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Wondering about Star Class June 5, 2022


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Sailing Star class in A1 two bedroom Aquatheater suite on Wonder of the seas, June 5, 2022.

Sailing with my wife and another couple from San Diego. Both couples are celebrating 10 years of marriage. Sometimes it only feels like 10 minutes…..underwater.
 Additionally departure day is both ladies birthday. The lovely brides are celebrating an undeclared age.

We have Israel as our Genie. Have sent him dining requests. Waiting for entertainment schedule for show planning. 

Booked an excursion through Royal for all ports. 
Flying nonstop San Francisco to Barcelona two days before sailing. 
Waiting for June protocols for Booster since over 270 days since second vaccine dose. Will all get booster if necessary to avoid hassle of extra testing. 
Looking forward to this trip. I made booking on release day in December 2020 when ship was Allure. Kept same room with ship transition in September 2021.

I will effort to answer any questions and post photos and updates along the way.


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9 hours ago, AlmondFarmer said:

Drach caves

Luberon Villiages

Best of Florence and Pisa

Rome in a Day

Capri on your own

Nice. We're doing the caves, too. We booked Best of Rome - that was a bit confusing just trying to figure out which Rome excursion goes to which places. They all vary just a bit.

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Made it to Barcelona. Tested at SFO airport with Emed tests before getting on plane. All four of us tested negative and before taking test I verified that UTC time is on results which showed June 3, two days before sailing. 
Nice hotel in Barcelona. Pounding some beers and headed to Gothic Quarter for dinner.

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I’m sorry there’s a last min change to your genie. We had Marla in March. You’re in great hands.  We wondered how she could have so much energy.  Just let her know what you want throughout your cruise and she’ll make it happen. Looks like you guys have a full schedule also!

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17 minutes ago, WAAAYTOOO said:

Oh man...I love the looks of that suites sundeck.  It looks like they finally got one right !

The space is fantastic, though the pool is really just some loungers on a shelf in the water with a hot tub behind it. Just a shame that they chose to have it overlooking the sports deck.

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Headed to airport soon.

Only mistake of this trip was renting a car at Barcelona airport. Rental took along time and price quoted online didn’t include lots of extra fees added on. We drove south along coast about an hour to Sitges.  I hadn’t done my research and after checking into hotel and seeing room and vibe at hotel pool we decided to leave. They would not refund us even though it was only 1pm and we didn’t use room. I put in a dispute with my credit card company.

We ended up driving back to Barcelona, past Wonder and got a hotel in Gothic quarter. The extra time in Barcelona was enjoyable. 

In summary, I don’t recommend renting a car and leaving Barcelona unless plans are well researched. Ended up being an expensive mistake with car rental cost, parking and time. Lessened learned.

Other than this, the trip was amazing and we plan to be home late tonight after our 13 hour flight home.

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