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    Cruzinfun got a reaction from JennyB in Nachi Cocum Beach Club for Cozumel?   
    NC was so great, I've been twice now.  It's quiet and a lovely way to spend the day. 
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    Cruzinfun got a reaction from KWofPerth in RC “could be” banned from US waters through July   
    I agree with this wholeheartedly.  As much as people want to go back to their regular lives things are going to be in limbo for a long while and all vacations are going to have to be on the back burner. 
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    Cruzinfun reacted to Marlena in RC “could be” banned from US waters through July   
    I think it's for the best anyways. I feel if they go back too fast there is a high change of 1 step forward and 3 steps back. Meaning possibly another break. 
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    Cruzinfun reacted to mamie in Saved $654 on cruise price adjustment   
    I noticed the prices have gone down so I called for a price adjustment and the new price was $654 less. In October 2019, I booked a balcony room on Symphony of the Seas 7 day cruise for October 2020 for $3262.16 and now it's $2608.16. I notified my friends who booked a stateroom and they were also given $600 price adjustment. 
    RC representatives said to keep checking back and they will price adjust until final payment is made. For those who have cruises scheduled for the later part of the year I would call for the price adjustment.  
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    Cruzinfun got a reaction from Deedeelynn in REAL ID Act starting on October 1, 2020 !!   
    Indeed, we had this same issue when trying to get my son's license.  They didn't understand their own rules and wouldn't give him one. 
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    Cruzinfun reacted to Jill in Virtual of the Seas boarding now!   
    Y’all ready for a cruise this week? Abe Hughes (Cruise Director on Oasis) is doing a virtual cruise so jump on board! Here’s today’s cruise compass. I’ll post the link to his Facebook so you won’t miss out this week! 

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    Cruzinfun reacted to Mljstr in You Know It's Getting Bad When......   
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    Cruzinfun reacted to SteveinSC in We get to plan a new Cruise!!!   
    Perspective is the word of the day. My cruise was a luxury. A break from life and the daily grind. It's a bummer I have to reschedule, and have to cancel my PTO request.....but ......I have an awesome family, I have my health, and....now.....I get to pick out, and plan another cruise to replace the one we just lost!  So....as upset we are at losing a vacation, and the hassle of canceling hotels and excursions and such....just ask yourself......

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    Cruzinfun reacted to DDemuth in Maryland doesn't want to be outdone with the stupidity   
    There is a rationale for these actions, whether you may agree or not.  Google "flatten the curve".  Briefly, by buying time preventing the expansion of this illness, one increases the chances that the healthcare system will not become overburdened with patients needing critical care.  The model acknowledges that inconvenience and lifestyle disruptions will occur, but the alternative could be much worse.
    That said, does anybody know where I can score some TP???
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    Cruzinfun reacted to shaydav19 in Some useful perspective on Coronavirus from one of those on Diamond Princess   
    All I know is if they quarantine Anthem for 03/15/2020 cruise, their Unlimited Drink Package is gonna take a beating!   😀🍹
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    Cruzinfun reacted to Keith109 in Six nations rugby   
    Hi hope this helps some of you
    after many attempts to get information from R C on weather they would be showing the six nations rugby. I started my cruise not knowing if I could see the games when I boarded my first visit was to the playmaker bar and was delighted to be told that all the six nations games would be shown, I was on oasis of the seas so I would say any ship that has the playmaker bar will be showing the rugby.
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    Cruzinfun reacted to Pajos in 50th Birthday, Ovation of the Seas - Star Class 11/04/20   
    50 days to go!   
    I've enjoyed reading all the build up to past Star Class Cruise blogs and live info that I decided I would try and do one too...    It is almost 2 years ago I booked this trip, beyond excited!!
    As in the title its a 50th Birthday (mine), we  booked a Grand Loft suite on the Ovation along with my husband JJ, daughter SJ and her friend.
    On this trip we have approx 20 friends joining us in various rooms, one other couple in Star Class, a few in Suites.
    We leave on Easter Saturday, 11th April from Sydney and staying at The Hilton the night before, we live in Sydney as most of our other friend do...  Our other Star Class friends are flying in from Scotland.  (24 hrs away)!
    It is a 9 night Cruise with ports of call at Noumea,  Mystery Island Vanuatu and Brisbane.
    We received our Genie questionnaire earlier this week and just about to fill in and send off....  More to follow!
