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    MelKaps got a reaction from deep1 in Best towel animals   
    I had a towel animal that was wearing sunglasses and reading the cruise compass. Another time the animal was watching Dora the Explorer on tv. I always love the towel animals that use our sunglasses or hats. I always bring a stuffed animal with me on cruises ever since I was very young and I love when it is incorporated. These little touches always make the cruise extra special!
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    MelKaps got a reaction from Brobbins246 in How do you stand the wait??   
    Like many others have mentioned, I love reading blogs and watching vlogs. I also rewatch my cruise vlogs since I love to relive my memories. youtube.com/melkaps
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    MelKaps got a reaction from ChessE4 in Snorkeling Labradee, San Juan or St. Marteen   
    I believe St. Maarten is the better port to snorkel. I did the Rhino Rider Adventure back in December and we drove 2 person motor boats to a snorkel spot. The water wasn't the clearest, but the overall excursion and experience was great. I know Royal Caribbean has lots of snorkeling excursion options for St. Maarten.
    I consider San Juan more of a historical port and usually walk around the streets.
    I always bring my own snorkel (full face mask on Amazon) with me. Labadee had some cloudy water, but I didn't go to a specific area to snorkel. However, you wouldn't have to worry about it taking up your whole day or a large chunk of it as opposed to an excursion on a different island.
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