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Live-ish from Adventure of the Seas - December 8th through 16th, 2018

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Good morning! 

Woke up early and have just finished breakfast consisting of fruit, omelet, and toast in the MDR. They gave me a buffet option, but truly I would prefer to be waited on while on vacation. 


Just left at 9 am and a long line has formed outside, so it pays to wake up early 👍

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Good morning everyone! After following a ton of great live blogs, reviews on this site, I have decided to document my time aboard Adventure of the Seas commencing tomorrow 🙂 I had intended to wri

At this point I got lost and actually walked in the direction of the San Cristóbal Fort. Unfortunately, due to time constraints, I elected not to go in, but I grabbed the free trolley toward old San J

Another terrific day, totally lit as the kids would say 👍 Finally made my first visit to Labadee and she did not disappoint! But first it was off to the MDR for French toast breakfast..

Posted Images

Took the stairs up to explore parts of ship which I missed yesterday and apparently woke up one of the ladies staying in an interior on Deck Seven (sorry! I just wanted to see your room 😥). I also found Henry 🙂 



Stretched on a couch in Blue Moon, waiting for our Cruise Critic Meet and Mingle to start at 10:30. It is extremely relaxing being at sea 🙂 27B40219-CE54-424A-AB5E-6B72670CF07D.thumb.jpeg.0d36fb46a427cea6b903900d7cbd9ef2.jpeg


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Writing this from a non-chair hogged lounger in the Solarium, Mr. Sun is glorious! 

Our Cruise Critic Meet and Mingle was a little smaller than I anticipated, but a good number nevertheless. (The CD Mercedes coordinated the draw.) Sadly, I did not win a prize although one of my MDR table mates did. Thanks for the free food and drink, Royal Caribbean 👍


I then decided to kill time in the casino afterward and lost the $7 I won yesterday plus the $10 I originally put in both machines lol. (🎵Hey, big spender!🎶)

Decided afterward to finally make an appearance and took a dip in the Solarium while waiting for the World’s Sexiest Man competition to start.


The World’s Sexiest Man competition was hilarious, Magic Marvin is an awesome activities manager! (He and Mercedes work so well together, their morning show is really entertaining 😍)




(This dude Darryl ended up winning the contest😂)


I went back to the Solarium, and, after my dip in the pool, discovered that someone has taken my towel? 😳 No clue where it went, but, no worries, we managed to exchange it for a new one after explaining that other one had been misplaced. 

Anyway, I’ll probably stop at the Cafe for a quick bite to eat as it is getting close to dinner. It is formal night tonight which means MDR, Captain’s Reception, Christmas tree lighting, and production show in the theatre. 

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Tonight’s headliner was Clint Holmes, gameshow Majority Rules, solid performance by Holmes and hysterical responses by fellow cruisers to questions asked. 😂 I am really digging both Isaac and Kareem; they are a true asset to Royal Caribbean!




I then walked around the pool deck where the Rams - Bears is still in progress as I type this. (Ship sure is pretty at night 😍)



Silent Party was hysterical and a TON of fun; have never done anything like this before. Pictures do not do it justice; I took video which I will upload to YouTube at some point. 



Well, that’s it for today, talk to you all tomorrow from Labadee!

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Another terrific day, totally lit as the kids would say 👍

Finally made my first visit to Labadee and she did not disappoint! But first it was off to the MDR for French toast breakfast..


Time to get off this gorgeous ship and explore! 


I really enjoyed my time on Labadee today and hope to make a return visit on a future cruise 😍 Just a nice, relaxing day at the beach! I have a few comments to make: 

If possible, please leave your expensive jewelry in your stateroom safe. A lady lost her wedding ring in the sand on Adrenaline Beach today 😥

People, the ocean is NOT your trash can, put away your garbage. 😡

Saltwater is not meant to be drank, I threw up my breakfast after accidentally doing so snorkelling 😥




I managed to walk the entire property very easily and grabbed a chair on Adrenaline Beach (partially because at that point I was starting to boil like a lobster lol) close to Cafe Labadee, Schooner Bar, Floating Bar. 