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    Cruzinfun reacted to SpeedNoodles in Symphony of the Seas - an island is an island is an island? (Feb 22 - 29, 2020)   
    I'm officially ON VACATION!!!!   I worked my last overnight (dog) shift last night and my last night as a 911 dispatcher .... it crawled along for the most part.  Now I have 2 1/2 days to get house and hounds ready for our pet sitter, and to get us packed.  The weather away from here is looking like it's going to be pretty good, except when we leave.  5 degrees? REALLY?  I do NOT want to drag a winter coat with me to Miami, to the ship, and back.  This is BS.  I'm going to FREEZE  in the Uber.  I want to talk to the weather manager.
    Speaking of wanting to file a grievance, the first hound to be bathed has some issues with this entire process.  (i.e. the princess is NOT happy).  I'm sure the boys will feel the same way.

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    Cruzinfun got a reaction from SpeedNoodles in REAL ID Act starting on October 1, 2020 !!   
    Indeed, we had this same issue when trying to get my son's license.  They didn't understand their own rules and wouldn't give him one. 
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    Cruzinfun got a reaction from Pookie in Oasis of the Seas - Star Class - Royal Genie   
    Well that seemed to go very quickly.  What a lovely week you've had! Have a safe trip back home. 
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    Cruzinfun got a reaction from twangster in Standing Ovation from the Land Down Under - New Zealand 11 Nights Feb. 2, 2020   
    Yes, thank you so much for documenting your cruise for us. Everything is so beautiful! So gorgeous. 
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    Cruzinfun got a reaction from SteveinSC in Buckeye Cruise for Cancer - Explorer of the Seas   
    Yeah, I would love to go on that one day too. I bet it's a ton of fun. 
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    Cruzinfun reacted to BunnyHutt in Buckeye Cruise for Cancer - Explorer of the Seas   
    Our good friend’s parents and aunt (if you can follow that, lol) go every year. Our friends have been on it a few times - but not this year - and their daughter (now 11) has always managed to befriend the players’ younger kids. Apparently she’s ended up in a couple of different family photos, lol. 
    And not to leave you hanging... I-O! 😉
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    Cruzinfun reacted to Matt in 2 bedroom ATS vs Star Loft Suite w/kid   
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    Cruzinfun reacted to RBRSKI in Oasis Dream Come True (almost a Reality...now a reality)   
    It's Official, booked the missing link to my B2B2B today.  Sailing three weeks on the Oasis starting 3/8/20.  I am sure that many on this blog have experienced this amazing opportunity but I feel pretty luck to do it at 50.  Now let's pray for a great cabin as I did Interior Guar!  I am on deck 12 mid in a CPB for 3/8 and deck 8 aft OVB for 3/22.
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    Cruzinfun reacted to DandA in Sailing in harmony on Harmony of the Seas-February 16-23   
    Harmony of the Seas – February 16 to February 23 – Semi Live Review
    I have always enjoyed reading the cruise reviews for their information and entertainment value.  They also make the time between cruises a bit more bearable.  I have done three post cruise reviews, but this will be my first attempt at a live review.  In fact this is my first time with the internet on the ship, not sure how it will go but I will try my best to post in between enjoying the cruise.  I’ll also try and answer anyone’s questions that they may have.  I fancy myself as an amateur photographer so there will be lots of pics. 
    We are a mid-60s couple, and I would describe ourselves as pretty easy to please and we are more inclined to roll with the flow.  On our past cruises dining has been in the MDR, café promenade/compass deli and the windjammer in that order.  The buffet would be my least favorite place to eat.  We don’t spend a great deal of time in our cabin and the only thing I expect from our room steward is to make the bed, replace the towels and fill the ice bucket in the evenings.   We enjoy listening to music and attending the various shows and lounging in the sun/hot tub during sea days.  On port days, we like to do a bit of sightseeing.
    Background:  We booked this cruise three days into our very first cruise on Oasis of the Seas in April 2018.  I retired in November 2017 and after hearing about Royal Caribbean cruises from a co-worker I decided to finally take my DW on a cruise, something she had wanted to try for a long time.  To say that we fell in love with cruising is an understatement.  In addition to this cruise we have three others booked.
    Harmony is our fourth cruise, with Oasis, Grandeur and Majesty being number 1, 2 and 3.  All have been great experiences.  We have an ocean view balcony, and first seating Traditional Dining.  We are not foodies and the MDR and other included venues have been fine with us in the past.  The only specialty dining we have experienced so far was Chops Brunch on Grandeur of the Seas and we were not that impressed with that one.  But because we wanted to experience Wonderland, I purchased the three night dining package for this cruise, when it went on sale for $99pp.  Our plans are to eat at Chops, Wonderland and 150 Central Park.  We were also lucky enough to get the great UBP glitch of 2019, so there will be no problem breaking even on this cruise.  I have the digital photo package so we will be jumping in front of a ship’s photographer as much as I can.  At the last minute, we purchased The Key as prices went down, so I will try to do a somewhat live review this time.
