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What I liked (and disliked) about my Liberty of the Seas cruise

15 Nov 2022

Every cruise is bound to come with aspects you enjoyed, but you may also encounter certain parts of the cruise you disliked or wish you did differently.

I recently returned from a 4-night cruise on Liberty of the Seas. This was my first time sailing on this ship, but because I had sailed on other Freedom Class ships before, I thought I had a pretty good idea of what to expect.

Every cruise comes with surprises, though, and I encountered both positive and negative surprises onboard Liberty of the Seas. From the waterslides to entertainment and food, here is what I liked and disliked about my Liberty of the Seas cruise.

What I liked

Washy Washy ladies

Walking into the Windjammer buffet on any Royal Caribbean ship is sure to be met with the words "Washy Washy” as the Windjammer staff encourage guests to wash their hands before entering.

While Liberty of the Seas does not yet have hand washing facilities in the Windjammer, there’s 0% chance any guest will enter the buffet without clean hands.

The reason? The “Washy Washy” ladies, also known as the happiest, most colorful, and funniest crew members you’ll find onboard.

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As soon as you arrive at the Windjammer, you’ll find one of these crew members dressed in a costume (which changed each day) and holding a bottle of hand sanitizer. While this may sound like a boring job, these women danced, sang, laughed, and had huge smiles when everyone passed through the Windjammer’s doors.

They had the most energy I've ever seen from any crew member (or maybe any person ever). We looked forward to our meals in the Windjammer every day not only for the food, but for the guaranteed entertainment we would encounter when needing to sanitize our hands.

Tidal Wave waterslide

I don’t usually use the waterslides on a Royal Caribbean cruise, especially the ones that are fully enclosed, as they make me feel a little too claustrophobic. Liberty of the Seas, however, has one of the fleet’s most unique waterslides: the Tidal Wave.

The Tidal Wave waterslide is a raft slide, and two guests can slide down together before “boomeranging” off a large wall. While the ride is really short, it was way more fun than I initially anticipated.

We went on the slide over and over again and couldn’t get enough!

Saturday Night Fever

Something that makes Liberty of the Seas unique is that she has a Broadway show available onboard: Saturday Night Fever. I knew nothing about this show before I entered the theater, but was beyond impressed by the acting and dancing of the cast members.

This show follows the story of a Brooklynite, Tony Manero, who spends his weekends at a local disco dancing and finding love while also distracting himself from life’s struggles. The show features dancing with songs from the Bees Gees, KC and the Sunshine Band, and Tavares.

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My favorite part of Saturday Night Fever were the performances from the crew members playing the Puerto Rican dancers in the story. If I could give one reason to see this show, it would be to watch this dance couple cha cha, merengue, and salsa their way around the stage.

While I wouldn’t say it was my favorite Broadway show on a Royal Caribbean ship (that goes to We Will Rock You on Anthem of the Seas), I would definitely see the show again next time I’m onboard.

Freedom Class features

Freedom Class cruise ships are some of my favorite ships in Royal Caribbean’s fleet. Just like on Independence and Freedom of the Seas, I enjoyed the features of a Freedom Class ship on my Liberty of the Seas cruise.

I love having access to the ship’s helicopter pad, taking walks on the scenic outdoor Promenade deck, and hanging out at the outdoor Diamond lounge deck.

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I find the size of a Freedom Class ship to be ideal, too, as it isn’t too big nor too small. Plus, the shorter Caribbean itineraries offered on Freedom Class ships means they always have a higher “party” atmosphere compared to longer cruises or itineraries visiting places like Alaska.

I spent a lot of time outdoors on Liberty of the Seas, whether relaxing on the helicopter pad or suntanning at the outdoor Solarium, and I have no complaints about the Freedom Class-specific features and amenities.

Classical guitar at Vintages

During my Liberty of the Seas cruise, a classical guitar player performed outside of Vintages wine bar each evening.

I don’t usually spend too much time at Vintages while on a Royal Caribbean cruise, but sipping a glass of wine with live guitar music created the perfect atmosphere that I kept coming back to every day.

