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  1. Susie, you have a lot of sympathizers on this site.  Many of us were negatively impacted by these cancellations.  I was foolish enough to book TWICE on the Empress and get cancelled TWICE.  No more.  I took my double rebate and booked the Freedom...but lost $1400 in airline fees in the process...of which I should recoop only $400...if they EVER pay me !


    There really is no explanation for their failure to inform us sooner.  They HAD to have known that they weren't going to get done in time TWICE.  It was reckless, irresponsible and inconsiderate to be polite.

  2. I have never been on a Q class so I have no first-hand xperience with DD, but from what I understand, The Grande is only on one level. Deck 3, I believe. So if you book a meal at The Grande you will be on the only deck that has The Grande, and that will be Deck 3. There are no other decks for The Grande.

  3. I have been researching the ports for my next 3 cruises with Belize City being one of them. I have read numerous articles on this city and every one of them has a warning. Here is one from the cruise port itself.


    "If you decide to spend some time in Belize City, just be vigilant about your surroundings and what you're doing. The cruise ship personnel will tell you that the city isn't a safe place to visit. For the more intrepid and experienced travelers, Belize City can be an interesting experience."


    Since I am a solo cruiser I am going to stay with a shore excursion offered from the cruise line. I just don't like that every site I read has Belize City warnings.

    Wise choice, Candie.

  4. John, you have a very perceptive way of evaluating your ports of call, I will grant you that !  I can't disagree with you about any of your conclusions.


    I found, as I cruised more (in the Caribbean) that soon one Caribbean island became pretty much is the same as the next.  Obviously, some have a certain charm that you may really enjoy but truly...they quickly become synonymous with one another and to be honest, I cannot really distinguish one from another except in some extreme cases (for the life of me I can never remember the difference between Antigua and St. Lucia.  I always get those 2 mixed up !).  A beach is a beach.  Shopping is shopping and a conch fritter tastes pretty much the same no matter where you get it.


    My least 2 favorite ports are also Falmouth and St. Kitts.  Of the western Caribbean ports, I am not particularly fond of Roatan or Belize although my problem with Belize is Belize City. I absolutely LOVE the REST of Belize (at least, what I have seen of it...which isn't all that much, to be fair).


    The southern Caribbean island do appeal to me more than the more popular eastern and western Caribbean itineraries.  I love Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao - particularly Curacao.  I find all 3 of those islands to be very quaint and charming.  I think you will enjoy these stops.

  5. ...just more of the same.  Apparently RCI needs a good process management Executive and a new Communications Executive.  There is absolutely NO excuse for this kind of misinformation and it just keeps happening and happening....and happening and happening and happening.


    As you said, Sue, if any other corporation put out as much misinformation and dated or just plain WRONG information as RCI has lately, someone at the highest level would be out of a job PRONTO !


    ...and who knows if Matt even has it right (no offense to Matt's source).  NOBODY seems to know what is going on EVER.


    It's so minor league. It's becoming truly embarrassing to be an RCI loyalist.  The management is so inept.


    It's a damn good thing that they have a good product...despite the P/P management.

  6. I went to my Jun 26 sailing on Freedom and they are still advertising the 20% off on all beverage packages.  I was able to put it into my cart but I don't want to buy it so I didn't try and check out.


    I have no idea if they would have let me purchase it or not.


    Guess it depends on the sailing as to whether they are still offering the discount or not.

  7. Brian - you must be getting close if you have already gotten the survey !!!  WOOHOO for you !


    No, I have not gotten one yet b/c I don't go until Feb. 17 (sigh...)


    I have been reading about it on CC.


    To be honest, from what I have read so far, I'm not sure how useful this information is going to be.  It seems like they are asking some pretty obscure and [useless ??] questions.  I have also seen and heard that the questionnaire is quickly evolving as some have already seen the questions changing.


    I imagine that the point of the questionnaire is to get an idea of what kind of requests they might get from you but honestly, most of them are so "out there" that I cannot see them being of much value to the genies...really.


    I can tell you....the group that I cruise with...will NEVER answer these questions.  They will hit the delete button and forget they ever got it...but I guess the genies will use whatever information they get and guess about those that don't answer the questionnaires.


    Something else I have read about is the "Loop" app that they send you about 1 week prior to your cruise.  This is, apparently, the way the genies want you to contact and stay in contact with them.  It is a kind of IM, I guess.


    From everything I have heard, so far, the genies are a big hit.  I can't wait to meet mine !

  8. jerryf, make sure that you note your disappointments in the post-cruise evaluation that you will receive as an email.


    RCI DOES read those.


    I absolutely agree with you about the eggs.  It is the one place where Royal is consistently horrible.   Unless you are in a suite, there are very few places (any ?) where you can get a real egg anymore.

  9. Rich, unless things have changed recently (and they may well have), Uber could only drop off at PE...they weren't permitted to pick up at the port.


    Others who monitor these things more closely may have more current information.  That's just what I recall from previous posts.

  10. The only advice I can give is to be sure that your insurance policy will cover the death of a grandmother.  I feel certain that it would, but you MUST be certain otherwise your insurance is useless.


    Also, I'm not sure how it would work if only 1 of your party was affected.  Maybe everything would be fine but you need to know ahead of time.


    One last thing...I would be hesitant to mention this to the insurance agent b/c they might consider it a "pre-existing condition" and then they would not want to pay in the event that you had to make a claim.


    I know I'm contradicting myself here...telling you to be certain on the one hand and then saying it would be a mistake to tell the agent your particular circumstance. 


    Difficult situation.


    Maybe someone with more experience will have more useful information,

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