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Staples for the Crew - Who do we give them to and when?

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There's been a lot of posts about bringing some toiletries, snacks and other items to the crew.   Last weekend we were at Costco and ended up with quite a bit (oh.. they could use that.  and that..  and that...)  Almost an extra suitcase worth at this point (good thing we're not flying in)

So the question is to those who have already brought some items for the crew....  Who do we give them to once on board the ship?   Is there a process setup for this?   Will anyone there even know what to do with these items?

Probably should have figured this part out before the Costco trip. 😉

Steve & Cheryl 

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Marc Walker said in comments on his Facebook page when he talked about treats for the crew that they could be left at Guest Services. I imagine you could do that on your ship.  You can also give some to the room steward and they will take it back to share if they can't use it.

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40 minutes ago, AlmondFarmer said:

Almond butter for those with allergies. 

Disclosure: I profit from almond butter sales.

I picture a TV commercial featuring Bubba Gump...


There's, uh, almond butter, almond milk, Almond Joy, almond extract, Jordan almonds, almond flour, almond oil, almond paste, marzipan, almond cream..."

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Just stopped by a dollar tree. Picked up some razors (2 10packs), toothpaste (3 boxes) ,  bar soap (4), 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner (2), male and female deodorant (2 of each) , and lotion. Going to pick up some peanut butter and maybe some snacks before we leave out. Anyway hopefully that is most of what is needed.  


I don't do Facebook but my friend does and she is trying to find a list of needed things. Was wondering if they might need any sanitary feminine products or if that stuff is available for their use. 

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18 hours ago, CruiseGus said:

if your so concerned about them just give them money

can all be purchased for the going price

each person will be different in what they need

I intend to tip. No reason not to. But I would imagine that after not working much through all the happenings I'm sure there are expenses that need paid off. And since they can't go to shore they can only purchase what is on the ship from what I understand is an inflated price. I would rather pick up 30 bucks worth of stuff that can be shared than to throw 3 times that in cash so they can buy the same amount of stuff on the ship. 


Everyone is welcome to do as they wish but I think many of the workers will appreciate when people bring stuff to the ship since they will get a larger variety of things and the fact that some people will show they truly care. I was also thinking about seeing if I could do a run to the store on my B2B, im sure I could take a drive to the store and pick a few things up if needed. 

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1 hour ago, TeresaMc said:

I am friends with a crew member on the Freedom and text him saying we were going to be on board the end of the month and asked what he needed/wanted and he told me they get everything they need on board or from Amazon 

Are you saying we shouldn't bring them anything?

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Hubby and I always bring a Thank You gift bag for our room steward.  We put in it some Tide Pods and a box of fabric softener sheets, a magnet from our state and a few little other odds and ends and Always put in a Big Bag of Chocolate Bars, the bite size ones with Snickers in it.  We tell them use what you want and do with the rest whatever you want.  They usually tell us they will share it, but the biggest smiles come from the bag of Candy.  We were on Mariner in Sept and our room steward told us how much she appreciated the laundry items because they were unable to get off the ship.  We give them their gift bag on day 1 and on the last day we give them their tip with a nice Thank You note.  Everybody is different, we enjoy doing this and come up with new ideas each time.


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