What I disliked

No Izumi

I found it quite odd that there was no Izumi restaurant on Liberty of the Seas, as Royal Caribbean’s Japanese specialty restaurant can be found on nearly every ship in the fleet. Even 3 out of the 4 smallest ships, the Vision Class, have an Izumi location!

Instead of Izumi, Liberty of the Seas offers specialty dining at Chops Grille, Giovanni’s Table, Sabor, and Chef’s Table. While I love all of these options, I felt something was missing without Izumi onboard.

Part of the Windjammer buffet is named “Jade” and supposedly this used to be a specialty sushi counter where guests could purchase sushi at an extra cost. This did not appear to be offered on my Liberty of the Seas cruise.

Perfect Storm waterslides

Speaking of how much I loved the Tidal Wave slide on Liberty of the Seas, the opposite can be said for the Perfect Storm waterslides.

Royal Caribbean’s Perfect Storm waterslides are found on several ships in the fleet. These racing slides twist and turn several times as guests make their way downhill.

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I’ve gone on these slides on other ships and found them exciting, but I was disappointed with the slides on Liberty of the Seas. The water pressure was extremely light and the slides had such a low slope that I had to push myself down.

The water pressure might be strong enough to get kids down the slide quickly, but it took us adults a while to reach the bottom!

Long lines

I'm not sure if this is something specific to Liberty of the Seas, but I encountered worse lines on this ship than any other in the fleet so far.

Whether grabbing an ice cream cone on the pool deck, a slice of pizza at Sorrento's, or boarding the ship after our port day, the lines seemed to be longer and slower than usual.

The Italian-themed dinner in the Windjammer, in fact, had lines so long we didn't even dare wait for pasta. 

I may have just gotten to these places at the wrong time, and an extra five minutes of waiting here and there was fine, but this was one thing I didn’t enjoy about my Liberty of the Seas cruise.

Game show

My cousin and I were looking for a way to pass the time one evening and came across an activity I had never seen before: Game Show: Rock the Room.

This show appeared to be a dancing competition between different sides of the room where both the game show’s participants and audience stood up and danced.

If I ever wanted to show a new cruiser that cruising can be modern and trendy, this would absolutely not be the way to do it. This show was like a stereotypical cruise ship activity you’d see on a comedy skit poking fun at cruises, and I couldn’t think of a better way to describe the show than “cringeworthy”.

We dipped out almost immediately after the show began. Two minutes later, I saw a huge hoard of other guests leaving the Star Lounge. One guest mentioned it was a “mass exodus”, so I wasn't the only one that didn’t like this activity!

Final thoughts

While there were some aspects of my Liberty of the Seas cruise I didn't enjoy as much as others, I still had a wonderful experience onboard. As a matter of fact, my cruise on Liberty of the Seas was one of the most fun cruises I've experienced yet. From the positive vibes of the crew members to party atmosphere onboard this short sailing, there was never a dull moment.

I'm already looking forward to returning to Liberty of the Seas this January to discover more of what this ship has to offer!

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Top 10 Liberty of the Seas hidden secrets

08 Nov 2022

Liberty of the Seas, one of Royal Caribbean’s Freedom Class cruise ships, is packed with onboard activities, dining options, and impressive entertainment. Everything from waterslides and ice skating to a Broadway show can be found onboard, but with all the excitement of a Royal Caribbean cruise, it’s easy to miss out on some of the ship’s best features.

Because Liberty of the Seas just repositioned from Galveston to Fort Lauderdale, there will be many cruisers onboard this ship for the very first time. To make sure you are as prepared as possible for a cruise on Liberty of the Seas, we’re sharing our top 10 hidden secrets that you shouldn’t overlook.

Tidal Wave waterslide

Waterslides have become more and more common on cruise ships, and Liberty of the Seas has one of the most unique waterslides in Royal Caribbean’s fleet: the Tidal Wave.

The Tidal Wave waterslide is a boomerang-style slide, which allows guests to slide on a raft downhill before “boomeranging” up a nearly vertical wall. This boomerang motion brings a feeling of weightlessness to passengers before they slide back down for a big splash.

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Because this type of waterslide is only found on Liberty of the Seas, don’t miss the opportunity to try it once onboard!

Other than the Tidal Wave, you can also find the Perfect Storm waterslides on Liberty of the Seas.

