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Milestone "Adventure" on the High Seas


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1 hour ago, Lovetocruise2002 said:

Welcome to my world. That is exactly what a Grade 8 classroom smells like: Axe, cologne, Bath & Body Works, and some "natural smells". Doesn't that sound like fun? lol

We told him NO AXE... if you're buying and wearing it, you're at least getting good stuff. 

43 minutes ago, Ampurp85 said:

🤣😢 The worst thing is they often don't know how to apply it, so they saturate themselves........hence his room smelling the way it does. 

YEP!! I tried to show him how to use it in moderation,  but all I hear in the room before he heads out is "pff pff pff....pff pff pff...pfff pff pff....pff pff pff.... about 6 times too many!!   


The fruit flies thing sucks, sounds like some drainage issues in the buffet area of the lounge if they are yanking it all out. 

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33 minutes ago, Neesa said:

@SweetPea yes 8 nights,  tomorrow is Coco Cay!

Phew! I thought i missed it! And I'm jealous! That extra day would've made a world of difference to us! 

The fruit flies make for interesting guests. I'm guessing they missed a few during palet inspection before accepting delivery and loading the fruit onto the ship. I know this for a fact. I've seen a million episodes of To Catch a Smuggler during lockdown where they had to move focus to border crossings because no one was flying. So i definitely have to be right. 🤣🤣🤣

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We did the backstage tour today and Bingo. We now have 2 $50.00 baubers. The one and only winner.....Jason Liberty. 

Received another birthday cake today, half chocolate half vanilla, it was outstanding. 

Tonight maybe the SL and back to the MDR, ONLY because they have Baked Alaska and kiddo loves it. I don't believe room service would be prudent with that dessert choice. 

Hanging out on this gorgeous balcony now, I could do this all day every day. The day started out overcast but the sun is shining brightly now. 


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Tomorrow is Coco Cay and final day of sailing. In my humble opinion I felt we made the absolute best of our sailing. The Captain came on and told us tomorrow may be a wet one. As long as there is no lightening we can make it work. We were issued a new Sea Pass card for our newly minted 18 year old and have a cabana in the HideAway Beach "poors" area. Looking forward to checking out this new spot.

Lobster night, I can't eat shellfish but I don't tell them, I ordered the lobster and gave it to Cabosh. Then I ordered chicken marsala. We like the Baked Alaska as well. The lobster looked nice tonight!

We got the give us a 10 speech before we left, gees...really?




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2 hours ago, Neesa said:

The Captain came on and told us tomorrow may be a wet one. As long as there is no lightening we can make it work. We were issued a new Sea Pass card for our newly minted 18 year old and have a cabana in the HideAway Beach "poors" area. Looking forward to checking out this new spot.

I'm literally nervous. 1) will you make it to PDCC and be able to enjoy it 2) what will you think of the Hideaway Cabanas?! 

I hope everything works out!

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@Ampurp85 the ONLY reason we did the MDR was the Baked Alaska, it's not incredible but it's something we look forward to. It was smaller than usual but still very tasty. The rice did have a nice taste, very mild but really delightful. 

@SweetPea we are plotting our day, given every scenario. I want off the ship so unless they don't let us off I will be at that cabana, I have no fear,  it will be fantastic. 

I finally met our CD cruisin susan. She stopped when cabosh called her, she was humble and gracious. We chatted for a few, I really like her. So full of humor and does not come off fake, I dont know how else to put it. She gets a 10+


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25 minutes ago, Neesa said:

Royals new baby, we love seeing her up close. Not our cruising style at all, not a fan of all of the window type balconies but Royal has something for everyone! Right now it seems to be a light mist and overcast here.

Completely understand. That's one thing I love about Royal! So many ships to meet everyone's personal preferences. We loved her because we're still in the new(er) and bigger is better stage. 😃

We agree... no desire to book those infinite balcony cabins. Lost all interest as soon as I heard that the climate control shuts off when you open the window. Also, if it rains, you can't be out on the "balcony". As Matt pointed out in one of his videos, that cabin type is probably better suited for cooler climates.

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1 minute ago, smokeybandit said:

Unless no one was in a hurry to get on the beach.

I bet this is definitely part of it. We were there alone last week so it was obviously empty… but where we sit by the Oasis Lagoon, we were the first ones there & it was at least 80% empty until after 9:30am & still plenty empty later into the morning.

This made me not care about being there with Allure next month. We’ll get off first thing as usual & grab our spot. I expect it to be crowded later but I can deal with a short line for food and whatever as long as we have our preferred homebase. Twice as many people docking isn’t a big deal until they get off the ships… and then it’s less of a deal to me once we’re situated.

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22 minutes ago, Neesa said:

So frustrating.....any day now!

I'm virtually yelling at hubby and daughter to get their butts off the ship for you!

My wife and I are generally on the same page, schedule-wise, but she mentioned something about possibly not getting off the ship ASAP in Cozumel next month when we have a daybed at Paradise Beach. Now it's not like I need to start eating/drinking at 8am (although they do have smoothies that I would definitely try in the morning since it's all-inclusive) but of course I want to get off early!

She clarified that it was in case she didn't sleep well the night before so I said no problem...

1. Take a sleep-aid.

2. How awake do you need to be to lie in a daybed?!? You can go back to sleep there, lol.

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30 minutes ago, Neesa said:

OMG, this is us! Still in the cabin, Neesa may be a little overcast in her mood. I was up, walked, photos, a lite bite at the Gio breakfast. Cabin now, practically packed as the Cabana I purchased sits empty because my crew is in absolutely no hurry to leave. So frustrating.....any day now!

Priorities! Tell them they're on their own and you'll meet them there!

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Thanks for all the well wishes and positive vibes, we were off about 15 minutes later. Yes, I reacted some but mostly remained engaged all day. I loved HideAway what I was unprepared for was how much kiddo loved it, dancing ALL day! 

@SweetPea the cabana recommendation was on point. Thank you! It really was not crowded either as Icon people there were saying the amount of kids on board was tremendous, thus the families were restricted from the area. 

@OCSC Mike we hardly ate. Our cabana guys brought us snacks but we are still full from the past 7 days. We did crush 3 vouchers each and the weather while overcast was amazing. Kiddo is even sporting pink shoulders now.

The cool thing is that she grew up with old parents, so she knew all the music, she said it was the best time she ever had at Coco Cay! Dance party all afternoon!

We really liked the location of the cabana we had and agreed we probably would not get the one on the little pool. Also, with how many chairs were available we won't be getting a cabana again. It's so not necessary for the three of us. Oh, Evian water, home run!!

Perfect day....once we got on the Island!









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