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  1. I said the same thing, I don't think the Genie is able to roll call all the Teen boys!
  2. Star Guest questionnaires have been sent in! Looking forward to finding out who our Genie is... I had may daughter and her friend also fill one out, interesting read. A teenagers perfect days differs so much from the parents! Boys, shopping, parties, dancing etc VS late breakfast, chilling out, reading, an afternoon cocktail, maybe a nap, dinner and drinks 😀
  3. 50 days to go! I've enjoyed reading all the build up to past Star Class Cruise blogs and live info that I decided I would try and do one too... It is almost 2 years ago I booked this trip, beyond excited!! As in the title its a 50th Birthday (mine), we booked a Grand Loft suite on the Ovation along with my husband JJ, daughter SJ and her friend. On this trip we have approx 20 friends joining us in various rooms, one other couple in Star Class, a few in Suites. We leave on Easter Saturday, 11th April from Sydney and staying at The Hilton the night before, we live in Sydney as most of our other friend do... Our other Star Class friends are flying in from Scotland. (24 hrs away)! It is a 9 night Cruise with ports of call at Noumea, Mystery Island Vanuatu and Brisbane. We received our Genie questionnaire earlier this week and just about to fill in and send off.... More to follow!
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