In-pool seating at the Solarium

There’s no swim up bar available on Liberty of the Seas (the fleet’s first will come to Icon of the Seas). You can, however, order a drink at the Solarium Bar and enjoy it from the ship’s in-pool table and chairs.

Located directly under the bridge above the Solarium pool is a small table with chairs located underwater. If you’re looking for the most refreshing place to enjoy a tropical cocktail or beer onboard, this is undoubtedly the best spot.

Because this area is located in the Solarium, it’s reserved for guests aged 16 and above.

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Free saunas and steam rooms

One perk of sailing on Liberty of the Seas is having access to complimentary saunas and steam rooms in the Shipshape Fitness Center.

These saunas and steam rooms are gender-segregated. They can be found in both the men and women’s changing rooms in the gym on Liberty of the Seas. Each changing room has one sauna and one steam room.

On newer or recently amplified Royal Caribbean ships, these complimentary spa areas have been removed. On some ships this area has been removed altogether whereas on others they have built a thermal spa in its place.

The thermal spa on those ships, though, comes at an extra cost. This makes the complimentary saunas and steam rooms a huge benefit of sailing on Liberty of the Seas.

There’s a Broadway show

Most Broadway shows are found only on Oasis or Quantum Class ships in Royal Caribbean’s fleet, but did you know Liberty of the Seas also has a Broadway show?

Saturday Night Fever can be found on Liberty of the Seas. This show transports guests straight to the 1970s to follow the story of Tony Manero, a Brooklynite who spends his weeknights dancing at a local nightclub.

The 90-minute show features music from the Bee Gees, Sunshine Band, and Tavares.


Liberty of the Seas is one of the only ships in Royal Caribbean’s fleet without Izumi Sushi, but another top-notch restaurant can be found in its place: Sabor.

Sabor is Royal Caribbean’s Mexican specialty restaurant which focuses on combining traditional flavors with a modern twist. The restaurant is most well-known for offering endless guacamole customized to your spice preference.

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Don’t miss the opportunity to build your own tacos with a choice of barbacoa, spicy chicken, fish tempura, or shrimp. If you’d prefer something different, consider a burrito, quesadilla, ceviche, calamari, or chicken-stuffed jalapeños.

You can also pair your meal with one of Sabor’s specialty margaritas, such as the Sweet & Spicy Margarita. Combining Patrón Reposado tequila with fresh juices from pineapple, carrot, lime, and red chili pepper, this drink is sure to pair perfectly with endless Mexican food.

Ben & Jerry’s Suite

When Royal Caribbean built the Freedom Class ships, including Liberty of the Seas, they built a Ben & Jerry’s ice cream parlor in the Royal Promenade.

The decor of Ben & Jerry’s includes signage with two cow statues overlooking the promenade. Although these statues added to the store’s design, they created a problem: the statues blocked the view from cabin 6305, one of the ship’s interior promenade view staterooms.

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Because of this, Royal Caribbean turned cabin 6305 into the Ben & Jerry’s Sweet. Instead of the typical cabin decor found elsewhere onboard, this cabin is designed with cow motif, including cow-print bedding, cow pillows, and cow wall art.

The best perks of the Ben & Jerry Sweet, however, include vouchers for complimentary Ben & Jerry’s ice cream and access to the Suite Lounge.

Helicopter Pad

All Radiance, Voyager, and Freedom Class cruise ships provide guests access to the helicopter pad. Located in the front of the ship, this spot is one of the best places to watch sailaway on Liberty of the Seas.

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To access the helicopter pad on Liberty of the Seas, go to the outdoor Promenade Deck on deck 4. Walk all the way forward until you reach a set of stairs. Go up the stairs to deck 5, walk all the way forward, and you will reach the helicopter pad.

Easily missed quiet areas

While most people spend a Royal Caribbean cruise enjoying activities, entertainment, and lounging by the pool, some guests are looking for a quiet space to relax.

Liberty of the Seas has quite a few hidden places to take a break from the hustle and bustle found elsewhere onboard. Most of these locations can easily be overlooked, however, especially if you don’t stumble upon them by chance.

