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How long does it take you to break your pre-cruise diet once you board the ship?


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We were going to be so good last time.  Yeah, didn't happen.  Next trip we are planning on just enjoying it.  We will still go to the gym, try and make good choices, but the desserts at my weakness.  I always order more than one, or two...

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On Oasis?  Straight to their roast beef sandwhich. 

On my November Anthem I went to the windjammer on boarding day and they had fresh shrimp cocktail. I've never gone to windjammer on boarding day, so was shocked at that option!

When I sailed solo I made a point that there was to be no bread basket on the dinner table (I was disappointed the waiter insisted to bring it every night and I had to turn them down every night-usually the waiter listens).  I also hit the gym daily on my solo cruises. 

I add fresh fruit to my breakfast and have fresh omelets-egg white-
I will splurge on biscuits with gravy-only if they are good-as that is something I would never make.
Dinner it's worth it to have the desserts I would never make at home (creme brulee, grand marnier soufle and the apple blossom!!).
Most of my calories come from the alcohol.  One cruise I drank vodka, seltzer, splash of cranberry and noticed a lot less alcohol bloat (since I cut out all the fruity alcohol drinks).

I've watched my kids have the ice cream at the pool for years. This month I tried it and eeewwww I'll never have that again.  Whatever I have needs to be "worth it".

I find  solo sailing to be a lot more healthy for me.  Getting caught up with family/friends and what they eat/drink is a weakness for me.


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 We actually eat healthier when on a cruise. 

Ever since our kids moved out, my wife and I have basically stopped the family mealtime we made a priority with the kids.  We are both working a lot of strange and opposite hours, so a lot of our meals are grab from the frig and go.   Cruising gives us an opportunity to slow down and eat actual meals together.  


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