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  1. I'm sure it depends on where you go, of course....but the reason that I continually come back to cruising is that I just cannot get the same result for the same money on land. I've tried many times to do something different but for what you get - the service and choices - I just can't get the same value on a land-based vacation. Believe me, I've tried.

  2. I have a second cruise booked on the Harmony too but I'm not sure I'll be able to take it. It's April 22, 2017. I was able to get the big AquaSuite again (8330)...but it's considerably more expensive than the one we are taking in Feb. I am paying $3099 PP in Feb. and $3693 PP for the exact same cruise, same itinerary and exact same room 2 months later. I don't even think that's considered Spring break - it's almost May ! School is still in session. I don't get it.


    They don't have the schedule up yet for Dec. 17 do they ?

  3. Well, unfortunately, there is only 1 photo of 6566 and it is not particularly helpful.


    It does, however, provide a little information. It has the beds closest to the door, which is the less preferable configuration. I do not see any "warnings" so apparently everything is ok with this room.


    It's close to the elevators, which is both good and bad. Good b/c short walk, bad b/c it can sometimes be noisy but since you are on the outside (balcony) and not on the inside, the elevator noise should not be a problem.


    When overlaying the deck plans, you are directly above some lifeboats, which is GREAT and the floor directly above you is just another stateroom, so from that aspect, it looks very good.


  4. Matt, please do NOT make a new list just for my updates...wait until you get back from your awesome trip on Anthem ! ...but I have made a few changes.


    I have cancelled the following: Dec. 19, 2015 on the Grandeur, Oct. 3 and 23, 2016 on Harmony.


    I have added: August 28, 2016 on the Liberty, 5 November 2016 on the Oasis, 23 December 2016 on the Navigator, 11 February 2017 on the Harmony, and 22 April 2017 on the Harmony.


    Also...I think maybe you have the date on one of Stephanie's cruises wrong. We are on the same cruise...11 Feb 2017 on the Harmony, not 21 Feb. 2017. The 21 Feb. 2016 date is for our Blog cruise ! I get them mixed up myself !

  5. I concur with jti. In the "old days" you used to be able to order anything off the specialty restaurant menus for the same "modest charge". There were no upcharged offerings on the already upcharged restaurants. Now, I recognize that quantity does not always make up for lack of quality, and most people aren't going to gorge themselves in the specialty restaurants like they might be tempted to do at the Windjammer, but just the idea that I cannot have whatever I want on the menu at Chops without having to pay extra is a little bit of a problem for me. ...not to mention that the upcharge is no longer a "modest" charge. At $40 PP you might as well be going to a moderately-high end restaurant in town ! I also recognize that almost NOBODY pays $40 PP at Chops with all of the discounts and packages and what-not, but that is, still, the base price for eating at Chops these days.


    I have not eaten at Chops in a number of years except for the suites breakfast which just coincidentally happens to be at Chops. It's a bit of a boycott on my part. I think the food is reasonably good. I won't argue that. I just find that it no longer provides the incentive that it once did....and I am much more satisfied with the reasonably good FREE food (although we all know there is no such thing...just food I have already paid for) in the MDR than I am with the reasonably good food that I have to pay twice...or more...for.

  6. I agree. The Freedom and Voyager classes are very nice ships...and I ALWAYS enjoy sailing on them. I have cruises coming up on all 3 classes (Oasis class, too)....but the best bargain is the 11 day, southern Caribbean Christmas + New Year's cruise on the Navigator in a Grand Suite for ~$300 per person, per night, which includes taxes, port fees and gratuities. That's pretty darned good for a 2-holiday full suite. That cruise has gone up $2002 per person since I booked it in June. That cruise is now $500 per person, per day.


    Book early !

  7. I agree with you, Scott. The Chef's Table is definitely more about the experience than the food itself. We've done the Chef's Table twice, once on the Oasis (or Allure...cannot be sure which) and once on another ship - which one it was I cannot even remember. I know the first one was on an Oasis class b/c it was the first time I had ever been in a Concierge Lounge. The Chef's Table (back then) was on the second level and you had to go through the CL and up the stairs to get there. It was at Christmas time and I remember passing through the CL where all of the Pinnacles were exchanging Christmas gifts and it seemed so much more like a family get together than a cruise. They all knew one another. Now that I go into the CL routinely it doesn't seem so unusual, but back then it was remarkable to me.


    The food that they serve at these kinds of events is generally not something that I would ever choose. I put the Chef's Table and 150 Central Park in this category. In the end, I really have simple tastes and all of this foo-foo food isn't really my style, but it is fun to do this kind of thing every once in a while. To be honest, the thing I remember MOST about my meal at 150 was the intriguing array of salts that they serve. Who knew ? I had no idea that salt could be so different in different parts of the world. I guess it makes sense...I just never thought about it before. The food was good but I couldn't recount any particular dish...just the salt.


    But the food, combined with the wine, combined with the excellent - and I do mean EXCELLENT service and the interesting mix of fellow diners, made the Chef's Table a must do at LEAST once.


    At one of the Chef's Table events (I think it may have been the Christmas one) we received a RC cookbook as a gift. Very nice.

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