Here are our favorite tranquil spots on Liberty of the Seas:

  • Internet Cafe/Loyalty Ambassador space (deck 8 between aft elevators)
  • Library (deck 9 between aft elevators)
  • Card Room (deck 10 between aft elevators)
  • Seating space near Liberty Dunes (deck 13 forward)

On Air Karaoke Club

Karaoke is a popular nighttime activity onboard any Royal Caribbean cruise ship, but Liberty of the Seas has a separate karaoke venue, the On Air club. Located on deck 3 by the Studio B ice-skating rink, this area of the ship is often overlooked due to areas like the theater and Royal Promenade.

If you’re looking to watch your fellow passengers put their vocal skills to the test (or bust out your own favorite tune) be sure to spend time at On Air while on Liberty of the Seas.

Most karaoke-specific venues are only found on Oasis Class ships, with others opting to have karaoke in other onboard entertainment spaces instead. This makes the On Air club on Liberty of the Seas unique—and the best place to watch karaoke onboard.

Red dog statue

If you’re searching for a fun photo opportunity, head to the port side aft elevators on Liberty of the Seas. Here you’ll find a cute statue of a red dog overlooking the Royal Promenade.

This fun statue may not bark or play fetch, but it’s a fun piece of art in addition to all the other unique artwork found on Liberty of the Seas.

For the best photo opportunity with the big red dog, have the photo-taker stand directly across from the dog at the starboard side elevators.

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Four Royal Caribbean cruise ships will get dry dock work in Spain

05 Apr 2021

Cadiz, Spain will be a hot spot for Royal Caribbean cruise ships very soon.

The Navantia shipyards announced four ships are scheduled to get dry dock work there, beginning with Harmony of the Seas.

Cruise ships must undergo routine work every few years (usually five) in order to keep the ship properly maintained, as well as up to date with being seaworthy.

Harmony of the Seas just arrived in Cadiz on Monday to undergo technical work on her propellers, stabilizers and bottom valves, as well as give the ship some paint work. In fact, the shipyard estimates they will need about 8,000 liters of paint for the work.

Captain Johnny Faevelen posted photos on Twitter of Harmony's arrival at the yard.

The work on Harmony of the Seas is expected to last about a month.

The Navantia shipyards said Jewel of the Seas and Symphony of the Seas will follow in May 2021, followed by Liberty of the Seas in July 2021.  

In addition, Jewel of the Seas will get some work done prior to her summer season sailing from Cyprus to the Greek Isles.

The work done across the four ships will take about 500,000 hours and create 1,230 jobs at the shipyard.

Will these cruise ships get any upgrades or new features?

When a cruise ship goes into dry dock, that is usually a good opportunity for Royal Caribbean to add new features and things to do onboard, but not this time around.

The work being done on all four ships is limited to a technical dry dock, which means just maintenance work.

Royal Caribbean postponed previously scheduled upgrades for Libeerty of the Seas (and many other ships) once the cruise industry shutdown in March 2020.  The inability to cruise has created a lot of financial hardship for the company, and they have cut back on spending where they can.

In addition, Jewel of the Seas was never going to be Amplified.

As a result, the work being done on these ships will be limited to just "under the hood" type work, in order to ensure the ships can sail for another five years without problems.

Liberty of the Seas will resume sailings from Galveston earlier than scheduled in February 2021

30 Jun 2020

Royal Caribbean's Liberty of the Seas will resume sailings earlier than originally scheduled in February 2021, and take over for Jewel of the Seas as well.

Liberty of the Seas was scheduled to undergo a Royal Amplification dry dock in early 2021, but Royal Caribbean has postponed the remaining Royal Amplifcations until further notice.

The new schedule is for Liberty of the Seas to arrive to Galveston and take over for Jewel of the Seas, beginning with the February 21, 2021 sailing.

Liberty of the Seas will sail seven night cruises to the Western Caribbean and the Bahamas from Galveston in February/March 2021.

Guests bookings on Jewel of the Seas will be automatically transferred to an equivalent stateroom on Liberty of the Seas.

Royal Caribbean has no indicated yet if Liberty of the Seas will get a "technical drydock" similar to Allure of the Seas and Explorer of the Seas, where just the propulsion and navigation systems are repaired, leaving out the add-ons and enhancements such as new venues or activities.

