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To All of The Florida Residents on this Forum

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It was a nothing burger in Fort Lauderdale. Passed abeam our city about 10am slowly moving N. We're about 3 miles from the coast and if we had 25 knots I'd be surprised. No power loss for us. Cruise ships in Port of Miami were asked to take to sea - a common approach for large vessels. Sea is safer (they just sail out of it's path) than port in a bad storm. There are two cruise ships docked at Port Everglades. Did not hear anything about them.

This was a dress rehearsal for the rest of the Hurricane season in S. FL. It's very early. Chances of this region getting hit are pretty high through early October. From all reports state's emergency management strategy with COVID around looked like they had a plan. 7 shelters were opened in Palm Beach County to the N of us and yesterday, when that area was forecasted to be ground zero, the shelters took in about 500 people. Reportedly orderly, good distancing and compliant folks inside them. FL is good at this.

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1 hour ago, MelKaps said:

Many of us in New York are without power. I think the last time we had this much of a power loss was Hurricane Sandy in 2012. 

On the bright side, cruise itineraries did not have to be altered (even though they did move the ships out of the path).

Itineraries didn't have to be altered because there were no cruise sailing with passengers!!!  🤣

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