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When is your next Celebrity/Azamara Cruise?

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4 hours ago, JLMoran said:

IIRC, hold can only be for 24 hours, so not yet. Will get a hold Thursday ahead of my card cycling Friday.

Thankfully the two inside rooms I’m looking at are in a location that most people probably aren’t in favor of taking because of noise risks. If you look at my other thread “Would you book these inside cabins” on this board, you’ll see a pic of where those rooms are plus the discussion around them as “likely safe”. 😎

If date decides I’m not to get those two rooms, I’ll deal with the (probably small, in the end) annoyance of being on deck 2 mid-ship, or I’ll take a more forward inside cabin on deck 7. I’ll still be on the cruise and enjoying all those ports!

TAs can hold them longer.  I usually have a week to make the deposit. 

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It's officially official. Deposit is charged and the reservation is in Celebrity's system. The countdown is on!!!

I will be on Celebrity Summit on August 2, 2020 for my long-hoped-for and dreamed-of 50th birthday celebration trip. It's a 14-night transatlantic voyage (8 port days, 6 sea days) going to Nova Scotia

Remove Aug 2-16, 2020 Iceland & Greenland on Summit. Replace with (via Lift & Shift) Aug 1-15, 2021 Iceland & Greenland on Summit

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Lost our England Ireland to COVID. Rescheduled for 2021 for a 12 night on basically the same itinerary on Reflection from Amsterdam using FCC. Added a stop for Paris. 

We are not enthused about that one because we lived in Europe in the 1980s. Paris was not  favorite place. But...OK.

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We're looking at something in 2021, not sure what yet.  I have a B2B on Royal in October 2021 that I will most likely be canceling, not loving the price.  It needs to come down, but I'm going to let Royal hold my deposits for awhile, they have enough to deal with right now, and I'm not getting my refunds any quicker if I cancel now or a month from now.  

I'm looking forward to sailing Celebrity soon! 

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On 5/13/2020 at 8:16 PM, Andrew72681 said:

November 21, 2020 Celebrity Apex 


After canceling our July 4th cruise, we also booked the Nov. 21st Apex cruise. Now, I'm wondering if that cruise will happen. We've decided that we will not cancel this cruise, it will have to actually be canceled by Celebrity.

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