With the Royal Amplifications on hold, the cruise line never announced that specific upgrades were coming to Liberty of the Seas as part of her drydock.

Royal Caribbean added Jewel of the Seas sailings from Galveston in December - March 2021 in order to accommodate the time needed for Liberty of the Seas to undergo her Royal Amplification.

The original plan was for Liberty of the Seas was scheduled to be out of service from January through early March, and return to service in Galveston in mid-March.

UPDATE: Royal Caribbean has released the updated itineraries for both ships.

Jewel of the Seas 2020-2021 sailings

Liberty of the Seas 2020-2021 sailings

Everything you wanted to know about Liberty of the Seas

30 Jan 2020

Liberty of the Seas has become a favorite cruise ship of so many cruisers, especially those who live close to the ship's homeport of Galveston, Texas.

There is so much to like about this ship, and I have a look at some of the most frequently asked questions about Liberty of the Seas.

Is Liberty of the Seas a good ship?

A very common question from people new to cruising is if they have selected a "good ship" for their vacation. 

Liberty of the Seas is a fantastic cruise ship for families that are looking to not only visit some lovely ports in the Caribbean, but also offer fun onboard activities.

The ship is one of the larger ships in Royal Caribbean's fleet, and offers plenty of activities and things to do. Water slides, specialty dining, pools, ice skating, a Broadway show and more await you on this ship.

When was the Liberty of the Seas refurbished?

Liberty of the Seas was last refurbished in 2016.  Like all Royal Caribbean ships, they receive upgrades about every 5 years.

During the drydock, Royal Caribbean added:

  • Perfect Storm water slides
  • Tidal Wave, first Boomerang style slide at sea
  • Splashaway Bay aqua park for kids
  • Sabor Modern Mexican
  • Giovanni's Table
  • R-Bar
  • 26 new Panoramic Ocean View staterooms
  • Additional 53 staterooms throughout the ship

Liberty of the Seas is scheduled for another refurbishment in 2021 as part of the Royal Amplified program.

How big is Liberty of the Seas?

Liberty of the Seas is a 15-deck ship that can accommodate 3,634 passengers, and is served by 1,360 crew.

It is 1,112 feet long and weighs 155,889 GT.

What class ship is the Liberty of the Seas?

Liberty of the Seas is a Freedom Class cruise ship.

Other Freedom Class ships include Freedom of the Seas & Independence of the Seas.

Where is Royal Caribbean Liberty of the Seas?

Liberty of the Seas sails 7-night Western Caribbean itineraries from Galveston, Texas.

She sails year-round from Galveston and visits destinations in Belize, Falmouth, Grand Cayman, Roatan and Cozumel.

What is included in Liberty of the Seas?

Royal Caribbean cruise fare includes quite a lot of activities, dining and things to do.  Here is an overview of what you get included with your cruise fare on Liberty of the Seas.


  • Windjammer
  • Main Dining Room
  • Cafe Promenade
  • Sorrento's Pizza
  • Sprinkle's Ice Cream


  • FlowRider surf simulator
  • Miniature golf
  • Rock Climbing Wall
  • Perfect Storm water slides
  • Tidal Wave slide
  • Splashaway Bay
  • Pools and hot tubs
  • Library
  • Entertainment in Royal Theater & Studio B
    • Saturday Night Fever Broadway show
  • Live music around the ship
  • Ice skating
  • Outdoor movie screen
  • Sports court
  • Adventure Ocean kids programming

Is Johnny Rockets free on Liberty of the Seas?

No, Johnny Rockets has a cover charge for admission to the restaurant.

It costs $9.95 per guest to enjoy unlimited food from the Johnny Rockets menu.  Beverages cost extra.

Is there a movie theater on Liberty of the Seas?

There is not a movie theater on the ship, but there is an outdoor movie screen by the main pool.

Royal Caribbean plays films throughout the day and evening by the pool, including recent releases and classic films.

There is no additional cost to watch movies at the pool.

How many pools does Liberty of the Seas have?

There are 4 swimming pools on Liberty of the Seas, along with 7 Jacuzzis (2 are cantilevered).

