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  1. I am not sure who designs the menus, but I have had very similar dishes on multiple RC ships, perhaps with a different garnish here or sauce there. These menus are posted for the entire cruise if you are trying to plan for each night. Don't forget you can order multiple starters/appetizers, entrees and desserts! Or order a smaller portion of something in addition to something else! It doesn't mean you have to eat ALL of it, or you can, but it does allow you to try things you may not have ever tried in a restaurant before. Enjoy!
  2. We sailed on the Independence of the Seas Dec 2019. The menu on the app was updated about a week prior to sailing. The updated menu is the one we were served. So don't get your heart set on what you are eating each night months before you sail! Of course, I like most MDR food anyways, and not shy about ordering multiple dishes!
  3. Quite the difference! My pic was actually a starter (appetizer). I suppose it is the strengths of a chef.
  4. Of course! They are from the MDR January 2019 Eastern Caribbean. We loved every bite!
  5. My daughter could at 9, with parent approval already in their records...and I believe only while at sea?
  6. One example of an 'emergency' we had last year...our cruise excursion was booked and paid for, but the cruise ship was late to port and we missed it. The 3rd party company refunded our money...to our debit card which would take a few days to post from the bank and we had no cash left to do something else. We ended up heading to the boat to enjoy the empty pool instead.
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