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LIVEish, Back to Back to Back on Mariner!

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11 minutes ago, mpoole3 said:

I like that room, so much room based on the pictures.

It is a great room. Location might not be ideal at times. It is in a quiet area of the ship. Every now and then you'll have some over jubilant mini golf players above.

15 minutes ago, mpoole3 said:

Also let me know if you need help sprinting from sprint! lol

My opinion of Sprint might change depending on if my plan is kept post merger.

I do appreciate the offer.

16 minutes ago, mpoole3 said:

Enjoy Coco Cay today! 

Thanks, already can't wait to go back and I haven't even left.

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Not something you see every cruise

Humble room for this voyage, better photos are to come.  

Help! I'm addicted to these bite size portions of beef carpaccio...   Ohhh and this view in the Suite Lounge

Posted Images

Back on the ship and finally busted out the laptop for some photo consolidation.

I have to say it has been great being able to see the progress the CocoCay has made.


Starting off with the infamous tower and sign 


Some photo editing freedom...


Skipper's Grill with Up, Up, and Away


Oasis Lagoon 


Bathrooms over by Oasis Lagoon, notice the lockers


Closeup of the lockers, all use a settable PIN code and are of no cost.


Some of the beach beds, close by the area of the floating bar.


Loved the sign warning that you're entering a WIFI dead zone.


Construction barrier for the Coco Beach Club work


Only noticeable construction feature. You could hear some noise, but I wouldn't call it bothersome.


Always nice getting back to an empty ship




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Boy do these three day sailings fly by. Adding to the fast pace dynamics is every day being a port day.

One major accomplishment was finally bumping into @CHRIS WONG. Great guy and a pleasure to chat with. Had some interesting things to mention some of the unknown benefits. If you haven't already check out his channel on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxgWpP7nDIIS_NMiEVH0R1g

Also finally earned the mark of shame for breaking a glass. Guess I missed the edge of a counter by just a hair.


Good thing, glass only had ice in it.

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Not sure if this is yet another pizza iteration or just a case of just get by until 3am...


Just odd, never seen Cafe Promenade/Sorrentos pizza that wasn't round.


On the subject of pizza, another first. Right after the 80's Dance Party on the Promenade, Cafe Promenade was doing what I'd call "Express Pizza". Up on the counter was already plated slices. Just grab and go.

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Also on this segment I'll be taking advantage of the Unlimited Dining Package.

The only traditional venue open for lunch boarding day is Chops. Unless you count Playmakers and The Bamboo Room for their snack offerings.

Meal started off with some bread, pretzel rolls and think an onion roll


Next up was the carpaccio


Finally the caesar salad with filet. Note for this they had brought out an entire filet, for ease and presentation I did some carving.



This time around I passed on dessert. Figured I'll have a few more opportunities. On another note Chops had a good crowd, work estimate 10 to 12 tables were occupied. Only negative I could point out was the use of a single waiter and and assistant.

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As night comes upon Marine the difference between a 3 night and 4 night sailing start to become more vivid. Crowd in general seems to be more towards either the older side or those with young children.

Some obvious observations just in how the bar crowds seem to be. Prior to muster in the Pub the crowd must have been three deep, this sailing very few. Post muster the largest crowd was at the Freestyle machine. As the evening progressed the bar crowds seemed a bit lacking. One the flip side it did seem Windjammer was a bit more crowded early on.


Now for some "Diamond Plus" issues... At the 340 point mark one of the options you can get for a gift is four large bottles of S. Pellegrino water. Problem is these bottles have a pry off cap. It seem gone are the days where a bottle opened happened to be integrated in to the counter. So this was mentioned to the Concierge. Some how this is what the solution that was delivered while at dinner.


Note those Heineken seem to be a gift that no one can figure out why. Previous sailings when speaking with the Loyalty Ambassador have resulted in confusion. Each time the LA states they don't see any record for the beer. My own personally mystery, who stocked the bucket with ice and placed the beers in it.

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Now on the subject of dinner, tonight was sitting at the sushi bar/counter at Izumi

Shrimp Firecracker Spring Roll


Tuna Wasabi


Assorted Sashimi Combo


Champagne Yuzu Lobster Roll


Izumi Spider Roll



Never be afraid to ask for subutitions. Great example is calamari and possibly octopus doesn't agree with me. As such I always request to have octopus substituted on the combo.  Same thing applies with minor ommisions with rolls and such.

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Raining, day is no longer Perfect.



Thought Royal owned this island. Why can't they do anything about the weather.

/sarcasm mode off


On another note Oasis Lagoon wasn't that busy at 12:30.


Even Skipper's Grill wasn't that busy.



Doing some research I did discover you could walk all the way to the Snack Shack without having to cross sand or any steps. Only catch is you have walk around the smaller section of Oasis Lagoon.

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