Does Liberty of the Seas have a water slide?

Liberty of the Seas features two water slide options.

The Perfect Storm water slides a duo of racing water slides that twist and turn on their way to a final splash down.

Liberty of the Seas is the only Royal Caribbean ship to offer the Tidal Wave slide, which is the first boomerang style slide at sea.

Both the Perfect Storm and Tidal Wave slides are complimentary and open every day of the sailing.

Does Liberty of the Seas have Starbucks?

There is no Starbucks kiosk on Liberty of the Seas, however, the same style of beverages are available to purchase at Cafe Promenade.

Cafe Promenade serves lattes, espresso, macchiatos and more every day.  These premium coffees are included with a Deluxe Beverage Package or a Royal Refreshment package.

What is there to do on Liberty of the Seas?

Liberty of the Seas is best known for offering a wide variety of activities onboard.

There are many events, entertainment and options onboard, but here are the most notable and highly-desired things to do on Liberty of the Seas:

  • Water slides: Liberty of the Seas not only offers the Perfect Storm water slides, but also the only ship to have the Tidal Wave boomerang style slide.
  • FlowRider: Grab your board and try to surf with the surf simulator.
  • Rock climbing wall: Another great challenge, the rock climbing wall allows families to see if they can get all the way to the top.
  • Saturday Night Fever: The hit Broadway show is included with your cruise fare, and performed only on Liberty of the Seas.
  • Splashaway Bay: This kids aqua park includes a giant drench bucket, slides, geysers and more.
  • Specialty restaurants: Beyond the great food included with your cruise fare, you can opt to enjoy Chops Grille, Giovanni's Table, Johnny Rockets or Sabor.
  • Ice skating at sea: Free skate time, along with a production ice skating show, are available to experience.

Does Liberty of the Seas have an ice skating rink? 

Studio B is home to the ice rink on Liberty of the Seas. 

Encore! An Ice Spectacular is performed onboard the ship, and features incredibly talented skaters.  Many of the performers are former Olympic and professional skaters.

In addition, free skate time is available for guests to put on a pair of blades and hit the ice for a few laps around the rink.

Does Liberty of the Seas have bumper cars?

Bumper cars are not available on Liberty of the Seas. They are a feature only available on Quantum Class Royal Caribbean ships.

Who is the captain of the Liberty of the Seas?

At the time of this post, Captain James MacDonald is the Master of the vessel for Liberty of the Seas.

Royal Caribbean rotates its Captains around the fleet regularly, so this can change.

Royal Caribbean cancels five Liberty of the Seas sailings to provide more time for ship amplification

08 Jan 2020

Royal Caribbean informed guests on five sailings in 2021 that their cruises have been cancelled in order to provide extra time for the ship's scheduled dry dock next year.

The cruise line confirmed that five sailings are being cancelled, beginning with the February 14, 2021 sail date.

An extended dry dock is necessary in order to perform the upgrades and enhancements the ship will receive as part of Royal Caribbean's more than $1 billion Royal Amplified fleet modernization effort.

Guests on the affected sailings received emails to inform them of their options, which include being rebooked on other Liberty of the Seas sailings later in 2021, or Jewel of the Seas during the same time period. Alternatively, guests may choose to re-book on a different Royal Caribbean International sailing or cancel the cruise all together.

Royal Caribbean has not announced what changes and upgrades are coming to Liberty of the Seas yet.

Royal Caribbean testing VIP guest access program

05 Nov 2018

Royal Caribbean is testing out a new limited quantity VIP guest experience on select Liberty of the Seas and Oasis of the Seas sailings.

Royal Caribbean is calling this pilot program, The Key, it provides guests with special benefits and perks during their cruise. 

The Key is being tested out on Liberty of the Seas and Oasis of the Seas for sailings beginning November 25, 2018 through the end of March 2019. The Key will be available only in the Cruise Planner for purchase at a rate of $24.99 per person, per day.  All guests in a stateroom age 6 and up must purchase in order to receive benefits.

Once purchased, the Key benefits are utilized via the SeaPass card and a summary of benefits will be available in their stateroom on boarding day.