After a quick snorkel (and vomit into the ocean 🤮), I decided to continue my walk until call for 11:30 am lunch. I walked all the way north toward beach beds, basketball court, and turned around south to the Artisan’s Village and Market. In no way did I feel threatened to buy anything; sure, they tried to get my attention but a simple “no, thanks” sufficed. 


The walking path led me to Columbus Cove...





..and Nellie’s Beach. 




By this time, I was starving and it was time for BBQ lunch 🙂 


After lunch, I grabbed a Labadoozie, pulled out my People magazine, and drank, read in the sun for an hour. 


Needless to say, I needed to cool down and the ocean did its job 👍 I snorkeled again and chatted with a few people in the shallow end. 



I slowly made my way back (lots of photo ops) and was onboard the ship 30 mins prior to sailaway which I witnessed from the helipad. It was an eye-opening and awesome experience watching the ship back away from the long pier and then pulling forward. 





(I took video of sailaway, will upload later.) 

Goodbye, Labadee! 


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Tonight’s entertainment was Invitation to Dance by the very talented Royal Caribbean singers and dancers, the definitely-not-for-children Blankety Blank, Love & Marriage game shows. 😂😂😂 (Yes, I took some video!)!







This couple, married for 27 years, ended up winning. 


The oldest married couple at 65 years. 


The newlyweds at 3 months.




A couple of notes before I leave you all for the evening: 

- have had a few maintenance issues  (burned out lightbulb, lukewarm water temperature) with my stateroom and had to contact Guest Services to get them fixed. This is in addition to missing Voom letter and Cruise Critic Meet and Mingle invite. 

-Service in MDR was slow on the first day, but picking up in speed in recent days. 

We have a late port arrival in San Juan tomorrow, so I’ll probably be able to post an update before I leave in the afternoon 🙂

Good night!

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It’s been an extremely lazy morning with no plans whatsoever. 🙂 Just wanted to mention that I appear to have a case of sea legs in which I feel motion swaying back and forth while on land. 😥 

Currently in line on the Royal Promenade waiting to get picture with Santa and spotted a service dog!


Forgot to mention that I needed to stop by the Voom service desk as I dropped the access code I had jotted down somewhere yesterday. No issues, old code cancelled, new one reissued. Manager there told me that the satellite outage from a few weeks ago was his first week on the job and directly related to fires in California. 

SANTA!!! <insert Buddy the Elf voice>



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Hi gang, 

Apologies for the lack of updates in several days, but life is busy when you’re having fun on a cruise! 

Lets go back to Day Four (Tuesday, December 11th), shall we..

So, I quickly got my picture taken with Santa (and a selfie with Mercedes) before going up for lunch in the Jammer..





I quickly went up to the helipad for our sail into San Juan and spotted El Morro in the distance. Carnival Glory was in port with Adventure today. 




Unfortunately a massive gust of wind broke my soda cup, but a trip to Cafe Promenade fixed that 👍

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I elected not to book an excursion and to follow a self-guided walking tour I found in my Google search. 

I followed the path around the San Juan Bay toward Paseo La Princesa and was impressed with the historic sights and city walls surrounding the area. 





En route to El Morro, I passed the Raices fountain and went through the San Juan Gate.




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I spotted a feral kitty on my walk23ECD9CC-ECBC-4695-8DDB-EBFC44DC0706.thumb.jpeg.434d8485fd7b0075bc4d040eaccd6c57.jpeg 

D793D0A2-7D2C-4A70-95BB-983FD87981E6.thumb.jpeg.f2b4a73198f8d5cd03b374037dc3f5e4.jpegand briefly went into the beautiful, historic 400 year old San Juan Cathedral where Ponce de Leon is buried.




Next spotted the Plaza del Quinto Centenario...


..and finally reached El Morro! Happily, there were some families flying kites on the field. 



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