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A new Twangster blog!! A new Twangster blog!!! I don't care if it's completely fake and all the pictures have been seen before, IT'S A FREAKING NEW TWANGSTER BLOG!!!!!

A new fake feature is the Royal Transporter.  I dropped by just in time to see some new guests arriving from another ship. 📷 :CBS/Paramount Pricing: For $79.95* (plus 18% gratuity)

I have a fever but it isn't from COVID-19.  I have cruise fever and an itch I can't scratch.    So why not join me for a wild and impossible cruise itinerary involving teleporting between cabins,

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1 hour ago, twangster said:

Apparently I had more than I thought in the pub last night but shaking off the cobwebs it's now time to wake up and continue.

Wait a minute... what cabin is this?  

What ship is this?

Where am I?  

Perhaps it's time to stick my head out the cabin...

You are suffering from TDS (Transporter Disorientation Syndrome).  It’s very common.  You’ll be ok soon.


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I met with the Royal Transporter crew and they think they have exactly what I'm looking for.  More on that tomorrow.  They say they have a surprise upgrade in store for me.  

Until then its time to start thinking about leaving ISP (Icy Strait Point) but no worries, I think I may drop in again here before this thread is over.  Until then, it is after all... 5 o'clock.


Not one to be the last on board, it's time.  Pier running isn't in my blood or my aging body.  


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ISP is one the best whale watching destinations on popular cruise itineraries but unlike the excursions offered here, sometimes on sail away the whales are far off in the distance.   The telltale water spouts give them away.


Then again, sometimes they pop up a lot closer to the shi



Sometimes you just need to put the camera down and enjoy moments like these in the moment.

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Since I'm in a zip lining mood now would be a good time to visit Royal's original private destination Labadee.  

Luckily there's a ship heading there now and the Royal Transporter team found me the perfect cabin.  If you ever get the chance, you've got to try a Loft Suite, there's few cabins like them at sea.  








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