With The Key, guests can enjoy a private lunch at Chops Grille when they board, daily private hours at marquee attractions, like the FlowRider, rock climbing Wall and ice-skating rink, and access to VIP seating at shows. Please note: Guests will need to reserve their seating online at Cruise Planner before they set sail.

The Key provides:

  • Carry-on luggage service offering drop off at the Theater (until 1:30 PM) and delivery to your stateroom (Up to 2 bags per guest)
  • Private lunch at Chops Grille on boarding day from 11:30 AM until 1:30 PM - this does not need to be reserved, as the dining team will be expecting guests who’ve purchased The Key package
  • Daily private hours at signature attractions like the FlowRider, Rock Climbing wall, and ice-skating rink
  • Priority tender service from cruise ship to shore
  • Access to the VIP seating at shows (reservations required through the Pre-Cruise Planner)
  • Complimentary VOOM Surf & Stream (1 device)
  • Choice debarkation with an exclusive à la carte breakfast beginning at 6:30 AM until 9:30 AM

From what we understand, this is a pilot program and whether or not it rolls out to other ships and sailings depends on how well the program is received and performs.

Does this sound like something you would want to purchase? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Port of Galveston reopens for return of Liberty of the Seas

31 Aug 2017

The Port of Galveston announced the Captain of the Port has opened the Port of Galveston (Galveston Ship Channel) and surrounding area to all inbound/outbound vessels with a draft of 33ft or less in daylight only.

The re-opening of the port means cruise ships, like Royal Caribbean's Liberty of the Seas, are able to dock there once again following the devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey.

Liberty of the Seas is on her way back to Galveston, and is due to arrive on Friday morning.    Royal Caribbean is expecting Liberty of the Seas' next sailing to take place on Sunday, September 3rd. 

Royal Caribbean recommends those traveling to Liberty of the Seas review the latest information on road conditions at the Texas Department of Transportation’s website.

Both of Houston's airports, George Bush International Airport and Hobby Airport, resumed operations with limited domestic airline passenger service yesterday afternoon.  Authorities at both airports are expecting to resume full service by this weekend.

Royal Caribbean's Chief Meteorologist, James Van Fleet is onboard Liberty of the Seas and will continue to monitor the situation in the Galveston/Houston area.

Royal Caribbean has a phone number open for guests that have questions about their upcoming Liberty of the Seas sailing, or if you are coping with significant storm impacts that affect your ability to get away for your cruise. The phone number is 1-800-256-6649.

Royal Caribbean diverts Liberty of the Seas to Miami due to Hurricane Harvey

27 Aug 2017

Royal Caribbean has diverted Liberty of the Seas to Miami, Florida after being unable to dock in Galveston, Texas due to Hurricane Harvey.

Liberty of the Seas will arrive in Miami, Florida on Tuesday morning instead to reprovision the ship. Liberty of the Seas will then return to Galveston on Friday, September 1. Guests on Liberty of the Seas will have the option to disembark in Miami, if they desire.

Due to the delays, the August 27 sailing of Liberty of the Seas is cancelled. 

Liberty of the Seas to return on Sunday, depart one day later

26 Aug 2017

It appears Royal Caribbean's Liberty of the Seas is planning to arrive back to Galveston as scheduled on Sunday, but depart a day late to provide extra time for guests to get to the ship.

Royal Caribbean indicated that Hurricane Harvey and weather conditions around the Galveston/Houston area, as well as the port's current closure, Liberty of the Seas will arrive to the Port of Galveston tomorrow later than originally scheduled. Because of this, boarding for the next cruise will now take place on Monday, August 28 between noon and 3 p.m. The cruise line is asking that guests not arrive to the port before noon.

Royal Caribbean's Chief Meteorologist, James Van Fleet, shared a number of updates via Twitter that provided details. Port of Galveston Pilots & U.S. Coast Guard will head out at day break to confirm if it is safe for arrival. If everything is confirmed safe and cleared, Royal Caribbean would have delayed arrival around early afternoon in Port for debarkation.

Guests sailing on the next Liberty of the Seas sailing will recieve 25% off future cruise credit. They will also have an option to cancel completely and receive 100% future cruise credit (if impacted by Harvey).

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