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I've created a Monster-in-Law! Enchantment Feb. 7 - 12, 2020

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We decided on Cheesecake Factory for dinner so everyone could have a different culinary experience if they wanted. Tuscan Chicken, Carne Asada, and Tuna Poke graced our table along with the kids' pasta and chicken strips. It was all good, and no one had any room for cheesecake. I peeked at the pasta that was available at the hotel, and we made the right choice on going out. DH is downstairs doing a load of laundry and I've started to repack. Luggage tags are on the bags, and it's time to open a bottle of wine. 🍷 We're planning on leaving at 9:00 in the morning. It will take about 40 minutes to get to our parking lot. We're parking at Lighthouse again. There's a direct line of sight to the RC ships when you pull up to their lot, so MIL will get a good first look at our home for the next 5 days. 

Also, I received the email from the concierge, Jorge, on Saturday the 1st, 6 days pre cruise. We've been emailing back and forth setting up a couple birthday surprises for Mimi. 

The kids are wound up. I may have to run them around the building a few times before they get to sleep! 😜

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Dinner last night is a bit of a long story. I had been in contact with Jorge, the suite concierge, before the cruise about setting up a couple of surprises for Mimi's birthday. We ordered her some cho

Forgot to mention that last night as we were nailing down the rebooking of MIL's flights, DH said to me, "how much should I transfer for a Next Cruise deposit?" I didn't even have to plant the seed th

We made it, and Mimi wasn't lit when we picked her up at the airport! Pictures of the hotel to come.

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On ‎1‎/‎27‎/‎2020 at 2:38 PM, melmar02 said:

My hubby, son, and MIL are all early risers, so we’re trying to figure out the sleeping arrangements on the ship. Right now we’re thinking kids in the 2nd bedroom, one in the pullman over the other in the twin bed that's furthest from the door to the room. Mimi in the other twin in that room closest to the door. She says she would be fine on the pullout sofa in the living room, which I get because of space, but I have a hard time relegating my MIL to the couch. I don’t know, it may be more comfortable than the beds! Our Plan B (or is it C?) is to have DD sleep on the couch, and then when DH gets up in the morning, she’ll come in and finish snoozing with me. Have any other suggestions? I’m open!

The pullout sofa is a bigger bed than the twins - it's not quite a queen but...

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3 hours ago, Ampurp85 said:

I keep hearing of these Ranger cookies...what is so special about them? They don't turn you into a Texas Ranger, do they? My nana would love that.

They are awesome!  Think texture sort of like oatmeal cookies except slightly crispier and with a hint of coconut flavour!  My family loves them!

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Boarding started at 11:00am. We went straight to the Windjammer and got a Mai Tai to go with lunch. Drink package is $82 onboard, and they are running buy one get one 50% off so it comes to $61.50 per person. After lunch we waited on the pool deck for rooms to open. It was too cold for the pools in my opinion at 67 degrees, but that didn't stop some people. Not I said the fly!







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Forward, aft, and what we thought would work for sleeping arrangements. 🙄

 The kids played musical beds a lot last night. DS didn't want to go up the ladder, then he didn't want to sleep in the bottom bunk because he was worried the top would fall. DD started in the top bunk, but said she could hear the deck above us. Final decision, DD on the sofa (we couldn't figure out how to make it into a sofa bed), DS in the bed with nothing above it, and MIL is in the bottom bunk. That little shelf on the right feels like it takes up a lot more room than it does. I keep waiting to hear MIL scream when she hits her head on the top bunk or trips on the ladder. 😲




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MIL and DH took a nap once rooms were open and I took the kids to register for Adventure Ocean and to walk around the ship a bit. We got back in time to meet our room steward, Yopi.

After muster, we all went up to the top deck for sail away with a Bahama Papa. Then back to the room briefly and we noticed the pilot ship waiting on our side. It's always cool to see them jump between ships, but it's not something I would try! Next it was off to the concierge lounge for a pre dinner drink and snack. We had MTD reservations for 6pm, and we were seated between two huge tables for 10+. Service was very slow. 

