every night.  It's worse than trying to herd cats.  After years of being the one "in charge" of a group cruise, I have finally given up trying to do this and just let everyone make their own arrangements.  Now, understand that these are always large groups of adults only...so we don't have a generational and/or family thing that might tend to coalesce certain groups together.


    Anyway, they will try and accommodate you if they can but taking them by surprise with such a request will cost you time.

  5. Yeah, I've been getting those too.


    I really don't know whether you have to be a member of Club Royale to get those or not but I seem to recall Marc saying something in another post about some of his friends getting the offers when they aren't officially member of CR.


    I agree with Tony,  On your next cruise, go to the casino host, tell them that you are interested in becoming a member and ask him/her what you need to do to qualify.  For us, it was very simple (we were on the Allure).  Get (at the time, anyway) 2100 points.  We both did, we got in and we have been reaping the benefits ever since.  At least for now, it has been a godsend for us, particularly this mess with Empress-Gate.

  6. Really. 


    How hard is it to keep a spreadsheet that is 26 lines long and has 2 columns that say VOOM "Yes" and VOOM "NO" ?


    As a ship gets VOOM and they know it's working ok....the check mark moves from NO to YES and then you start selling it on that ship.


    MY GOD what is going on at RCI ?  It's astounding, the utter incompetence !

  7. Interesting.  I haven't heard of this problem before.  I guess, b/c you have made your reservations, the computer assumes that the reservations have been made for everyone.  I guess since it assumes that everything is done, the link doesn't need to be there.  hmmm..


    Well, I would suggest that they call.  1-800-533-7803

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