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Empress Bahamas Relief

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RCL has always been generous with their humanitarian efforts.

When Irma tore through the Caribbean in 2017, my former manager was vacationing with his family in St Maarten and got trapped.  Adventure of the Seas arrived there to rescue stranded vacationers including his family.  It was quite the ordeal for them, from surviving the actual storm to being in fear for their lives as looters and gangs roamed the resorts (they heard many gunshots).  After nearly a week, they were finally picked up by a police caravan who escorted all the guests to the port.  They were told not to stray and above all, have their passports because they would not be getting on the ship without them.

Needless to say, he was overcome with gratitude to the crew and RCL for their efforts.

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@monorailmedic posted a letter from his current sailing on Celebrity Equinox that they are doing the same,  canceling their Nassau stop to make deliveries to Freeport. They are compensating their guests for the lost port day.  I don't know what other lines are doing (and I'm fairly sure they are helping), but Royal Caribbean lines are certainly stepping up.  I was proud to donate under their relief fund.

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