    The Plan:  We started taking ballroom dance lessons this past September and hope to find opportunities to dance the night away.  The pre-cruise events starts off with a formal Sweetheart Dance on February 14 put on by our local dance studio.  With only a few hours of sleep we fly from DC to Orlando Saturday Morning.  So here is our itinerary for this cruise.
    Pre-Cruise Day -2:  Final packing and attending the Sweetheart Formal Dance.
    Pre-Cruise Day -1:  Flight to Orlando, spend the day checking out Disney Springs and/or Universal City Walk before checking into Country Inn & Suites by Radisson.
    Cruise Day 1:  Kraken Lava Flow, specialty dinner reservations and then Chops lunch in the MDR. 
    Cruise Day 2:  Coco Cay-this is our second time at Coco Cay, but the first time at Perfect Day.  Plans are for a relaxing beach day with time in the pool, beach and exploring the island taking photographs.
    Cruise Day 3:  Sea Day-this is a do nothing but enjoy the ship day.
    Cruise Day 4:  Puerto Costa Maya-this is our second time here.  On our first visit we took a Royal excursion to the Mayan ruins at Kohunlich and Dizbanche, this time the plans are to explore the port and visit the Aviary.
    Cruise Day 5:  Roatan, Honduras- we will be doing the adults only Sol y Mar Beach Club.   
    Cruise Day 6:  Cozumel, Mexico-this will be our third time here, previously we did the Mayan Ruins at San Gervasio and Chocolate Factory Tour and explored downtown San Miguel.  This time we have Trikes Cozumel reserved for a tour around the island, followed by some time downtown before heading back to the ship.
    Cruise Day 7:  Final Sea Day-hoping to enjoy the ship and drink our sorrows away as this cruise comes to an end.
    Cruise Day 8:  Will be dragged off the ship kicking and screaming, once the shock wears off we’ll be off to explore Cocoa Beach area.  DW does not like rushing off the ship to the airport so we will spend another night in Florida before heading home.
    Post-Cruise Day:  It’s back to the cruel cold winter with a flight from MCO to IAD.
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    Cruzinfun reacted to Kelslovestocruise in Harmony of the seas February 16 2020   
    Hi all, this is my first time live blogging (gonna be honest not sure if it will be 100% live) but I enjoy everyone’s blogs so much that I thought I would contribute. 
    Who is going: this cruise involves myself (f 22), my mother Bobbi (I know better than to share her age), her partner Suzanne, my younger sister Breanna (19) and a family friend Chantale. The five of us have 3 rooms booked all across the ship in 3 different room categories as we like our space. My sister and I in a boardwalk balcony 10329, my mom and her partner in a ocean view balcony and Chantale in a Central Park view interior. 
    Where to: port Canaveral (Feb. 16), Perfect Day at Coco Cay (February 17), sea day, Costa Maya (February 19), Roatan (February 20), Cozumel (February 21), sea day. 
    precruise: we are all flying out on different flights due to schedules but I leave tomorrow evening and have a red eye from Canada to Orlando arriving very early Wednesday morning. We have a large villa rented as we enjoy our space (as said before) and cooking our own breakfast versus a hotel breakfast. We have 2 days at Disney booked magic kingdom on Thursday and animal kingdom on Friday and have plans for enjoying TGI Friday’s (a favourite to us with the nearest one being over an 8 hour drive from us) and some shopping. 
    that’s it for now I will add excursion plans and some pictures tomorrow! 
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    Cruzinfun got a reaction from Okgladgal in Fly or Drive?   
    We have sat and answered these same questions, and keep coming back to we would spend almost as much time flying/airport stuff as we would driving to the port so it's not worth spending that money for flights.
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    Cruzinfun got a reaction from ChessE4 in Fly or Drive?   
    We have sat and answered these same questions, and keep coming back to we would spend almost as much time flying/airport stuff as we would driving to the port so it's not worth spending that money for flights.
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    Cruzinfun reacted to WAAAYTOOO in Anthem & Potential Coronavirus   
    We have been notified that we can board Anthem today (Sunday) beginning at 3:00. Still sailing tomorrow at 3:00.
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