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Military discounts

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On 4/13/2019 at 8:02 PM, Flossygirl said:


@2Beeze Agree with all you said although we have never been able to secure a 55+ fare either.  We also love the Americans and the Canadians.  My husband and I have visited your lovely country many times and have made many friends that we enjoy seeing each time we return - friendships that I feel confident will last a lifetime.  The New Zealand people are lovely people and some of my close friends are Maori.  "Kia ora". 

I am glad that we both have such *excellent* taste ? Let me know if you get to Atlanta, Georgia and we will show you around!

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I was able to get the discount after final payment.  JS were not selling well at the time.  It only lasted 2-3 days then it was gone.

I had to call RC to get the discount.  They applied the savings as OBC because I had already paid the room in full.

I have seen the discount offered over the years several times, but usually for interior or ocean view cabins and for only about $50-$100.

Got lucky with this.  It pays to book early and check often for price changes.

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Our TA is retired military just like us.  The problem I have found with the military is you cannot bundle it.  IE...Low price + OBC + military discount.  

We have never used it with or without a TA because the prices never worked for us.  Caveat we always do balcony, so maybe that is a reason why.

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