After dinner, we came back to the room where Yopi had made a towel birthday cake for MIL - she loved it! DS wanted to go to Adventure Ocean. DD and DH stayed in the room, and MIL and I headed to the casino where she hit a minor jackpot and walked out with $500 more than she walked in with...after only putting $20 in the machine! Not a bad birthday!





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Sunrise was beautiful this morning,  and everyone woke up relatively refreshed. The mattresses are a lot better than what we had on Liberty in September. We went to Chops for breakfast, but it will probably be the last time we eat there this trip. 😫 DH is dying for some hash, MIL only eats eggs with salsa on them, and DS likes the eggs better in the Windjammer. We dropped the kids off at Adventure Ocean and headed back to the casino where MIL won another $400. 😲 DH and I broke even on the low limit blackjack tables.

We picked up the kids and headed to the Windjammer for lunch. I tried to just stick to salads today, but I may have had 3 desserts. I've found my favorite bar tender, Troy, who mixes the Kraken in with the strawberry for my lava flows. And he calls me "Princess", so he's been getting good tips. 🤣

According to the windy app we have a 20 mph cross wind and the ship is rocking a little, but it's not too bad. I'm hanging on the pool deck in the wind while my crazy kids are swimming,  and DH and MIL are napping. 

Tonight's "formal night", and we're going to try to catch the late production show.





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2 hours ago, melmar02 said:
1 hour ago, melmar02 said:

We dropped the kids off at Adventure Ocean and headed back to the casino where MIL won another $400. 😲 DH and I broke even on the low limit blackjack tables.


MIL and I headed to the casino where she hit a minor jackpot and walked out with $500 more than she walked in with...after only putting $20 in the machine! Not a bad birthday!


I want to gamble with your MIL! A couple more wins and the next cruise is on her!

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Unfortunately the rest yesterday just got rockier and rockier. We got ready for dinner, stumbled out of the cabin, and headed toward the suite lounge when my shoe broke. Fortunately I had another pair back in the suite, so I hobbled back and changed them. I caught up with the family in the concierge lounge where I promptly downed my lemon drop. Big mistake. We were running a little behind,  so after just a few minutes in the lounge, we rushed off to our dinner reservation. We figured pictures after the meal. We all sat down, and the waiters both asked us how we were all doing with the waves...come to think of it, the dining room was really empty for 6PM. I left as soon as my appetizer was set before me, and everyone else came straight back after dinner. I didn't get formal night pictures of the family. 😕 Oh well, there will be a lot more photo opportunities. We were all in bed with bellies full dramamine before 8:30PM. 

This morning is much better. Here's today's sunrise. Let day 3 in Costa Maya begin!


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Seas were much calmer today, and everyone woke up feeling fine. We spent the morning trying to pick out our next cruises before we waited for the MDR to open for breakfast. Yep... plural. 😲 We've talked MIL into going on another with us and then watching the kids for a week while DH and take one by ourselves. 

For all of us, we're trying to decide between Jewel 7 day to Key West, Nassau, and Cocoa Cay or Adventure 5 day to Costa Maya and Cozumel. Both out of Galveston. There's a bit of a price difference, but we're leaning toward the 7 day. For me and DH, we're looking at something the kids wouldn't be interested in anyway, 7 days New England and Canada. This was DH's idea, and I don't know anything else about it!


giphy (1).gif

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I left off at breakfast in the MDR on day 3. We dropped the kids off at AO and decided to play a round of bingo. We had $30 worth of fun, but sadly didn't win anything. We picked up the kids as the ship was pulling into Costa Maya. Since we had all just eaten a big breakfast, we decided to snack ashore. The team was running, but MIL wanted to try to walk it. We only had to stop once, and made it into Mexico! We had no real plans - MIL wanted to look for a watch, and the kids wanted to see the aviary. We sat down at a restaurant, ordered waters and chips and salsa. DH and MIL stayed at the table, and I took the kids to see the birds. We came back to find an empty half yard in front of MIL. We wandered through the shops and bought a few trinkets before getting back on the ship. DH and MIL took a nap while I took the kids to the pool for an hour. 








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